Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The First Time - Foreplay Friday

Ezmeralda and I had been dating for about three months and were deeply madly in love.  Well that’s the way young people feel when they are in love.  For me it was intense...or maybe it was just intense lust.  Man, I wanted her so bad.
We had started talking about sex and had been moving closer and closer to committing the act.  Finally we were both in the same place and wanted each other enough to go all the way.  A plan was hatched.  The location secured.  The weekend approached.  We were ready.
Based on the title of this story you should know that up to this point I had not enjoyed the pleasure of a woman’s special spot.  And Ezmeralda had not spread her self wide for a man [or a woman for that matter.]  We would become a man and a woman together.  And we were excited to take that step.
My best friend’s family owns a cottage on Silver Lake and I had permission to use it for the weekend because they were on vacation in Florida.  My old Jeep Wrangler was gassed up and I had taken the soft top off.  It was a sunny, warm Friday morning when I hopped in the Jeep and drove to Ezmeralda’s house.  She answered the door wearing a half buttoned shirt with a bikini top, a short denim skirt and a smile.  I was instantly hard.  
I loaded her bag in the back and helped her up in to her seat.  Before I buckled in I leaned over and gave her a kiss.  Just a quick one.  We both wore big smiles as I started the Jeep.  I navigated from her neighborhood to US-131 and headed north.  Between the wind in our ears and the knobby tires on the highway conversation was pretty difficult.  
About 30 miles into the trip Ez reached into the back and grabbed her sun block.  She took off her shirt and began applying the sun block to her shoulders and the portion of her breasts not covered by her bikini.  For some reason I was hard again.  She then applied some sun block to her stomach.
As she finished up she leaned over and kissed my neck.  Her hand on my thigh supporting herself.  She took the lobe of my ear between her teeth for a moment before whispering in my ear, “I can’t wait to taste you.” 
I glanced over at her and she had a sexy wicked smile on her beautiful face.  I realized that our 2½ hour road trip was going to be torturous. Fortunately she behaved herself as we passed through Grand Rapids with all the traffic that includes.  After branching off on I-96 headed westerly she decided to become naughty once again.  She leaned over again and told me that she didn’t want my legs to burn so she would rub some sun block on them.  She squirted some in her hand and then began rubbing it on my legs.  When she was nearly finished she began rubbing her hands up my cargo shorts, pretty much as far as she could reach.  Then she leaned close and kissed my neck so she was able to push her hand even further.  Back in those days I wore briefs so her hand was right at my crotch before she hit fabric under my shorts. 
“Kinda hot in your shorts?”  Ez said to me, noticing the heat from my erection.
“Yeah, kinda,” I reply.
“Hmmm, me too,” said Ez as she withdrew her hand.
She looks around, probably looking for cars that might try to pass us, before she pops a boob out of her bikini to tease me some more.  “Touch it.”  She invites.  I reach over and grab it, feeling the softness and weight of it.  Although I have felt her up before, doing it now took my breath away.  She apparently notices a car catching up on us and pulls away from my hand and reinserts her breast into her top.   
She behaves her self the rest of the way to the US-31 interchange and through Muskegon.  I decide that the Jeep could use some gas so I pull off the highway a little north of Muskegon and pull into a mom and pop gas station to fill up.  Ez jumps out and tells me she is going to get a pop and M & M’s while I pump the gas.  I finish up and get in the Jeep waiting for Ez.  Finally she exits the store with a Coke and the bag of candy.  
Once she is back in the car she smirks and says “look what I found.”  She opens her purse and I can see what looks like the bottoms to her swim suit.  I look back to her face and she winks as she hikes up her skirt.  I can see that her bare ass on the seat but her skirt still hides her pussy.  
“Staff, you better get this thing moving if we want to get to the cottage today,”  she says.  Staff is her nickname for me.
“Yeah, you’re right.”  I reply as I turn over the ignition and put the Jeep into motion.  As we reenter the highway Ezmeralda rips open the bag of candy and pops a few into her mouth.  
“Would you like one?” she asks.  

I think to myself, just one? But reply, “Sure.”   
She pulls one from the bag and instead of handing it to me she puts it between her legs, underneath the little bit of her skirt that hides her pussy and moves her hand up and down a couple of times before saying, “Open wide.”  I comply and she sets the M & M on my tongue.  I taste her essence on the little candy and the flavors of the two mix well.  “Would you like another?” she asks.  I reply to the affirmative and she repeats the process so I am able to enjoy the candy/Ezmeralda mix again.  Over the course of the next several miles she feeds me a bunch of these special M & M’s, each one more musky than the last.  It is obvious, even to a novice like myself, that she is getting pretty turned on by this little game that she is playing.  So turned on, in fact, that she stops feeding me candy and begins rubbing herself just out of my view.  
She leans back in her seat and the tips of her fingers disappear beneath the hem of her skirt.  She closes her eyes and I sneak another peek at her fingers which are now moving up and down, back and forth  at a pretty good clip.  Her other hand cups her breast and then slides under the fabric of her bikini.  My guess is that she pinches her nipple maybe even twists it a little.  It is just a guess because her hand and breast are covered and I am trying to keep the car on the road.  A low moan comes out of her as she brings her self to completion.  She reaches over to me and puts her finger in my mouth and I suck it enjoying the flavor.  From my mouth she lowers her hand to the front of my shorts where she can feel the warm hardness of my cock through the shorts.  She moves her hand up and down along the length of my cock.  Just a few moments of this action has got me on the brink of filling my briefs with cum.   
Part of me is glad that she eases up a bit on her hand action on my cock.  I really did not want to cum in my pants.  But the other part of me wants that release.  I’ve been looking forward to fucking the hell out of Ez for months and I know that that moment is just a short time away.  Or so I thought.
It was just after noon when Ez told me that she was hungry.  
“Do you want me to watch for a drive-thru?”  I ask.
“Sounds good,” she replies.  She then raises her hips and pulls her skirt straight covering herself a bit more modestly.
After stopping at a Burger King for lunch the rest of the drive to the cottage was pretty uneventful.  But knowing she was naked under her skirt kept me trying to sneak a peek through out the rest of the trip.
The cottage sits across the street from Silver Lake.  There is a small area of grass and then a little bit of sand then the water.  Several docks belonging to neighboring homes jut out into the lake.  The cottage itself sit about fifty yards from the road and about sixty-five from the lake.  The grass lawn appears freshly cut.  I pulled into the driveway and stopped in front of the small garage.  I walk behind the cottage and pull the key from the hiding spot and unlock the back door.  We grab our bags from the back of the Jeep and put them in the master bedroom.  
“Why don’t we check out the lake?” Ez said.
We walk across the street to the lake.  We kick off our footwear in the grass, put our feet in the water and start walking down the beach hand in hand.  We wade out a little further.  Not to far as I still have my cargo shorts on and she is still wearing her skirt, but nothing underneath it.  I pull her to me and kiss her, my hands on her bare back.  Our kiss deepens, our mouths open, tongues begin to battle.  All in all a pretty satisfying kiss considering everyone driving down the road can see how intensely we are kissing.  As the kiss breaks we realize that maybe we should head back to the cottage before things get to intense.  
As we walk back to our shoes and sandals Ez asks, “What are we going to do for dinner?”
“Well, we can run over to the Whippy Dip.”  
“The ice cream place we passed getting here?”
That’s the one,” I reply.  “They also sell pizza.”
“Sounds good.”
Back at the cottage we settle on the couch in the living room and begin making out.  I am eager to move beyond just kissing so my hands don’t stay still for long.  The first kiss is lip to lip pressed hard against each other.  The second becomes french, my tongue invading her mouth, playing with her tongue.  My hands start on her hips but move up to her breasts, feeling her up through her bikini.  Her hands are on my back not doing to much yet.  As our tongues dual my right hand snakes around her and pulls the string holder her bikini together.  It hangs in front of her by the string around her neck.  My left hand goes to exposed breast first cupping it then kneading it.  I take her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  Ez pulls away from me.
“You do know this is Friday, don’t you?” 
“Yes,” I quizzically reply.
“Friday’s are for foreplay.  Saturday’s are for sex.” 
As she says that, I realize that intercourse is not going to happen today.  But perhaps I get her so turned on that she will let me fuck her anyway.  I decided I would discover the boundaries that Foreplay Friday would offer me.  So I answer, “Isn’t that what we are doing?”
With that short conversation out of the way our mouths find each other.  My hand returns to her breast.  My other hand pulls a string behind her neck and her top is now free.  So I pull the top from her and drop it next to the couch.  I kiss her neck and make my way down and begin kissing her tit.  Her hands and now in my hair and she is making noise like she is enjoying my mouth on her her chest.
She lies back on the couch.  As she does this I pull my shirt over my head before leaning forward and kissing her deeply again.  Her hand explore my back and sides before running across my chest.  Her legs are parted as she lies on the couch and I have found my way between them.  She is still wearing her skirt but I plan to relieve her of it.  I want to see her in all of her naked glory. 
But for now my crotch is pressed against hers.  I’m sure she feel my hardness through my shorts.  Our kissing and fondling continues for another fifteen minutes before I pull myself away from her lips and sit up.  She looks over my body, stopping to look at the bulge in my shorts.  She reaches forward and grasps it, feeling me with her hand again.  I unbutton my shorts and as I unzip them she pulls her hand away so I can unzip them all the way.  I pull the shorts apart as far as I can, showing her the tent in my briefs.  Again she takes me in her hand, this time just my underwear separating my cock and her hand.  She is sitting up slightly and sits up a bit more as she leans forward and lovingly kisses my stomach as she begins sliding her hand along my length.
She pulls her lips away from my stomach and looks me in the eye and she pushes my shorts down off my hips.  The shorts fall to the couch where my knees are sitting.  My cock is straining at the fabric of my underwear as she puts her arms around my back and pulls me along as she lies back down.  Pinning her beneath me I raise my knees and push my shorts off.  I run my hand over her breast as I kiss her neck.  Then I move my kiss to her lips and run my hand down over her skirt and then back up the outside of her thigh underneath her her skirt.  At this point I have returned my weight to my knees so I can raise my hips away from hers.  Breaking our kiss I look down at her body as I move my hand from her hip towards her bush.  Just as I feel her short hairs she says, “Whoa, tiger, maybe we should get dinner before we get anymore involved.”
I look around at the clock and think to myself that it is a little early for dinner.  Not to mention that I would rather be eating her than what ever we decide on at the Whippy Dip.  But despite my internal thoughts I pull my hand back from inside her skirt and sit up.  My reply is, “sounds good, sexy.”
She smiles and sits up to kiss me before she picks up her top and retreats to the bedroom.  I pull my shorts back on as well as my shirt.  I’m putting my sandals as she walks out of the bedroom.  She has also put a shirt on so she is presentable for the public.  We lock up and jump in the Jeep for the five minute drive to the Whippy Dip.  As it was pre-dinner time there was not much of a crowd.  We were able to order our pizza and select a picnic table without waiting.  We chatted about how nice of a day it was and Ez gave me her thoughts about the cottage and the lake.  I told her that there was a hot tub on the back deck that I thought worked.  She said that a swim and a soak after dinner sounded like fun.  Finally the pizza was ready.  I walked over to the window to pick it up and returned to our table.  The pizza was eaten pretty quickly.  Afterwards we cleaned up and headed back to the cottage.
As I unlocked the door and we entered the cottage Ez tossed her purse in a chair and took off her shirt then she reached back and unzipped her skirt.  She pushed it off her hips and did a little shimmy that helped the skirt slide to the floor.  
“Go get your suit on,” Ez said to me as she stood before me in her bikini.
“Alright,” I said and head to the bedroom.
As I dig through my bag for my board shorts I see leaning against the door frame watching me.  I pull the shorts out of the bag and pull my shirt over my head.  She continues watching me as I unbutton the top of my shorts.  We smile at each other has I drop first my shorts and the my briefs to the floor.  My cock hard once again.  But she doesn’t budge from the doorway.  
“Are you going to cover that thing up?” She said.
“Don’t you like what you see?” I tease.
“I do but I don’t think it is a good idea for you to parade it across the street.”
I laugh at her response and grab my board shorts and put them on.  I significant tent is created in front of me.  I walk to the doorway take her in my arms and kiss her deeply.  Our bodies pressed against each other.  I grab her ass and pull her against my cock.  Then I run my hand down the back of her suit and pull her against my cock again.  We make out a little longer before breaking apart.  
“Okay, time for that swim.  I need to cool down,” I said.
I secure two towels and a beach blanket.  I then take her hand in mine and we exit the house to  head across the street.  In the patch of grass I layout the blanket and set the towels on it.  I turn around to see Ezmeralda wading into the lake.  I run to catch up, grabbing her by the hips and twirling her around which makes us both laugh.  I set her back on her feet and pinch her ass and make a run for deep water.  She gives chase and we are soon swimming around each other doing things in attempts to provoke the other.  Lots of splashing and swimming close to fondle or pinch.  Funny faces and tons of laughing made the swim very enjoyable.  When we were done with the swim returned to shore and toweled off standing by the beach blanket.  After we were dry we laid down on the blanket next to each other and started soaking up the sun’s rays.
While laying next to each other we would look over at each other and try to sneak a hand over to grab or pinch the other.  Of course if the sneak was successful the sneaker would let out a laugh as the other would yelp or jump from surprise.  Not the most relaxing way to get a tan but it was fun.
“So, do you think that hot tub works?” Ezmeralda asked.
“I’ll run over there and give it a try.  It may take a little bit to warm up though.”  I said.
So as promised I run across the street and fire the hot tub up.  Thankfully it still works.  I run back to Ez to give her the good news.  I sat down next to her to tell her the results of my foray into the back yard.  She puts her hand on my knee but that isn’t where it stayed.  She pushed her hand up my leg until she reached my cock which by that time was well on its way to being hard.  She took a firm grasp of it, looked my in the eye and squeezed it.  Oh did it feel good.  Here I sat with her hand up my shorts right out in the open where anyone could drive by us.  Not that my mind was concerned about that possibility right then.  Ez, however, was paying attention to our surroundings and released my cock and removed her hand from my shorts just before a car drove by us.
“Let’s give the hot tub a try.”  I said.
“Okay.”  She replied.
We grab our towels and the blanket and walk back over to the cottage.  On the back deck we get ready to get into the hot tub by getting naked.  The suits hit the floor and my lust for her was quite evident.  She was able to climb into the hot tub before I had the chance to grab her.  She must have been expecting me to try to grab her because she was perfectly positioned to avoid my hands.
Once we were both in the hot water I moved next to her and kissed her neck and the upper part of her breasts that were above the water.  She had closed her eyes and was smiling.  My hand went to her nipple and rubbed it as I leaned in to kiss her smiling lips.  She responds to my kiss by using her tongue to invite mine to dance.  As we kiss I kneel in front of her, part her legs and move against her.  Our chests pressed together just as our lips are pressed together.  My cock is pressed against her inner thigh and her arms are wrapped around me pulling me close.  I grab her ass and slide her tight against me, my cock is now pressed between us pointing upwards instead of at her, the tip near her belly button.  I break our kiss and rise from my knees until my cock is between her boobs.  She gets the idea and pushes her breasts together around my cock.  I start to slowly fuck her boobs, the head of my cock popping out from between her breasts with each thrust.  We continue this for several minutes, until I feel myself getting close to orgasm.  Not wanting to cum just yet I stop my thrusting and slide down in the water and start rubbing my forefinger against her clit.  We kiss as I excite her with my finger.  Within a few minutes I have her on the brink.  Her kissing has become almost frantic, her hands have grabbed my face, making sure I don’t stop kissing her.  With my other hand I rub her breast and pull on her nipple.  
Between kisses she said, “keep going, baby.” 
“You want to cum, don’t you?” I ask.
“Mmmmm hmmmm,” is what she moaned back to me.  
I keep my pace rubbing her clit.  She is now moving her hips so her clit pushes back against my finger.  I can tell she is getting close.  This continues for a few more minutes.  I want her to cum so I quicken my finger’s movements.  Finally she orgasms.  A low moan tells me that, as she falls back against the side of the hot tub.  I take a seat across from her and our eyes meet and she smiles blissfully at me.  We make small talk for a while enjoying the heat and bubbles of the water.  After I think she has recovered I move my foot across the hot tub between her legs and rub her slit with my big toe.  She rolls her eyes at me but has a sexy smirk on her face.  She allows me to continue this foot play for a little while before announcing the fact that we should go inside before we turn into prunes.
As she climbs out of the tub, the water sheds off her beautiful naked body.  She tells me to grab our stuff from the deck and walks inside.  I spring from the tub and hastily gather up the blanket, towels and swim suits before following her inside.
She’s not in the kitchen or living room so I walk into the bedroom.  I find her laying ass up on the bed.  Naked.  I wonder to myself if she is ready to fuck yet.  I throw the blanket on the chair and take the towels and suits into the master bath to hang them up.  I notice that she is watching me as I reenter the bedroom.  
“I could really use a back rub,” she said.
Now I know why she is laying on the bed like she is.  “It’ll cost you,” I said.
“No problem, I think I can think of a way to pay you back.  Oh, by the way, I have some massage oil that you can use.”
I notice that she had placed a small bottle of oil on the night stand so I grab it as I get on the bed.  I straddle her legs and pop the top to the oil and pour a small handful into the palm of my hand.  I close the lid and drop the bottle on the bed.  I rub the oil across her shoulder blades and then begin rubbing my hand up and down her back through the oily area.  As the oil spreads I begin kneading her back.  I lean forward and work her shoulders.  As I lean forward my shaft slides along the crack of her ass.  This is a very nice sensation much like fucking her tits earlier.  I go back to rubbing her back, running my hands up and down her back applying different levels of pressure.  
After a about fifteen minutes she asks me to do her legs.  I move off her legs and pour some more oil on my hand.  I apply the oil to her legs and begin working them.  My hands roam along her legs and her ass.  I also work her feet, massaging them top and bottom.  
“Oh baby, this is heavenly,”  Ez said in response to massaging her feet.
After another fifteen minutes of me working her over she turns over so she is laying on her back.  Back to the bottle for more oil.  Now I start working the oil into her breasts and stomach.  Tweaking her nipples as I massage her.  I also work her legs giving special attention to her inner thighs.  Initially her eyes were closed when she rolled over but now she watches me.  My oily hands sliding over her body as she slightly parts her legs giving me better access to her inner thighs.  I can see that she is becoming moist as my touch excites her.  I continue massaging her until she finally tells me to lie down so she can massage me.  
Ezmeralda works the oil into my back her fingers kneading my muscles.  She takes her time and really works me over before suggesting that I roll on to my back.  After I roll over she straddles my legs and begins messaging my chest.  My cock is as hard as iron and is pointing up as she takes it in her oily hands.  She strokes me, her hand slide easily up and down my shaft.  My hips rise to meet her strokes.  She cups my balls and I begin to get close to orgasm.  She must realize this and decides to get off of me.  
As she stands up next to the bed, she said, “I think I’ll hop in the shower and wash this oil off.”  With that she turns away from me and walks to the bathroom.  I hear the water begin to run so I decide to join her in the shower.  She smiles at me from the shower as I enter the bathroom.  I step into the shower behind her and take the bar of soap from her.  I get some lather on my hands and reach around her cupping her breasts.  I step forward so my body is against hers, my cock pressed against her ass.  I kiss her neck which she tilts to one side to give me better access in which to kiss it.  My soapy hands play with her breasts, tweaking her nipples.  Then I move my hands down to grasp her hips, pulling her tightly against me.  I slide the length of of my cock up and down the crack of her ass.  She turns around and kisses me forcefully before walking behind me.  She presses her body against me this time.  Her boobs smashed against my back.  She reaches around and pinches my nipples before grabbing my cock.  She strokes me with one hand and plays with my balls with the other. Ezmeralda continues stroking my as I begin moving my body in sync with her strokes.  I wonder to myself if she will finish me this time.  
Surprisingly she does.  As I get close I encourage her to go faster and she complies.  Finally I cum.  The white liquid shoots from my cock falling to the floor of the shower.  She slows her stroking and steps to my side looking at my cock as it twitches in her hand.  More cum falls from my slowly deflating cock.  She catches a small bit on her finger tip and then puts her finger in her mouth.  
“I told you I couldn’t wait to taste you.”
We finished washing off, then dried off before going to bed, falling asleep in each others arms.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Currently working on a three part story

The first story that I will be posting is about my first true sexual experience.  It is over the course of a weekend with my ex-girlfriend Ez.  The three parts are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I'm most of the way done with Friday.  Also known as Foreplay Friday.  Look for it in a day or two.