Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Morning After part 2

You decide on giving me a blow job to start the day.  You reach over and take my shaft in your hand and take over stroking my cock.  Slowly you run your hand up and down my dick, while kissing first kissing my neck, then licking my nipples.  As you run your tongue down my stomach you cup my balls and then kiss the tip of my engorged cock.  The precum sticks to your lips as you pull back and lick my balls.  After licking my testicles for a few moments you suck them into your mouth.  At the same time you grab hold of me again.

I spread my legs wide in order to give you better access to my balls that you are sucking.  I squirm as you suck and stroke me.  I feel my orgasm building.  You sense this by my movements and release the suction on my balls.  You take the head of my cock in your mouth and continue stroking me.  Your head begins bobbing up and down on me.  Taking me deeper and deeper with each successive bob.

Finally I cum.  My cock releases my spunk into your mouth which you gleefully swallow.

A good start to our day...perhaps I'll return the oral favor.