Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - Goodbye Jen

Jen went into the bathroom to have a little privacy while she made a phone call.  A few minutes later she walked out of the bathroom with a little smile on her face.

"You have me until morning," she said.



"How did you work that out?"

"Luke's double shift at work," she reminded me.


Jen walks back over the bed and snuggles up beside me.  We share a slow sensual kiss and I position her on her back before breaking our embrace.  I straddle her stomach and take my semi erect cock in my hand.  She eyes my hardening member, watching me as I start stroking myself.  I get it a little harder before pressing it between Jen's tits.  She knows what to do.  She pushes her breasts together capturing my growing cock between her young mounds.  Her nipples have hardened and point up from between her fingers.

I move my hips forward causing the end of my cock to nearly reach Jen's neck.  She moves her head forward and tries to reach my now engorged sex staff with her tongue.  Before she makes contact I shake my head no and pull back, I'm looking for a nice fast titty fuck.  Which is what I proceed to do.  I begin moving my cock back and forth between her breasts.  I start out pretty fast but as my excitement grows I go even faster.  Jen does a nice job of keeping her tits around me and I think she is getting a little excited because of the way she is gripping her breasts.

My titty fucking builds toward orgasm and I spurt cum onto her neckline creating a "pearl necklace" before pulling my cock free from her breasts.  I take my cock in my hand again and stroke a few more spurts of cum onto her chest.

"You wicked old man," Jen said teasingly as she sits up against the headboard.

This causes my cum to begin dripping down her torso.  She wipes a white rivulet from her chest with her finger and the licks her finger clean.  "Mmmmm, yummy," Jen murmurs. She repeats this and leans forward to kiss me.  As our tongues meet I can taste the slightly salty residue in her mouth.  We continue the kiss for several moments before she pulls back and suggests a shower so she get the spunk cleaned off her chest.

I admire her hot body as she gets up off the bed and walks into the bathroom.  I hear her start the water running and I sit on the bed for several minutes to give her a chance to clean up before I join her in the shower.  When I do follow her into the shower my cock has lost all of its hardness and I know that it will be a short while before I'll be able to gain a full erection again [I am after all a man of a certain age.]  I'm sure this sweet young thing I've been playing with is probably use to her man regaining an erection pretty quick, oh to be that young again!

The water drips off all her delightful curves as she stands before me in the shower.  Her wet hair falling down over her shoulder, a soapy lather gliding down her back and following her tight ass before dropping to the floor of the shower.  She turns, soap in hand, and begins soaping up my chest and stomach.  Her hand slides quickly across my body assisted by the slipperiness of the soap suds.  Her nipples point out from her perky little breasts almost demanding to be bitten.  In case you have not noticed, I love to use my mouth on a woman.  I lower my mouth her her chest and take her nipple between my teeth biting down carefully, not to hard as I don't want to hurt her. I just want to give her pleasure.  Next my tongue moves over her nipple as she puts her arms around my neck and down my back.  She rakes my back with her fingernails so I assume my efforts are well received.

After playing with her nipple for a little while longer I move my mouth her other nipple and repeat the process.  Jen gives out a moan which lets me know I'm revving her engine.  I meet her lips with mine and plunge my tongue into her mouth while grabbing her ass with both hands and pulling her tight against me.  Our naked bodies are smashed together, she feels divine against me as we kiss. She sucks on my tongue as I try to explore her mouth with it.  Her hands encircle my head holding my lips to hers as she sucks harder on my tongue, it has been a while since a woman has tried to control my tongue with this much force.

After she lets go of me I spin her around and tell her to assume the position.  She complies by spreading her legs and leaning forward with her hands on the wall of the shower.  I take my cock in my hand and position the head next to her pussy.

"Do me hard, baby."

I push forward intending to give her what she has asked for.  My cock slides easily into her so I know she is ready for me to pound her.  I make sure that I'm steady by grabbing her hips and pull completely out of her and then, with momentum, slam forward fully entering her with power.  She grunts as I reach the apex of my thrust.  I quickly pull back and slam forward just as I had on my prior thrust.  After a few more thrusts her feet slip a little bit on the wet floor of the tub.

"Wait, wait, wait." Jen said.

I stop fucking her.  She turns around and slid the shower curtain open and exits the shower.

"Lets finish this on the bed."  She said over her shoulder as she moves towards the bathroom door.

I follow her out of the bathroom, both of us dripping wet from the shower.  She gets on the bed, she puts her ass in the air and her face on a pillow.

"Fast and hard, old timer." She said.

I move up behind her and smack her ass.  I smacked it pretty hard.

"Don't mark me, grandpa." She laughs.

"You'll get what you get, Missy." I shoot back while I take my wet, hard cock in my hand and position it against her pussy.  I lean forward sliding into her.  Again I grab hold of her hips and begin fucking her fast and hard just like she asked.  As I stroke in and out of her she moans with growing pleasure.  She rubs her clit as she gets closer to orgasm.  Her moans excite me and I grunt on the completion of another inward push.  My orgasm is not to far off.

I smack her ass again while filling her with my cock.  "Yes! More!" She urges. Of course I comply.  I spank her again and again while roughly fucking her, although not as fast as before.  On my inward thrusts her body shifts forward on the bed burying her face deeper into the pillow.  She lets a guttural moan of ecstasy come forth as her body shudders from her orgasmic release.  Knowing she has found release I thrust back and forth faster reaching my release quickly.  My cum spurting inside of her.

With that I pulled out of her and lay on the bed beside her.  She cuddled up next to me and we chatted about a variety of subject before falling asleep in each others arms.  The next morning I woke up to an empty bed.  I found a note on the nightstand.

"Call me next time you are in town.  Thanks for the spanking.  Bye, bye.  Jen."