Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Revenge excerpt 6


“Oh, yes, lick me, make me cum,” she said, her hands in my hair.

A few moments later, “Yes! I’m cumming, don’t stop.”

After she climaxed I moved next to her and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth.  She responded in kind and our tongues played back and forth.  

“Suck my cock,” I said as I pulled back from the kiss.

With hardly a hesitation she took my cock in her hand and moved so she could take me in her mouth.  Her lips encircled my my rod and she took me deep inside her mouth.  She raked her fingernails along my balls and fucked me with her face.  

“Suck my balls,” I instructed, letting her know what I wanted from her.

She released my throbbing organ from her mouth and licked down the shaft.  She continued by tonguing my sack and then taking my balls in her mouth.  She stroked me while using her tongue and mouth on my testicles.  After a several moments of oral ministrations on my balls she went back to orally servicing my cock.  Heidi stroked me with her hand in time with her bobbing head.  

“Faster,” I grunted.

Her mouth slid faster along my rigid pole as I commanded.  And I soon let loose, without warning, in her mouth.   She swallowed most if not all of my cum and I wondered if she was starting to enjoy feeding on my spunk.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Revenge excerpt 5


Her breathing was labored and her hand was moving furiously as she bucked on me.  

“Does my cock feel good in your pussy,” I asked.

“Yes, your cock is so hot.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that...did she mean physically warm or sexy hot?  It didn’t really matter.

“Make me cum,” she sighed.

I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it for a few moments before biting it.  My bite began with light pressure and slowly increased over the course of a minute.  Then I released it, not wanting it to be so uncomfortable that she would back away from her orgasm.  Then I did the same to her other nipple.  By the time I released the second nipple she was telling me she was about to climax.  She rode me, urging her climax out of herself, then she finished, coming to a rest on top of me.  I was still inside her, hard and fairly close to cumming, but I let my desire abate saving my next orgasm for her mouth.  


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 7 - Nearing a Swap

After meeting Ez, Ashley still stopped by once or twice a week for lunch and sex, with a quickie after work thrown in once every couple of weeks.  But it seemed like her enthusiasm for our hookups was waning.  I thought that it might have to do with meeting Ezmeralda and the possibility of swapping.    

Then one Saturday night I get a call from Ashley letting me know she is on her way over to my house.  I was just home watching a game on TV so I was happy to find out she was heading my way.  When she arrived she took a few minutes to complain about her husband as I made her a drink.  I normally just listened to her tell me about her husband and tonight was no different.  I believed that it was unwise to engage in bad mouthing her spouse and left those comments for her.  

She joined me in the kitchen and took a few sips of her drink before unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my jeans.  I pulled my shirt over my head and then we kissed.  I ran my hands over her tits and unbuttoned her shirt.  I removed her shirt and threw it into the living room.   I pushed my jeans down and let them fall to the floor, my cock visibly hard in my boxers.  She unbuttoned her pants and slid them off.   

She grabbed my cock and asked, “Do I need your permission if I want to do the swap that your friend proposed?”

“That’s coming out of no where.”

“I’ve been considering it ever since she proposed it, but I’m still not sure.  Has Ezmeralda talked anymore to you about doing it?”

“I haven’t talked to her,” I replied.

Ashley released her hold on my cock and a sadness crept across her face.

“Her boyfriend probably doesn’t want to do it, I probably don’t have the body he would find sexy,” Ashley said.

I stepped to her and took her in my arms.  I kissed her cheek.  She wasn’t as thin as she was when we first worked together, having kids can do that to a woman, but in my eyes her curves were sexy. And I told her so.  

Tears welled in her eyes.  She was feeling some overwhelming emotions.  My words struck a chord with her and bonded us together more deeply.  She kissed me with desire, possibly with love.  The kiss was powerful and deep and wet and slow.  It was slow like she was trying to get something out of me through it.  I don’t know what she might have been trying to extract, it could have been love or maybe just a higher level of caring.  Or maybe she was trying to convey an increased level of feelings for me.  

The kiss seemed to extend for hours.  At times our tongues danced, at times it was just lips pressed together and at times teeth nipped playfully.  When the kiss finally ended I suggested that we move to my bedroom.  I took her hand and led her down the hall.  Once in my bedroom I pulled of my underwear, releasing my hardened tool.  Ashley removed her bra and sank to her knees in front of me.  She took my cock in her hand and placed it between her breasts.  I slowly fucked her breasts for a few minutes before she took me in her mouth and sensuously rolled her tongue around the head.  She ran a fingernail along my balls and I moaned.  She took me deep in her mouth until she gagged.  Then Ashley slowly rose, kissing and licking my body as she stood up.

We kissed again.  And suddenly she broke the kiss and rotated so her back was to me.  She pushed her panty clad ass against my stiff rod and grinded herself along my shaft.  

“I want to be your naughty lover,” Ashley murmured.

“You are.”

“I want to be naughtier,” she replied.

“Ass sex naughty?” I asked, pushing her panties off her hips.

“Oh, I, uh, I’m not sure about that.” she stammered.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against me.

“Ok, maybe another time.” I said after pressing myself to her, letting her off the hook.

Then I instructed her to get on the bed.  I straddled her stomach and put my cock between her tits again and began fucking them.  She smiled as she pushed her melons together.  If she wanted a little naughty maybe she would like me to cum on her.  So I slid back and forth until I was close to cumming.  I took myself in my hand and stroked quickly aiming at her tits, she reached up and fondled my balls.  My orgasm shot out and landed on her breasts and neck.

“There is a pearl necklace for you,” I said.


“Pearl necklace, that’s what they call it when a guy cums on a girls neckline.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Ashley replied.

I put the head of my cock in some of the cum on her breasts and told her to clean it off with her mouth.  She did as I requested and took my shrinking cock in her mouth.  After cleaning me off, she got up and went into the bathroom to clean herself off.  

“I’ll call Ezmeralda if you are still interested in fucking her guy,” I said to her through the open door.

“Do you think he would want to?” she asked, a bit of doubt in her voice.

“If I had to guess, I would say his hang up would be me fucking Ezmeralda in front of him.”

“You think so?” Ashley returned, the doubt erased.

“Very much so, I’m not exactly looking forward to watching you ride is enormous cock.”

“Enormous?” she said from the doorway with a coy smile on her lips.

I rolled my eyes and gave her a frown.  

“Is my lover jealous?” she asked, still smiling, as she walked to the bed.

I reached a hand out for her and told her get in bed and kiss me.  She quickly did as I asked.  Then we discussed the possibility of swapping and the possible repercussions.  In the end she wanted to move forward and I agreed to facilitate.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 6 - The Girls Meet

My midday rendezvous with Ashley continued two or three times a week for about a month when I received a message early on a Saturday night that she was on her way over to my house.  It was the first non-lunch visit since the evening that she came over and I licked her to climax and shortly after Ezmeralda arrived and ended up giving me a hand job.

Her husband was out with some friends and she was feeling horny so she decided to come over to my house.  I put up the garage door so she wouldn’t have to park on the street or in the driveway.  As I waited for her to arrive I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the couch.  Five minutes later I heard her car pull into the garage and the garage door go down.  

She entered the house from the garage and smiled at me from across the kitchen.  She dropped her purse on the counter and took off her shoes.  Walking towards me she pulled her t-shirt over her head and unbuttoned her jeans.  As she arrived at the couch she pushed her jeans, along with her panties, off her hips.  She leaned over the back of the couch and we kissed.  Her hand grabbed my cock through my boxers and squeezed.  I stood up and dropped my boxers to the floor allowing her to see my erection.  She walked around the couch removing her bra as she made her way to my side.  We engaged in another kiss our naked bodies pressed together.

I feel her hands on my ass so I press my cock harder against her stomach, letting her know how much I desire her.  Then I step back breaking our embrace and lay down on the couch.  She knows what I want.  She straddles me, taking my stiff staff in her soaking snatch.  Her hands are on the arm of the couch as she grinds her hips, fucking me.  Her tits dangle in front of me so I grab them and begin to massage them.  I play with her nipples and she continues to ride me.  

We are both are working toward our orgasms when I hear something at the front door.  Ashley doesn’t appear to hear it, probably because she is focused on fucking me.  The door opened and in walked Ezmeralda.  The opening of the door was enough to get Ashley’s attention.  She sat up and covered her breasts with her hands as she assessed the situation.  I was fully inserted in her pussy and didn’t make a move to cover up.  After all it wasn’t the first time Ez had walked in on a similar scene.  I think she likes to find me in the middle of sex.  She has even caught me masturbating, but she usually helps me finish when that happens.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you would have company,” Ez started.

“I brought your camera back,” she continued holding up the camera bag.

She closed the door and walked into the room.

“Ashley, this is Ezmeralda,” I said starting an introduction still flat on my back.

Ezmeralda unzipped the camera bag and pulled the camera out.  She took the lens cover off and put the camera to her eye

“What are you doing?” Ashley shrieked at Ezmeralda.
The question made Ez pause and drop the camera from her eye.  She placed the camera on the coffee table and walked over to us.  

She held her hand out to Ashley and said, “Pleased to meet you, Stafford has told me a little bit about you.”

For some reason Ashley removed her hand from her breast and shook Ezmeralda’s outstretched hand.

“Ez, has a key,”  I said, stating the obvious.

“Were you just dropping it off?  We are kinda in the middle of something,” I again stating the obvious.

That earned me a laugh from Ez and a cool gaze from Ashley.  Ezmeralda took a seat in the easy chair next to the couch, giving her a nice view of what I had sticking into Ashley.   

“If I wasn’t dating someone I’d offer to stick around and help the two of you finish what you started,” Ezmeralda said sexily.

“Although, I don’t think there is any harm in watching, if you two wouldn’t mind a voyeur.  You two make a sexy couple.”

She kicked off her shoes.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” Ashley said as she got to her feet, my cock sliding out of her pussy.

My hard cock, wet with Ashley’s juice, was now exposed to both women.

I was pretty sure Ashley was unhappy, probably with me.  I had to fix the situation or I could lose Ashley.  

“You should probably leave.” I said to Ezmeralda.

“Well this is getting pretty awkward,” she replied and put her shoes back on.

Ashley walked out of the room.

“I want to taste your lover on your cock,” Ezmeralda whispered to me.

I was about to tell her no when she kneeled next to me and took my cock in her mouth.  If Ashley walked in now I was pretty sure we would be over.  Ezmeralda went down on me twice before releasing me.   

“Stafford, stay here,” Ez said as she rose and walked out of the room in the same direction that Ashley had taken.

I waited in the living room.

A few minutes later Ashley calls my name, beckoning me to the bedroom.

They are both sitting on the bed, Ashley naked but covering herself with the blanket.  

“I’ve convinced Ashley I’m her friend,” said Ez.

“That’s good,” I replied from the doorway, still semierect.

“And we are thinking about getting together as a foursome,” she continued.

“Really?” I asked skeptically.

“We are just talking about the possibility,” Ashley interjected.

“I told her that Mike has a rather large cock, no offense,” Ez added, while eyeing my cock.

“None taken,” I replied.

Ashley seemed interested in trying a larger cock and didn’t seem angry about Ezmerelda anymore so I went with idea of a foursome.  

Ezmerelda pushed forward with her plan, knowing Ashley was at the very least curious.  She told us that she would float the idea to her boyfriend, Mike.  But he might need some encouragement.  She thought some pictures of Ashley and I might help.  Ashley was worried that the pictures would get out.  Ez countered by telling her that she would avoid her face.  After some more back and forth Ashley reluctantly agreed but was given veto rights to the pictures Ezmerelda would take of us.  Apparently I didn’t get a vote.    

I was sent to retrieve the camera and when I returned I found Ezmerelda posing Ashley on the bed.  She was exposed from the hips up and was told to look away from Ezmerelda.  The first picture was snapped.  Next Ashley was told to lay on her stomach and to continue looking away, I was told to pull the covers back enough to show her ass.  For the next picture Ezmerelda wanted her to get on her knees with her face in a pillow and I was to put my cock in her from behind.  Surprisingly Ashley went with Ezmerelda’s request.
The next pictures were of Ashley and I in different positions.  Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, me going down on her, Ashley going down on me.  Then Ezmerelda told me to take the camera.  She got on the bed with Ashley and asked her if she could suck on her nipple.  Ashley agreed and I snapped a picture of Ez with a nipple in her mouth.  Within moments they were making out so I took a few more pictures.  They kissed hungrily and pawed at each other’s breasts.  Ezmerelda still dressed, Ashley completely naked.  I put down the camera and got on the bed behind Ashley.  I snuggled up behind her and reached around to finger her clit.  I rub her nub and begin kissing her neck.  She moans when Ez breaks their kiss and licks her nipples again.  

I wedged a knee between her legs creating an opening between them.  I then move into position so I can slid my cock in from behind.  I enter her slowly while Ezmerelda is providing oral ministrations to her tits.  She feels extra tight because her legs are nearly together.  I decide to take control, I grab Ez by her hair and pull her lips to mine.  We share a deep kiss while I fuck Ashley.  Then I pull her head by her hair towards Ashley’s clit.  She gets the message and licks my lover’s clit.

I want to give her better access to Ashley’s clitorus and my cock so I reach under Ashley and roll onto my back, taking Ashley with me.  Ashley is now laying on her back on top of me, I’m still inside her and continue to fuck her but with small upward movements.  Our legs are spread giving Ez access to both of us, so she moves her tongue from Ashley’s clit to my cock and then my balls.  She uses her tongue on both of us for a few minutes before I instruct her to show us her boobs.

She looked at me for a moment before shaking her head.  

“Let’s save something for when we get Mike here,” she said.

And with that she got off the bed, told us to have fun and left.  It was so sudden and unexpected that I didn’t even get a chance to offer a rebuttal.  

Since I was still inside Ashley, I decided to roll us over.  I told her to get on her hands and knees and we began fucking doggy style.  Within minutes she was telling me to go faster, to make her cum.  I roughly slammed into her with a quick pace and felt my balls contracting.  She reached her orgasm and released a guttural expletive.  I continued a little longer before spewing my seed in her snatch.  We flopped down on the bed and kissed softly.      

“How did Ezmerelda convince you to try a swap?” I asked, smiling at her.

“I’m not totally convinced.”

“Then why the pictures for her boyfriend?”

“I felt backed into a corner,” she replied.
“You seemed to enjoy making out with her,” I observed.

“It just kinda happened,” she said with a slight chill in her voice.

I dropped the subject. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Revenge excerpt 4


After she had cleaned up I suggested getting out of the hotel and going some place for lunch.  She agreed so we walked back to the same area where we were last night.  We found a little pub and had a nice lunch.  Walking back I took her hand and we walked most of the way hand in hand.  We stopped at a drugstore and I purchased some bubble bath for our afternoon escapades.

The flirting over lunch and our carefree walk back to the hotel had put her in a good mood.  In the elevator ride back to my room we engaged in a short make out session which concluded when the doors opened on my floor.  Once we were back in my room I started a bath and then the clothes started flying.

I pawed at her naked flesh enjoying the electricity of our lust.  Once we were both naked and the tub was full we sank into the bubbly water.  I allowed the feverish, lustful attacks on each other’s bodies to become a more subdued sensual interaction.  The bubbles hid her body from my eyes but not my hands.  I slowly caressed her body and lightly kissed and bit her lips.  My tongue occasionally running along her lips and teeth.  Her hands found their way around my body, she tried pulling me close but I resisted.  I wasn’t planning on fucking her this time.  She was going to end up riding me.  I wanted her to use me to secure her climax.    


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Revenge excerpt 3


 I wake up to the sound of the alarm clock going off.  Heidi is still asleep, dead to the world, and still naked.  I decide to wake her by going down on her.  So I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs and began giving her oral.  After a few minutes I feel her hand in my hair and she spreads her legs wider.

“I’ve got such a headache, but what you are doing feels great,” Heidi said.

I looked up at her.

“I’ve heard sex is good for headaches,” I replied before returning to pleasuring her.

“I can’t believe I was drunk enough to sleep with you,” Heidi said.

“Are you still drunk?” I inquired.

“Hungover,” she replied.

“In case you missed it, I’m going down on you,” I laughed.

“I told you it feels get back to it,” she returned with a smile.

I followed her directions, mostly because it was part of my plan.  I wanted to make her climax and then convince her to suck my cock.  During which I would try to sneak another picture.  I should have taken a picture when I first started going down on her, before she woke up.  But I didn’t think of it.