Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - Goodbye Jen

Jen went into the bathroom to have a little privacy while she made a phone call.  A few minutes later she walked out of the bathroom with a little smile on her face.

"You have me until morning," she said.



"How did you work that out?"

"Luke's double shift at work," she reminded me.


Jen walks back over the bed and snuggles up beside me.  We share a slow sensual kiss and I position her on her back before breaking our embrace.  I straddle her stomach and take my semi erect cock in my hand.  She eyes my hardening member, watching me as I start stroking myself.  I get it a little harder before pressing it between Jen's tits.  She knows what to do.  She pushes her breasts together capturing my growing cock between her young mounds.  Her nipples have hardened and point up from between her fingers.

I move my hips forward causing the end of my cock to nearly reach Jen's neck.  She moves her head forward and tries to reach my now engorged sex staff with her tongue.  Before she makes contact I shake my head no and pull back, I'm looking for a nice fast titty fuck.  Which is what I proceed to do.  I begin moving my cock back and forth between her breasts.  I start out pretty fast but as my excitement grows I go even faster.  Jen does a nice job of keeping her tits around me and I think she is getting a little excited because of the way she is gripping her breasts.

My titty fucking builds toward orgasm and I spurt cum onto her neckline creating a "pearl necklace" before pulling my cock free from her breasts.  I take my cock in my hand again and stroke a few more spurts of cum onto her chest.

"You wicked old man," Jen said teasingly as she sits up against the headboard.

This causes my cum to begin dripping down her torso.  She wipes a white rivulet from her chest with her finger and the licks her finger clean.  "Mmmmm, yummy," Jen murmurs. She repeats this and leans forward to kiss me.  As our tongues meet I can taste the slightly salty residue in her mouth.  We continue the kiss for several moments before she pulls back and suggests a shower so she get the spunk cleaned off her chest.

I admire her hot body as she gets up off the bed and walks into the bathroom.  I hear her start the water running and I sit on the bed for several minutes to give her a chance to clean up before I join her in the shower.  When I do follow her into the shower my cock has lost all of its hardness and I know that it will be a short while before I'll be able to gain a full erection again [I am after all a man of a certain age.]  I'm sure this sweet young thing I've been playing with is probably use to her man regaining an erection pretty quick, oh to be that young again!

The water drips off all her delightful curves as she stands before me in the shower.  Her wet hair falling down over her shoulder, a soapy lather gliding down her back and following her tight ass before dropping to the floor of the shower.  She turns, soap in hand, and begins soaping up my chest and stomach.  Her hand slides quickly across my body assisted by the slipperiness of the soap suds.  Her nipples point out from her perky little breasts almost demanding to be bitten.  In case you have not noticed, I love to use my mouth on a woman.  I lower my mouth her her chest and take her nipple between my teeth biting down carefully, not to hard as I don't want to hurt her. I just want to give her pleasure.  Next my tongue moves over her nipple as she puts her arms around my neck and down my back.  She rakes my back with her fingernails so I assume my efforts are well received.

After playing with her nipple for a little while longer I move my mouth her other nipple and repeat the process.  Jen gives out a moan which lets me know I'm revving her engine.  I meet her lips with mine and plunge my tongue into her mouth while grabbing her ass with both hands and pulling her tight against me.  Our naked bodies are smashed together, she feels divine against me as we kiss. She sucks on my tongue as I try to explore her mouth with it.  Her hands encircle my head holding my lips to hers as she sucks harder on my tongue, it has been a while since a woman has tried to control my tongue with this much force.

After she lets go of me I spin her around and tell her to assume the position.  She complies by spreading her legs and leaning forward with her hands on the wall of the shower.  I take my cock in my hand and position the head next to her pussy.

"Do me hard, baby."

I push forward intending to give her what she has asked for.  My cock slides easily into her so I know she is ready for me to pound her.  I make sure that I'm steady by grabbing her hips and pull completely out of her and then, with momentum, slam forward fully entering her with power.  She grunts as I reach the apex of my thrust.  I quickly pull back and slam forward just as I had on my prior thrust.  After a few more thrusts her feet slip a little bit on the wet floor of the tub.

"Wait, wait, wait." Jen said.

I stop fucking her.  She turns around and slid the shower curtain open and exits the shower.

"Lets finish this on the bed."  She said over her shoulder as she moves towards the bathroom door.

I follow her out of the bathroom, both of us dripping wet from the shower.  She gets on the bed, she puts her ass in the air and her face on a pillow.

"Fast and hard, old timer." She said.

I move up behind her and smack her ass.  I smacked it pretty hard.

"Don't mark me, grandpa." She laughs.

"You'll get what you get, Missy." I shoot back while I take my wet, hard cock in my hand and position it against her pussy.  I lean forward sliding into her.  Again I grab hold of her hips and begin fucking her fast and hard just like she asked.  As I stroke in and out of her she moans with growing pleasure.  She rubs her clit as she gets closer to orgasm.  Her moans excite me and I grunt on the completion of another inward push.  My orgasm is not to far off.

I smack her ass again while filling her with my cock.  "Yes! More!" She urges. Of course I comply.  I spank her again and again while roughly fucking her, although not as fast as before.  On my inward thrusts her body shifts forward on the bed burying her face deeper into the pillow.  She lets a guttural moan of ecstasy come forth as her body shudders from her orgasmic release.  Knowing she has found release I thrust back and forth faster reaching my release quickly.  My cum spurting inside of her.

With that I pulled out of her and lay on the bed beside her.  She cuddled up next to me and we chatted about a variety of subject before falling asleep in each others arms.  The next morning I woke up to an empty bed.  I found a note on the nightstand.

"Call me next time you are in town.  Thanks for the spanking.  Bye, bye.  Jen."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - Goodbye Jill, Hello Jen

After Jill and I returned to the hotel I jump in the shower [expecting Jill to join me, but she didn't].  After completing the shower I towel off and walk out of the bathroom.  Jill is in bed, wearing what appeared to be a negligee.  I pull the sheet back revealing Jill in her sexy black negligee [I was right].  She gives me a slightly grim smile.

First she didn't get in the shower with me then the weird smile, I wonder what is going on.  I climb into the bed next to her.  My dick is nearly hard.  But before I can make a move she begins to speak.

"Staff, " she began, "we can't have anymore sex tonight."

"Are you okay?"  I asked.

"Yes, its just, well, because I have to go home to my husband tomorrow," she replied. "Just hold me."

So that is what I did. We lay together in the bed, I'm naked, she's close to naked but not quite.  She rested her head on my chest and told me that she was starting to feel bad because she loves her husband but she wanted something different so bad, she wanted me so bad.  As she told me about what she was feeling I stroked her hair and listened.  That is how we fell to sleep.

In the morning Jill was up and into the shower before I woke up.  She was fully dressed as she exited the bathroom.  She was serious about not screwing before she left so I went with it.  She packed up her clothing and other items that she brought with her and I got dressed.  Few words were exchanged between us as she prepared to leave.  Her guilt was creating a tension between us.

And then it was time to take her to the airport so she could catch her flight back to her life, her husband.  At the airport we exited the car and I pulled her suitcase out of the trunk.  She walked up to me and put her arms around me, kissing me hard and deep moving her body so it was fully up against me.

"Sorry about last night and this morning," she said.

"Its fine," I reply.

"Is it really fine?"

I smile and tell her "yes."  And I mean it.     

"Will we do this again sometime?"  she asked.

"I'm sure I would be up for it," I grin.

Jill chuckles softly and said, "good."

We share one last kiss before she begins to head into the terminal.  "You should give Jen and what's his name a call before you head home, maybe you can get lucky," she said over her shoulder with a quick wink.

I watch as she walks into the building and back into her normal life.  I'm glad we parted on good terms and I feel like we will return to our normal online seduction and maybe sometime in the future we will meet up on some neutral ground and share a couple of days of passion again.

But in the meantime she has her husband and I have a high powered libido that needs to be satisfied.  So her suggestion of giving Jen and Luke a call seems like a good idea since I'm all alone in this town for the next two days.  I return to my hotel room and wait until about 11:00 am, which I deemed a reasonable hour to call the number Jen and Luke had given me the other night.  I pick up the phone and dial the number.  Jen answers.


"Hi, this is Stafford, from the other night."


"Jill has left for home and I was wondering if you might have a friend you could hook me up with and the four of us could go out dancing tonight."

"I'll bet you want to do more than dance,"  Jen replied suggestively.

No sense trying to hide the obvious. So I counter with, "Maybe Luke has had an eye on one of your friends and we can arrange an opportunity for him."

She laughed, "That's nice of you to think of Luke's needs."

"What are friends for?"

"What you really want is to get in my pants Stafford."  A statement, not a question.

"Well the other night I saw what is in your pants and I won't deny a certain level of desire," I returned.

"How about we meet for lunch and discuss this desire that you are alluding to."

"Sounds good, I am feeling my hunger growing."

She laughed and we made plans to meet at a diner near my hotel at noon.  I arrived right at noon and entered the diner.  Jen was already there.  She was sitting at the counter sipping a lemonade.  She was wearing a yellow top that flattered her tan skin and a short red skirt [not as short as the other night].  I walk over and sit beside her.

"Hey sexy," I said once I was seated.

"Hey, yourself," she replied coolly.

The waitress behind the counter walked over and took our orders.  I made a quick decision for my order since I didn't have an opportunity to read the menu.  The waitress retreated back to the kitchen to place our orders.

"Your legs are very sexy," I said, trying to be smooth.  I don't think it worked because Jen rolled her eyes at me.  After getting off the phone earlier I thought that tonight was going to be a sure thing but now I was having doubts.  She spun her chair and faced me so I turned and faced her.  Here in the sun filled diner Jen's beauty really showed itself to me.  I wanted to hold her face in my hands and feast on her lips.  I wanted her bad so I was not going to give up easily.

"Have you given the double date idea any more thought?"  I said, trying a new gambit.

"I don't think that will work."

A feeling of disappointment settled on me but I tried to put a good face on it.  "That's to bad I was looking forward to going dancing tonight."

Just then our waitress dropped off our food.  I took a bite and was going to start some idle chit chat about how nice the weather had been, when Jen took the conversation in an unexpected direction.

"Luke is working a double shift so that double date idea won't work."

"Oh okay, do you have any other ideas?" I inquired, hoping that she the same thing in mind as I did [sex and lots of it].

"I might be able to think of something," she said, coyly.

We continued eating lunch and trading sexual innuendo and double entendre.  As I finished my last french fry she turned to face me again.  I noticed that her skirt had risen up her thigh quite a bit.  I slowly chewed the last of the fry as she smiled sexily and spread her legs.  That action made her skirt move even higher up her legs.  She dropped her napkin between us.

"Would you mind picking that up for me?"

"No problem," I replied

As I lean over and grabbed the napkin I peek between her legs expecting to see her panties but instead I see her wet pussy.  I'm glad she waited until we were finishing up our lunch to give me this view.

I pay the bill as Jen seductively sticks a french fry in her mouth and rolls her tongue around it before she bites it in half.  I smile as I shake my head at her.  I'm pretty sure the waitress saw that one, oh well.

"I'm ready to go," Jen said.

"I'll bet you are."

She smiled at my reply and then winked at me.  We walked out to our cars in the parking lot.  It was time to find out how "ready to go" she really was. 

"If you don't have anything going on this afternoon we could go sit by the pool back at the hotel or hang out in my room," I suggested.

"Sounds like fun."

I give her my room number and she tells me that she will meet me there within 30 minutes.  I head straight back to the hotel room and tidy it up a little bit.  Not to long after I quit picking up there is a knock at the door.  I open the door and there stands Jen.  She is holding a plastic bag with something cylindrical in it.  I invite her in.  As the door closes behind her she kicks off her sandals and then pulls a can of Reddi-Wip out of the bag.

"Where is the ice cream?"  I asked.

"Its not for ice cream," Jen said in a slightly sexy voice.

"Then what is it for?"  I tease.

"Take off your clothes and I'll show you."

She didn't have to tell me twice.  I pull my shirt over my head and drop my shorts and boxer briefs to the floor.  I'm not completely hard but pretty darn close.  Jen turns around and asks me to unzip her dress.  I pull the zipper down and then push her straps off her shoulders.  She lets her dress drop to the floor and she steps out of it.  Okay now my dick is hard. 

She points to the bed so I move over to it and lay down in the middle.  She follows me over and kneels on the bed between my spread legs.  Then she breaks the seal on the Reddi-Wip and begins shaking the can.  Her shaking motion not only is sexual [think hand job] in itself but has the added benefit of causing her breasts to bounce up and down.  She takes my cock in her hand and points the can down and squeezes the nozzle.  The whipped cream spurts out cover the head of my cock.  Jen lowers her head and licks the underside of my cock all the way up to the head taking part of the Reddi-Wip into her mouth.  She lowers her head again and takes the tip of my cock in her mouth, cleaning it off with her tongue.  

Jen lowers her head even more taking more of my length in her mouth.  Then she pulls back her lips sliding up my shaft.  She bobs her head a couple of more times before releasing my saliva coated dick from her mouth. She sprays some of the whipped cream on herself and crawls forward offering her cream covered tits to me.  I start by licking some of the sweet topping from her erect nipples.  The sugary taste with the warm of her flesh is incredible.  I bury my face in her chest licking and nibbling on her firm breasts.  During my attach most of the whipped cream was removed.  Some of it had been transferred to my face.  Jen kissed my lips before licking the remnants of the Reddi-Wip from my face.  

Jen pointed the can at my chest and sprayed some cream around my nipples and then made a line down my torso to my cock and reapplied it to my cock, leaving a generous portion of it on the tip of my dick.  She began her oral journey by licking my nipples and then kissing and licking her way from my chest to my stomach and finally to my cock.  As she took my cock in her hand again she mounted me in the 69 position, her pussy just within tongue distance.  I begin my oral ministrations just as I feel her take me in her mouth again.  Her hand cups my balls as she slides her lips up and down the length of my hard shaft.  I draw my tongue up against her wet slit.  I savor the taste of her growing excitement before flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. 

I feel more than hear the moan that I've produced from her.  I can feel Jen licking the head of my cock and following that up by gliding her tongue over all of my cock.  Then she resumes fucking me with her mouth.  She adds the pumping motion of her hand on my shaft bringing me close to orgasm.  Her mouth and hand move up and down my length and I feel my orgasm building.  Normally I warn a lover when I'm about to blow a wad into their mouth but not this time [the gentleman in me thinks that a warning is the appropriate course of action, we can debate whether I'm a gentleman or not later].  I release the spurts of cum into her mouth which she swallows instead of spits.  

I think that the reason most guys like a woman to swallow is a domination thing, but I won't speculate about what women think about the spit vs swallow conundrum. 

During my orgasm I had momentarily stopped my oral attack on Jen.  When she released my rod from her lips I return to pleasuring her.  I press my lips to her clit in a nibbling action while dipping my forefinger into her.  I push and pull that single finger in and out of her several times before adding a second.  I return to tonguing her clitoris and she sits up slightly bracing herself by putting her hands on my thighs.  I licked her for another minute or so before she decided to roll off of me.

She lay back on the bed spreading her legs.  I picked up the can of Reddi-Wip and applied some to her inner thighs and the lower portion of her stomach.  After putting down the can I began to kiss and lick her stomach removing the cream as I went.  Next I did the same to one thigh and then the other.  By this time she was squeezing her breasts with her hands and had thrown her head back and her eyes were closed.  I flicked her clit with my thumb causing Jen to moan.  I continued by rubbing her clit with my forefinger and pressing my tongue into her pussy.  I fucked her with my tongue for a few thrusts before pulling back and inserting two fingers into her.  She was pulling on her nipples with her fingers and was moaning every few seconds.  I moved my fingers in and out of her quickly and continued rubbing her clitoris.  She bucked against my hands and moaned, "Yeeeessss!" as she finally reached orgasm.

I moved so that I could kiss her lightly on her lips.  But she was having none of that.  She wanted a lusty deep kiss which I was happy to provide.  After breaking the kiss I plopped down on the bed beside her and asked, "When do you need to get home?"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - Not quite parking

After our day at the beach we returned to the hotel where we stripped off our swim suits and took a shower together.  I do enjoy taking showers with my lovers.  This particular shower session was light hearted fun.  More caressing and caring than wham bam.  There was plenty of soapy suds and bubbly shampoo to wash each others body.  Kissing, tickling, pinching and hugging were the activities of choice. Once we finished showering we dressed and went out for dinner.

After a satisfying dinner and engaging conversation we walked back to the parked car.  By now the sun was down and the parking lot behind the restaurant was pretty dark.  We walked to her side of the car, before I had a chance to open her door for her she took my hand and put it on her left breast.  She kissed my lips hard and then bent herself over the hood of the car.  She unbuttoned her jeans and slide them down her legs.  I looked around, no one else was in the parking lot and the SUV parked next to us gave us some cover [as long as its owner stayed away].

I dropped my pants and boxers revealing my now hard cock.  I take may manhood in my hand and position it so the head is up against the lips of Jill's pussy.  She pushes back slightly and the first inch or so of my cock enters her.  I put my hands on her hips and pull her back toward me.  As inches of me disappear I feel the wet tightness pressing around more and more of my sex pole. I push her hips forward until her legs hit the car.  Okay enough easing into it.  I begin fucking her as fast and as hard as I can.  This time it would not be a slow sensual fuck.  She grunts each time I complete an inward stroke her feet almost coming off the ground.

"Faster," she utters in a gasp.

I move my hips back and forth quicker, as per her request.  I feel my orgasm building.  And in another ten thrusts I cum inside her wet snatch.  Usually I like to savor the moment and keep my cock inside the pussy I've just cum into.  But tonight, because of our location, I pull it out and stuff it back into my pants.  I'll clean it up when we get back to the hotel room.  Jill pulls up her jeans and turns around, I take her in my arms and give her a kiss.  We get back in the car and head back to the hotel.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - A Walk on the Beach

After our morning fun we got out of bed and got ready for the day.  Once we were presentable we headed out for breakfast at a fast food restaurant [it was close and cheap].  Over our slightly greasy meal we discussed plans for the day.  Jill just wanted a relaxing day since her flight home was tomorrow.

We decided that we would do a little window shopping.  So after cleaning up our wrappers and cups we headed to the tourist trap strip of Daytona Beach.  I found a place to park on the street and we started our leisurely walk north.  We walked hand in hand and I felt like a pretty luck man to have charmed this beautiful and sexy woman.

We window shopped, looking at the variety of trinkets that the tourist traps offered up.  Jokes were made [usually at the expense of the trinket shops or the trinkets themselves], laughs were plenty as we walked the along this section of Daytona Beach.  Every so often we find a store that looks interesting so we go inside to browse their selection of goods.  On one such stop a tiny bikini catches Jill's eye.  She asks to try it on in one of the small changing rooms.  The changing room door is small, I can see her legs and head.  She kicks off her sandals and the next thing I see is her top hanging over the top of the door.  Next is her bra.  Then I see her shorts drop to the floor, inside them I see her panties.  She looks me in the eye and winks.  She puts on the bikini, breaking sanitation codes by not keeping her panties in place.  In my mind it won't be a problem as long as she buys them.  She opens the door to model the bikini.  She looks amazing in it.  There is plenty of skin showing which I like.  She smiles wickedly as she twirls, giving me a view of her ass in the small bottom portion of the bikini. 

"Do you like it?" Jill asks.

"I do."

"We have to go to the beach so I can use it," she said.

"Fine by me," I respond.

She returns to the changing room and changes back to her clothes before purchasing the sexy swim suit.  Once back outside we continue what we are calling our Walking Adventure of Humor.  We had a good time enjoying our time together.  Eventually we made it back to the car.  Once inside she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips.

"That was so much fun,"  she said.

I laugh and reply, "and we weren't even fucking."

She smiles and puts her hand on my groin.  I feel it start coming to life as she leans back into her seat and instructs me to head to the hotel so we can change.  I guess I'll have to wait for more of her touches.

Back in the hotel room she begins stripping, throwing her clothes on the bed.  Quickly she is naked in front of me.  Seeing her naked gets a rise out of me.  As I join her in nakedness she remarks, "Put that hard thing away.  We need to go to the beach."

I watch as she pulls her bottoms on, slowly wanking myself as she does.  She just shakes her head at me and tells me to get dressed. I do as she requests and pull a pair of board shorts on.  I stuff my hard member into the shorts, creating a tent.  We head to the car because the plan is to find a secluded piece of beach where we can enjoy the afternoon.  I head toward the highway.  Before entering the highway I stop at a convenience store to purchase supplies for our day at the beach.  Some beverages, snacks, sun block, a small cooler, ice and a Frisbee. After the pit stop I get on the highway and head south.  We take an off-ramp at New Smyrna Beach and find our way south of town. 

The road runs parallel to the ocean and eventually becomes less developed.  On the beach side of the road I see a small parking area that looks like it has beach access.  There are four vehicles already here but I have the sense that the road is going to dead end pretty quick.  The day is still sunny and warm as we exit the car and get our beach supplies out of the backseat.  There is a concrete pathway that leads us from the parking area through a wide strip of beach grass that separates the road from the beach.  Once on the beach we see our fellow beach-goers, all within a short distance from the pathway.  Jill and I decided to walk a ways down the beach so we can have a little privacy.

After we found a good spot to lay out our towels Jill strips off her shirt and shorts once again revealing her sexy bikini to me.  I pull of my shirt and sit down on my towel.  Jill asks me to rub sun block on her back as she lies down on her towel.  I move next to her and squirt some sun block into my hand.  She pulls the ties to the top of her bikini releasing it, then she pulls it out from under herself.  Jill lays there naked from the hips up while I apply the sun block to her back.  I work the lotion into her shoulders and then down the middle of her back.  One I reach the waist band of her bottom I work my way back up along the sides including the side swell of her breasts.  There is a soft blissful smile on her lips.  I work her back some more making sure that she is fully covered by the sun block before crawling down by her legs.  I pour another handful of sun block and start working it into the backs of her thighs.  I knead the white cream into her soft flesh moving down to her calves and finally her feet.  I give her a short foot massage before moving my hands upward on the insides of her legs.  Her legs are slightly parted so I can run my hands all the way up to the fabric of her swim suit.  I can tell she is turned on because I can feel the heat coming from inside her bottoms.

I finish up her legs by applying the lotion to the outsides of her legs.  I notice her looking back up the beach so I turn my head to see what she is looking at, but I don't see anything.  I turn my head back as Jill rolls on to her back. 

"Don't forget this side," she said. 

Her breasts are exposed to me so I lean forward and kiss her nipples.  I lick them before kissing her lips.  While engaged in kissing her my cock has come to attention.  I remove my lips from hers and pour a line of  sun block onto her chest in a sideways figure eight, each nipple in the middle of a circle.  With my hands I work the lotion into her skin, kneading her boobs and playing with her nipples as I do it.  After making sure that her chest is good and covered I slide my slick sun screen coated hands over her stomach.  Then I squirt a line down each leg and rub it into her skin.  I take special care on her inner thighs.  While I work on her legs I notice that the fabric on her crotch is wet.  After I finish Jill offers to cover me.  I look down the beach, we are still alone, so I agree.

I lay down on my towel.  Jill, who is still topless, sits on my cock and begins applying the sun block to my chest.  During the process she gives my nipples a tug and a twist, maybe she is giving me a little bit of my own medicine, and I like it.  Once done she leans down so we are chest to chest and we kiss, open mouth lots of tongue.  I take her ass in my hands as we nip and nibble each other.  Suddenly Jill breaks off the kissing and looks down the beach.  Again no one.  She  gets off me, grabs her towel and runs up into the beach grass.  Of course I think I know what she is up to, so I get up to follow her.

Once on my feet I don't immediately see her as the beach gives way to thin sandy trails between the tall clumps of beach grass.  I jog into the grassy area following the same trail that she took.  I still don't see her.  I keep following the trail until I round a slight bend in the trail.  Before me is Jill laying back propped up on her elbows on the towel.  She is smiling up at me. I walk to the edge of her towel and untie my board shorts and push them off my hips.  They fall to the sand exposing my erection.  I kneel in front of Jill and take hold of her bikini bottoms and pull them down her legs toward me.  I crawl forward between her legs that she has spread for me.  She lets herself drop onto her back.  I take my cock in my hand and guide it in to her.  Slowly I push forward her until I'm fully within her.  Jill reaches behind me grabbing my ass as she kisses me, I begin fucking her and she pulls my ass toward her each time I withdraw wanting me fully inside her.  She wraps her legs around me as I find a nice patient rhythm, not to fast and not to slow.  Our kisses come and go in lustful flurries of lips and tongues that start and stop as we have a nice long screw.  I believe she is perched on the edge of orgasm because she starts meeting my thrusts with both her hips and her tongue.  My balls slap against her ass as I make my thrusts longer and more forceful.  Her hands are holding my head as we join in a deep and long kiss I feel her shudder as she reaches her release.  I decide that it is time to really pound her.  Still locked at the lips I thrust harder and harder into her pulling almost completely out each time I withdraw.  She breaks the kiss but keeps holding on to my head.  Her face is within inches of mine as she announces that she is close to cumming a second time.  She instructs me to go faster.  I shake my head because I have no plans to do otherwise.  Our bodies continue to me entwined as I fuck her hard and fast.  I cum, my sticky white liquid squirting into her.  I keep sliding in and out of her as my cock twitches inside her.  She drops her head back and shudders again.  Her legs unwind from around me and I all but fall limp on top of her.  I roll off her and into the sand beside her.

We take a few minutes to recover before we return to our original spot on the beach.  Jill did end up putting her top back on when we got out of the beach grass.  The rest of the day was fun too.  We spent it swimming in the Atlantic, throwing the Frisbee back and forth, and relaxing in the sun.  I guess it was a little bit more than just a walk on the beach.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - The Crack of Dawn

When I woke I noticed the orange rays from the sunrise in the window.  But it wasn't the sun's rays that woke me.  It was my new lover, Jill.  The sheet is tossed over the side of the bed so I can see our naked bodies laying next to each other.  She is kissing my chest and has gripped my cock in her hand.  Obviously she woke up ready for action. As did I.  Which is not surprising since the majority of time I wake up with an erection so a hard-on this morning was not a surprise.

I'm not sure what she is up for this morning but I know I want her to suck my cock.  So I suggest 69.  She swings a leg over me and backs herself up so I can perform my end of the deal.  I can feel it as she takes my cock in her hand.  She takes the head into her mouth, her lips create a seal around the shaft.  I can feel her tongue exploring the portion of my cock encased in her mouth. 

I guess I better get to work on her.  I start with her clitoris, a long lick between the folds of her skin.  I insert a finger into her pussy, she is already wet.  I take another long lick while fucking her with my finger.  I decide to find her G-Spot.  I reposition my hand so my finger can bend down toward her stomach while inserted in her wet love cave.  I rub the tip of my tongue back and forth on her clit.  The tip of my finger discovers an area that is harder and rougher than the rest.  I think that I've found the spot that I'm looking for.

Jill is sucking on my dick.  I love the suction that she is producing.  One hand is still wrapped around my cock holding it in place.  She is on her elbows and she slides her other arm under my leg so her hand can cup my balls.  She stops sucking and begins licking the length of my shaft, coating it with a slick layer of spittle.  Then she takes me back in her mouth, deep into her mouth.  I can feel that almost my entire length has passed over her lips.  I notice that she has closed her mouth enough that her teeth are on my cock.  She pulls her head up drawing her teeth and lips up my shaft.  She is tightrope walking the line between pleasure and pain.  The slow upward motion of her head has created an ecstasy that is almost painful.

I stroke the area that I believe to be Jill's G-Spot with the tip of my finger while at the same time pleasuring her via her clitoris with my tongue.  I force my lips into her folds surrounding her clit, then I take it in between my lips.  I move my lips back and forth in an opposite directions stimulating her on both sides of her clit.  She starts moving herself against me, I sense that she is becoming extremely aroused.  I take a break from rubbing her G-Spot with my finger tip and fuck her with my finger for a few seconds before adding a finger to her pussy.  I slide both fingers in and out of her slick sex hole.  Then I add a third.

Her teeth are on my cock just under the head, her lips right up against them.  She strokes my cock from the base to her lips.  Her strokes are not fast nor are they slow.  On the upward thrust her hand pushes her mouth up slightly, causing her teeth to come up against my glands.  Again she is on that tightrope, pushing me closer to climax.  I lose focus on what I was doing to her and just enjoy what she is doing to me.  She strokes me quicker and quicker while gently playing with my balls.  My cock begins to twitch and my balls release my cum into her mouth.  She must be swallowing my seed because her lips are still around my glands. 

As I return to Earth after such a pleasurable release I pick up finger fucking her.  I hope she I close to orgasm.  I flick my tongue back and forth across her clit as I move my fingers in and out of her pussy.  She starts moving her hips, almost matching the movement of my fingers.  Finally she reaches her orgasm and collapses on me.

Her ass is right in front of my face with her legs parted to each side of my head.  I have a great view of her anus.  I part her ass cheeks and take a finger that I had been fucking her with and rub it against her anal entry point.  I half expect her to slap my hand away but instead she pushes her ass against my finger for a moment or two.  Then she rolls off me. 

"Staff, I don't think I ready for that... yet."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sea, sand and sex - Further into the night

"Our apartment is over here," Luke said as he leads us to the door.

Once inside Jen offers us a drink which we accept. After taking her drink Jill asks if she can use the bathroom.  Jen leads her down the hall.

"Luke, I just want to set expectations before things get rolling."

"Ok, what are you thinking."

"Well, I don't see us swapping partners."

"That's to bad, Jill is fine and I would have minded, uhhh, you know.  But it probably is for the best.  I could see it messing up a relationship really easy."

"I wouldn't mind watching you and Jen screwing though,"  I said.

Luke smiles at that and says, "Ditto."

"Lets see if we can make it happen."

"Make what happen?" Jen said as she walks back into the living room.

"Nothing," was Luke's reply.

Jen rolls her eyes and sits down between us on the couch.  Luke gets up and walks to his iPod that is sitting in a pretty fancy dock.  He makes a selection and music starts playing.  Jen stands up and holds her hand out to me.  I take it and stand up in front of her.  She moves forward so our bodies are touching.  We begin dancing, her arms around my neck, her chest on mine.  We sway to the rhythm of the music.  I move my hands down cupping her ass, lightly pulling her to me.  Jill reenters the the room and begins dancing with Luke.  Jen responds to my hands on her ass and grinds her tight little body up against me.  Unless I'm mistaken she still is panty-less.  I decide to take a chance and find out if that is true and scoop a hand up under her skirt.  Sure enough my hand is now on her bare ass and if Luke or Jill cared to look they would see it.

But Jill and Luke seemed to be in their own world, dancing slowly and close together.  I wonder if Jill would be able to keep to her decision of not fucking him since they seem to be dry humping right now.  I let Jen's skirt drop as I instead grasp her breast.  She utters a low soft moan and turns around pressing her butt into my pelvic region.  She begins shimmying, giving my cock a series of nice thrusts and pivots.  Her change of direction brought us the attention of our partners.  From the lusty smiles I think they are enjoying the show.

I reach around and take hold of Jen's breasts while she continues to put her butt to my cock.  A quickly undone snap and zipper and I would be fucking her but since Jill has not gone that far I won't either.  Although I think she is inspired by my dance partner as she to turns around and allows Luke to press, what I imagine to be, a hard throbbing member to her ass. I whisper in Jen's ear to move over next to them.  As we move beside them I lean over and kiss Jill.  Jen follows my lead and kisses Luke.  Jen and Luke continue to kiss until I take her hair in my hand and slowly, lightly pull her head away.  I spin her around and kiss her forcefully on the lips.  She responds by open her lips and pushing her tongue between my lips. 

When our kiss ends I notice that the evening was turning into an erotic version of follow the leader, and I happened to be the leader.  Of course that means that Jill and Luke were sharing a passionate kiss.  As the leader where should I take our little group next?  I take Jen by the hand and lead her to the couch where I sit down and have her straddle my lap.  I hope that Luke and Jill will continue to follow.  I play with Jen's tits for a few moments and she is no longer sitting still on my lap.  She is moving back and forth along my shorts covered dick.  As she moves back I look down and see a wet spot on the front of my shorts.  She is obviously excited by the happenings of this evening.  She leans down and we share another wet kiss.

During the kiss I feel some movement on the couch.  I look over [not breaking the kiss just yet] and see Luke and Jill taking the same position as Jen and I have taken.  Luke's hands are on her ass as they kiss frantically.  I decide to make a big move, I reach up under Jen's shirt and fondle her breasts.  I follow that up by kissing her neck and then reaching around behind her to unclasp her bra.  My plan is to get her naked.  I look over at Jill, she is still sitting on Luke's lap, kissing him, her ample breasts against his chest. Luke's hands are under her dress on her bare hips.  Her dress is hiked up enough that I can partially see her ass. I return my attention to Jen.  I move my hands back to her front, underneath her loose bra, rubbing her nipples with my forefingers and thumbs.  She leans into me and moans as she rubs her pussy on my cock.  I pull my hands from between us and follow Luke's lead by moving them under Jen's short skirt, grabbing her naked ass as we share a deep wet kiss.

After fighting off Jen's wicked tongue I sneak another peek at Jill and Luke.  Luke is unbuttoning his shirt while Jill sits on his lap and watches.  She helps him out of his shirt and he rewards her by kissing her neck and fondling her breasts.  I decide that if Luke can take his shirt off I can take of a shirt too.  The shirt that I select is Jen's.  I grasp the bottom of her shirt and begin pulling it up over her head.  She looks into my eyes and raises her hands, allowing me to finish peeling her shirt off her back, I throw it over my shoulder.  Her bra hangs loosely over her tits, so she removes it and tosses it to the floor behind the couch near where her shirt had just landed.  Although her boobs are not huge they are a nice handful.  I take a nipple into my mouth and Jen holds my head to it.  I suck and lick both her nipples and she is rubbing her crotch up and down my shaft.  I'm so hard.  I want to cum so bad.

I look over at Jill.  She is quite involved in making out with Luke.  I lean back and pull my shirt of my head.  Jen's hands quickly move to play with my nipples.  I reach behind her and unzip her skirt.  Not much is keeping her from becoming completely naked.  Unfortunately since she is straddling me there is no way that the skirt is going to come off.  The next best thing is to pull her skirt up to reveal her juicy snatch and firm ass. We kiss again, she leans forward so our naked chests are mashed together.   I move my hands to her naked rear end and revel in the softness of her skin and the firmness of her ass.  She abruptly terminates the kiss and climbs off my lap.  She stands putting her legs together and pushing her skirt back down over her hips and the skirt drops to the floor.  She has the attention of all three of us. 

As Jill and Luke watch Jen steps forward and then kneels between my legs.  Her lips meet mine.  Our tongues tangle and my fingers return to Jen's nipples.  She moans softly into my mouth as my fingers give her a little bit of pleasure.  She follows up the moan by sucking hard on my tongue [it just happens to be in her mouth].  As I struggle to break free of her suction she draws back away from me slightly.  She releases my tongue and kisses my neck and then MY nipples.  Her next kiss is on my stomach just above my navel then another kiss just below it.  She pulls the button free on my shorts and unzips me.  My engorged cock pops forward released from the confines of my shorts.  Jill and Luke are still watching us, hopefully enjoying the show.  Jen pulls the bottom of my shorts, so I pick up my hips to allow her to pull them off.  In order for her to pull them off she moves backward out from between my legs.  Both of us are now completely naked. 

Jen begins crawling forward, toward my cock, but before she gets to far a sudden move by Jill pulls her attention away from me.  Jill stands up and asks Jen to help her take her sundress off.  Jen stands up and steps over to Jill, who has extended her arms above her head.  Jen starts pulling the dress over her head while Luke stands up behind Jill.  Luke helps take the dress off and is the only one with any clothes on.  He asks Jill to help him with this problem.  She looks at me before unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants.  Then she pulls the zipper tab down.  Luke pushes his pants and briefs down, exposing his hard cock.  He steps out of the mass of clothes at his feet, Jill is now sandwiched between Luke and Jen.  Luke kisses her, his cock up against her naked flesh.  Jen's body is against Jill's back.  I slowly stroke my cock as I watch them kiss and touch each other.  The kiss between Luke and Jill ends which gives Jill an opportunity to slide out from between the young couple. 

"Why don't we switch back to our own men?" Jill suggests.  Actually more than a suggestion as she steps between my legs and lowers herself to her knees before me.  She takes over stroking my cock.  Luke sits back down on the couch, this time he sits on the cushion right next to mine.  Jen straddles his dick with her back to him, maybe so she can watch whatever Jill is about to do.  She must be pretty wet because Luke slides into her without a fuss.  Jen is bent slightly forward, her hands on Luke's knees.  I have a great view of her ass and Luke's cock disappearing inside of her.  As she makes micro moves forward and back I can see her wet lips sliding on Luke's hard member.  More and more of his dick is wet.  Jen's boobs hang down in front of her, moving slightly with the rhythm of her small forward and back movements.  My attention is momentarily diverted when I feel Jill's tongue wrap around the head of my cock.  I let a low lusty moan escape my lips. 

Our hosts' eyes are focused on what Jill is doing to me.  She holds my cock still with one hand and cups my balls with the other, all the while licking me.  With deliberate care she drags her tongue around the tip of my cock [which, due to how excited I am, is a vibrant purple now], it glistens with her saliva.  Jill takes a small portion of it in her mouth, her lips enclosing around the mushroom top of my manhood.  Out of view, her tongue continues to work on the portion of my cock in her mouth.  She lowers her head taking more of me in her mouth.  Most of me has disappeared, the tip bumps the back of her mouth [or is it her throat?].  She draws back up, her lips slide up my staff [wink, wink].  She releases me from her mouth and looks around at her audience of three.  I'm not sure if Jen has been riding Luke while she watchede continues to work on the portion of my cock in her mouth.  She lowers her head taking more of me in her mouth.  Most of me has disappeared, the tip bumps the back of her mouth [or is it her throat?].  She draws back up, her lips slide up my staff [wink, wink].  She releases me from her mouth and looks around at her audience of three.  I'm not sure if Jen has been riding Luke while she watched.  She is still impaled on his cock but she isn't moving back and forth any more.

Luke said, "Keep going, Jill."

Jill complies by stroking my cock a few times before licking the length of my cock that is toward her.  She repeats this a few more times including my balls the very last time.  Luke, who had been leaning back on the couch, sits up.  He adjusts Jen slightly, he can now reach her tits and makes use of that ability.  Jen's tits are fondled by her lover as they watch Jill start to fuck me with her mouth.  Jill is now bobbing her head, taking me into her mouth then taking me out.  Not to fast, over and over she repeats the process.  She hold the base with one hand and strokes up when her head bobs up and strokes down when she bobs down.  Most of my cock is wet from her blow job.  She continues this as I notice that Jen is now riding Luke's cock in pretty much the same rhythm as Jill is using on me.  I whisper to Jill to let her know that I'm getting close to the brink.  She stops her head bobbing and looks up, first at me, then the couple fucking right next to us. 

She gives me a couple of quick strokes before standing up.  She steps forward and puts a knee on the couch, she swings her other leg over me so that she has straddled me.  We are in the opposite position that Jen and Luke are in.  Jill is facing me while Jen is looking away from Luke.  Jill takes my cock in her hand and guides it into her pussy as she lowers herself on me.  The entry is easy because of the wetness of my cock from the blow job and her excitement.  She leans down and kisses me hard for a moment.  I tell her to kiss Luke.  She leans over, putting a hand on his shoulder to steady herself, and kisses him.  His lips part and his tongue pushes into her mouth.  They become locked in a passionate French kiss while Jen rides his cock and I begin to raise and lower my hips.  They are sharing a wet kiss at the same time their lovers are screwing them.  Luke takes Jill's boob in his hand feeling the weight and massaging her flesh.  I'm fucking her a little bit faster because I am so close to cumming.  I reach out and feel Jen's ass as she lifts herself up and down on Luke's sex pole [which is well lubricated by Jen's juices].   Jill is still kissing Luke but she seems to be getting into what I'm doing to her, she is making noises as she works her tongue in and out of his mouth.

Because Jill keeps leaning further and further over towards Luke I slide my butt in that direction, putting us right next to the younger couple.  It looks like I've made it easier for Jill to enjoy Luke's lips and hand.  I take another look a Jen, she is flushed and if I had to guess she is close to cumming too.  She seems to be riding her man at a pretty fast pace and the look on her face when she looked back at the rest of us was very lustful.

Well, I'm the first to cum.  I am thrusting up into Jill as my ball sack tightens and my cum shoots upward into Jill.  I announce to the group that I'm cumming to which Jen replies that she is close.  No response from Jill or Luke as they continue to make out.  My cock twitches for a few moments as my orgasm comes to an end.

I don't think that Jill appreciated the fact that I've orgasmed and stopped thrusting into her pussy.  She begins grinding herself against my cock which will start to deflate very soon.  In my relaxed state I notice that Jen might be rubbing her clit as she fucks Luke.  To me that seemed like a good indication that she was very close to an orgasm.  Jill and Luke finally end their make out session, Jill pushes herself to a more upright position.  I ask her if she would like me to go down on her.  "Yes, please," is her response.

Before she can stand up and disengage from me both Jen and Luke starting making grunts.  Jen is really sliding herself up and down on Luke's staff.  He has his hands on her hips and she is touching herself in an urgent fashion.  We watch them as they reach their climax together.  While they recover, Jill lays on her back on the floor and I crawl between her spread legs.  My intent is to lick her to orgasm.

"Do you two want to use our bed for that?"  Jen asked.

"If that is ok with you," Jill replied.

So Jen led us to the bedroom.  Jill laid on the bed and spread her legs again.  Jen got on the bed and laid next to her.  I position myself so I can eat at the Y.  I start by licking up and down her pussy.  There is more movement on the bed, I look up to see that Luke has joined us.  Jill is now sandwiched by Jen and Luke, Jen is playing with one boob and Luke is licking the nipple on his side.  I go back to work, tasting the mixture of her juices and my semen.  I can see Luke kissing Jen over Jill's chest, his cock dangling just above her boobs.  I flick her clit with the tip of my tongue and cup her ass cheeks with my hands, she lifts her hips to push her clitclit.  I continue fucking her with my tongue, Jill's hand is on Luke's butt and Luke is sucking on her neck.  Jill's head is tilted back and her eyes are closed.  I suspect that she has never had this much sexual attention focused on her at once.

Writhing might be the right word for the way that Jill is acting.  She is arching and unarching her back, moving back and forth.  "Uhhhhhhh, Ohhhhh, YES!!!!!" She utters as she cums.  Her body goes limp.  I notice that Luke's fucking stick is no longer dangling, perhaps he is hard again.  Jen stops rubbing her clitoris and puts the finger in her mouth, sucking it clean. She moves around so she can kiss Jill, they share a series of soft kisses.  At the same time Luke is licking Jill's boobs.  Jen moves Luke out of the way as she climbs on top of Jill.  At this point I wish I had a camera.  Their wet pussies are right next to each other and would make an awesome photo.  Their boobs are pressed together as are their lips. 

Luke, in an attempt to insert himself back into the fun, begins kissing Jen's shoulder while playing with her firm ass.  His hard cock pressing up to the spot where the boobs meet on his side of the bed.  I'm still at the foot of the bed enjoying the view, wondering if I should  get back to licking.  It would be easy to alternated between the the two but don't want to over step any boundaries [not that there has been much in the way of boundaries tonight].  Luke was definitely pushing limits by putting his hard, naked penis on Jill's tit.  A small distinction given that she was sitting on his hard, covered cock earlier.  Either way it don't look like she minded to much.  Or maybe she wasn't aware because of the female tongue in her mouth.

But the tongue didn't stay in there to long.  I notice Jen's pussy moving towards me as she worked her way down Jill's body.  Based on the direction she was moving she was going to take my job of going down on Jill.  I give a little bit of ground to Jen as she backed up, but not enough to avoid having my semi-erect sex staff slide along the crack of her tight ass.  Without looking away from Jill, she wiggles her ass which gets me to a more erect state.  My fairly hard cock is sitting on her ass.  Oh how I want to draw back and push forward just a little lower but I control myself. 

I guess Jen doesn't mind my cock on her ass as she dives to Jill's muff.  And Jill doesn't seem to mind the fact that Luke is rubbing his hardon on her nipple.  I move my hips forward, my penis moving along Jen's ass crack, until my balls come lightly to halt against her ass.  I am fully erect now.  I take Jen's hips in my hands and pull my cock back across her ass.  I repeat the fucking motion a few more times before I notice Luke watching me.  He give me the "let's switch" hand signal.  So I move alongside Jill opposite from Luke, he moves to replace me behind Jen.  He takes his dick in his hands and lines it up with her wet snatch, then he thrusts entering with authority.  Jen's body lurches forward from Luke's entry but she keeps up her oral ministrations.  As Luke does Jen doggy style, Jill grabs her own breasts and looks at me through half closed eyes and gives me a half smile of ecstasy.  She is enjoying the tongue lashing that she is receiving.

I take my manhood in my hand and begin masturbating.  Jill is starting to let out little moans of  "faster."  It is a bit funny that Jill's request for faster gets a response from Luke who starts fucking Jen faster.  Jill continues to clutch her tits so I move down by Jen.  Still stroking my cock I reach under Jen with my free hand and feel her breast.  Jill takes this moment to cum and lets us know it by announcing it in a fairly loud shout.  Jen lifts her face from Jill's pussy and notices my stroking motion.  If only she would take me in her mouth.  But she doesn't.  Perhaps because she is about to cum as well.  A few more thrusts by Luke and both of them reach climax and then roll down on the bed.  The picture of two naked, sexually satisfied women watching me pull my pud gets me pretty close to joining them laying on the bed.  I lean over Jill to kiss Jen, our tongues meeting is just enough to help me finish.  I break the kiss and lean back.  The first spurt sails across Jill and lands on Jen's breast.  She squeals in what I take as delight.  The rest ends up on Jill's chest.  Jill seems a little less excited. 

After getting cleaned up Jill and I thank our hosts and say our goodbyes.  We exchange some contact information in case we would like to try a repeat next time we are in town since Jill will be leaving due to her work schedule.  Jill is strangely quite on the ride back to the hotel.  Back in the room we strip and crawl into bed. 

"Stafford, I don't want to go back home."

"I don't want you to either."

"I'm sorry you didn't get to screw Jen."

"Its ok.  I didn't want to screw up us by asking you to fuck Luke if you didn't want to just so I could do her."


"Could you imagine what your husband would do if he knew what we did tonight?"  I said with a chuckle.

"I think he would kill me."

"He'll never know," I tell her before I kiss her good night.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"After the shower...into the night" is getting a little long

So I'm going to break it into two posts.  The second post will be called "Further into the night."  Which will be the third post in this "story."  I'm going to break the initial post at the point where Jill and I meet Jen and Luke at their place. 

Then I plan on stitching all the "stories" together in one document so it can be read without jumping around to different posts.

I hope that isn't to confusing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Looks like a slight drop off in page views

Last month I had about 40 more page views than I have so far this month.  So it doesn't look like I'll reach a new record this month. Bummer.  I guess to reach a new record in page views I will need to make a bigger effort "marketing" this blog. 

So my goal for the month of August is to exceed my June page views by one.  So expect more of my comments on your blogs in August.  That seems to drive traffic a little bit. 

I've joined Google+ this month so if you would like an invite let me know and I'll hook you up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sea, sand and sex - After the shower...into the night

Jill exited the shower, her wonderful ass in motion.  I get up and follow her out of the bathroom.  She has toweled off and has picked a sundress out of her luggage.  She puts it on over her naked body.  And makes no effort to put panties on.  I decide to follow her lead.  I pull on a pair of shorts, but no underwear.  Commando is the style of the evening.  Based on her expression I think she approves.

We go down to the car.  I open the car door for her since I'm a gentleman.  She gets in and in the process rewards me with a nice view of most of her legs.  I run around the car and get in the driver's seat.  I notice that even though her sundress is of normal length it is hiked up about mid-thigh.  Well played Jill.  The rest of the trip to the restaurant is enjoyable in a non sexual way.  Well, except for the dirty thoughts rolling around in my mind.

The dinner goes well.  The food is great and Jill is her usual witty self.  After dinner we look for a club so we can go dancing.  I'm not the best dancer but if she is willing to suck my cock taking her dancing is the least I can do for her.  We eventually find a club that doesn't have a huge line out front.  Upon entering we realize that we are probably the oldest people there.  Oh well, its not like we were there to pick up people.  Jill leads me to the dance floor and we spend the next three songs dancing in the middle of the youngsters.  We decide to get a drink and rest for a song or two.

We sip our drinks as we watch the younger couples on the dance floor.  I note to myself that the young ladies sure like to dress provocatively.  Which I don't mind at all.  Jill leans over to shout in my ear [a whisper would be lost in the loud music].  She brings a couple to my attention.  They are grinding like so many of the dancers are doing but they are doing it much more erotically.  As we watch them slowly [way out of sync with the music] grind their pelvis' and kiss we are affected by the lust that they are showing for each other.  Jill slides up next to me on the couch like seating we are on, allowing me to put my arm around her.  She puts her hand practically on my cock as she leans in to kiss my neck.  I enjoy the touching and the kiss as I watch the young man playing with his dance partner's breasts as they keep dry humping on the dance floor.

By this time my cock is hard and ready to go.  And based on how Jill is touching me I'm willing to bet she is wet enough to fuck.  As we finish our drinks I begin to fantasize about that couple we have been watching.  I don't think a swap is in the cards as Jill and I have never talked about the possibility, but I would like to watch them fuck.  The young man is probably 22 years old  5'11" and fairly thin.  His dance partner is likely 21 years old, maybe 5'5" and pretty thin as well.  Her breasts are smaller than Jill's breasts but I still wouldn't mind seeing them.

I take Jill's hand and lead her to the dance floor near the couple we have been watching.  I decide to copy their dance style and pull Jill to me.  We slowly move our bodies against each other in a similar fashion as the young couple.  I slowly move us toward them.  Our dancing is more in sync with the other couple than it is with the music.  I have Jill's ass in my hands as I grind my cock into her pelvis.  I notice the young man look over at us, so I give a wink and grab told of one of Jill's breasts.  He smiles and I see him move his hand up his dance partner's short skirt.  A moment later he pulls his hand back holding her panties.  He pulls them down far enough that they fall to the floor.  The young lady is now smiling over at us.  I tell Jill about the panties on the floor and ask her if she minds if I flash her ass at them.  She agrees so I pull the hem of her sundress up showing the couple her ass for a quick moment.  I'm not sure how many others on the dance floor saw it but I wasn't to worried.

The guy is grinning, so I assume he enjoyed the view.  By now we are dancing much closer to where they are dancing.  I lean toward the guy and tell him that they are really good dancers.  He says, "thanks."  I then offer to buy them a round of drinks which they accept.  All four of us stop dancing and find a spot where all four of us can sit.  We are able to introduce ourselves before a waitress stops by to ask us for a drink order.  Jill is sitting next to Jen while Luke and I bookend the two girls.  Both ladies are showing a lot of leg.  Jen because of her short skirt, Jill because she has allowed her dress to ride up.  As we wait for the drinks we find out that they are locals and we identify ourselves as being on vacation.

At this point I don't know where this will lead but at least I'm getting a nice view of Jen's legs.  After the drinks arrive we talk about other fun spots in town.  Luke finishes off his drink and asks Jill to dance.  She accepts and the walk to the dance floor.  They begin dancing like we were dancing earlier.  Jen slides over next to me on the couch.  She touches my arm and asks me if Jill and I are swingers.  I tell her no and ask if she and Luke are.  She shakes her head no. 

"Would you let her fuck Luke?" Jen asks.

"That would be Jill's decision," I reply knowing that they assumed that Jill and I are married.  We didn't bother correcting their assumption. 

"If her fucking Luke means I get to screw you I'm all for it."

She doesn't reply verbally but she does snuggle in next to me as we watch our some what significant others basically humping on the dance floor.  After a few minutes of watching them I take Jen's hand and pull her to the dance floor.  We begin dancing next to Luke and Jill in a similar fashion.  My hands explore Jen's body as we danced.  I think she enjoyed pressing herself against my aching cock.  We danced for another song making good use of each other's body.  After the song ended all four of us retreated from the dance floor and took up encampment on the same couch we used before. 

"Who's horny?" Luke inquired.

I replied, "I am."

The two girls agreed with me as they crushed their boobs against Luke.  We were now sitting boy, girl, boy, girl with Luke as the lucky soul in the middle.

"What are we going to do about it?"  Luke said.

"Why don't we get out of here and figure it out?"  I asked.

"Sounds good."

Luke and Jen invite us to their apartment which we accept.  Or to be more accurate I accepted not knowing Jill's opinion.  In the parking lot I plug their address in my smartphone and we get in our respective vehicles.  For most of the trip I am able to follow them but I finally lose them at a red light.  As we wait for the light to change I ask Jill how far she wants to take it with Luke and Jen.

"You can go as far as you want," she said.

"That wasn't the question, how far do YOU want to go?"

"I don't think I'm going to have sex with Luke but you can screw Jen if you want to."

"How far do you think you would go with Luke?  You looked like you were having a pretty good time on the dance floor."

"It was fun dancing with him and I might make out with him but I am not going to fuck him."

"Ok, would you fuck me in front of them while they fuck each other?"

"Maybe." Jill replied.

"Just wondering where to draw the line with them before we get there," I said.

About five minutes later I pull into a parking spot in their apartment complex.  They are standing by his car waiting for us. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sexual scenarios survey

In these scenarios everyone is disease free and condoms are not needed.

First one is for the ladies.  I've just finished licking you to orgasm.  I move up to french kiss you.  Do you let me?

Another one for the ladies.  I've invited you to join Ezmeralda and myself for a MFF threesome [for some reason you agreed.]  I've been performing oral sex on Ezmeralda.  Do you let me kiss you?

One for the gentlemen.  Your lady has just sucked you off.  Will you kiss her?

Last one for today.  This time it is a MMF threesome.  Ezmeralda has just sucked me off.  Will you let her kiss you?

My answers for the guy scenarios.  Yes to the first one.  I apparently don't have a problem with my own cum.  No to the second.  Don't judge me I just can't bring myself to taste another dude's seed spray.

Leave your answers as a comment.

Sea, sand and sex - Quick shower before dinner

After rewarding Jill for the blow job she gave me we lay in bed talking & cuddling, generally enjoying each other.  We decided to get out and find a nice restaurant for dinner.  I rose from the bed and headed for the bathroom so I could take a quick shower.  However the shower would not be quick at all. 

I had adjusted the water temperature to the perfect level of warmth when in Jill walked.  Her naked splendor momentarily stopping me from stepping into the shower. 

"Is there room for me in there?" she asked.

"I'm sure we can make room," I reply.

We both step into the shower allowing the warm, almost hot, water run over our naked bodies.  Jill turned to face me so I step forward so our bodies are touching, I grab her hips and pull her toward me so our bodies are not just touching but are firmly against each other.  We kiss passionately and my cock hardens, poking into her stomach.  The feel of her wet, naked skin [most female wet, naked skin for that matter] is very erotic to me.  My hands explore her wet body as we engage in another deep, tongue probing kiss. 

When the kiss ends I grab the bar of soap from the little shower shelf.  I roll the bar of soap in my hands creating a lather which I begin to apply to Jill's tits and stomach.  One of the few things more erotic to me than wet female skin is soapy wet female skin.  I tell her to turn around so I can lather up her back and butt.  The soapy bubbles run down her back, over her plump ass, and down her firm legs.  I tell her to lean forward and brace herself by putting her hands on the shower wall.  Next I tell her to spread her legs.  Her ass is sticking out towards me slightly, her pussy is peaking out at me as I step forward cock in my hand.  I position it at the opening of her pussy and push inside her from behind.  She lets her head hang down below her two arms that are keeping her from slipping as I thrust my dick in and out of her.  I take a rhythm that is pretty quick and pretty deep.  My hands are on her hips as I fuck her, giving me support so I don't slip and fall on the soapy floor of the shower.

Jill stretches her arms and pushes back at me.  Her action causes me to go balls deep for a couple of strokes.  At this point she begins moaning every time I stroke into her.  Well maybe grunting is a better description than moaning.  I reach forward and grab her left boob feeling the fullness of her flesh as I continue to fuck her from behind.  A louder moan [this time it is a moan] from Jill as I play with her tit.  She must be close to cumming, she takes her right hand off the wall and begins rubbing her clit with it.  Now she is grunting again.  I want to cum so very bad so I shorten the depth of my strokes and fuck her faster.  She increases the speed of her clit rubbing and climaxes, rocking against me which brings me so very close to orgasm.  Just a few more thrusts and I start to fill her pussy with my sticky white ejaculation. But before I finish cumming inside her I lose my grip and slip and fall to the shower floor, my cock still twitching and white juice leaking from the tip. 

Jill laughs and sits down next to me.  Eyeing my slightly deflating dick she leans forward and takes the tip in her mouth, tonguing the little bit of cum off my cock.  She then sits up and kisses me, wickedly pushing her tongue into my mouth.  She has a small smirk on her face when she breaks the kiss. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Posted when I meant to save

If you are a frequent visitor you may have noticed that I had a partially completed post for several days.  I had inadvertently clicked post when I planned on clicking save.  I guess I provided a sneak peek of the story of me rewarding Jill for an excellent blow job.

Well the sneak peek is over.  The completed post is now available for your enjoyment [I hope you enjoy it].

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sea, sand and sex - Jill is rewarded

After cumming down Jill's throat she stands up and kisses me.  Just a short kiss before she walks to the bed and sits on the edge.  I walk over, kneel in front of her and kiss her before pulling her cotton shirt over her head.  Her white satin bra is clasped in the front.  I can easily unhook the clasp revealing her breasts.  I take a nipple between my thumb and forefinger and give it a twist.  I lean in and kiss her and playfully push her backwards on the bed.  Then I unbutton her shorts and unzip them.  I grab the waistband and pull them towards me, she helps my lifting her hips off the bed.  I toss her shorts and panties over my shoulder, taking in the view of her naked body spread out on the bed.

She moves so her head is on a pillow and spreads her legs wide.  I can see her pussy glistening from where I have continued to kneel.  Obviously she is excited by what she has done and what is to come. I crawl onto the bed, positioning myself between her legs.  I lay down between them, my face at her pussy. 

I start with a long slow swipe with my tongue that starts at the bottom of her snatch and ends by flicking her clit.  I enjoy the taste of her as I take another slow swipe with my tongue.  As I flick her clit again I insert my right forefinger in her pussy.  It is instantly covered with her juices.  She is definitely wet enough for a second finger.   So I slide my middle finger into her.  I flick her clit again while looking into her eyes, a playful smile on my face.  I move my fingers in and out, fucking her slowly with two fingers.  I take a long lick across her clit.  This earned me a moan so I follow up with another long slooooow lick.

"Don't stop," Jill groaned.

As my fingers ease slowly in and out of her I push my tongue against her clit and wiggle it back and forth.  Jill took her breasts in her hands, squeezing them, I assumed that she was trying to accentuate what I was doing to her.  She moved her hips so she was pressing herself against my tongue.  I took this movement as a request to lick her firmly.  So I ground my tongue up and down on her clitoris which brought more moans from her.  At that point I took her clit in between my lips and sucked on it.  I licked the tiny portion of it that was in my mouth for a few seconds.  Upon releasing her clit I stopped fucking her with my fingers and went full force with my tongue, alternating between flicking quickly on her clit and sliding my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy.  After several minutes of this she finally climaxed with a deep moan and shudder. 

I crawl forward, my knees between her legs, my hands by her shoulders.  I lean down kissing her deep, passionately, her juices on my lips and tongue, allowing her to taste herself on me.  She wraps her arms around my neck as we kiss.  I lower my body onto hers.  Our nakedness would allow me to fuck her quite easily in this position but I want to take her doggy style.  I let the kiss continue for a few more minutes before breaking away.  I sit up in my knees, my cock hard at attention. 

I instruct Jill to get on her hands and knees.  After she complies with my request I move behind her.  My knees inside of her knees, my cock near the heat of her vaginal opening.  I take it in my hand and line it up for insertion.  I slowly move my hips towards her, my cock slipping into her, I feel her enveloping my cock as my hips move to her ass.  My hands go to her hips as I pull out of her...not completely out...just the head of my dick still inside her.  I take a couple more slow strokes before settling into a steady rhythm.  My hands pulling her to me as I push in.  Every so often I hear a grunt from her as I enter her completely.  She drops her face down to the bed top leaving her ass up in the air.  I wonder to myself if she would like a smack or two on the ass as I fuck her hard from behind.  This thought excites me enough to pick up the pace.  I fuck her quicker and harder and she is moaning more frequently as my cock slips in and out of her juicy cunt.  I know I'm getting pretty close to spewing my hot white cum into her.  I take a slightly tentative whack at her ass.  We had never discussed spanking so it was a bit of a risk.

"Harder," is her response.

The question in my mind is: fuck her harder or smack her harder.  I decide to do both.  I'm pushing in and out of her with more force as I give her a nice firm smack on the ass. 

"Oh yes!" She nearly screams.

I guess she enjoyed my interpretation of what harder meant.  So I continue with another whack.  Followed by two more before she tells me she has cum.  I pick up my pace and shortly after I cum as well.  We fall into a sweaty pile of naked flesh in the middle of the bed. 

"I didn't know you liked to be spanked," I said.

"Neither did I," She replied.