Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - The Crack of Dawn

When I woke I noticed the orange rays from the sunrise in the window.  But it wasn't the sun's rays that woke me.  It was my new lover, Jill.  The sheet is tossed over the side of the bed so I can see our naked bodies laying next to each other.  She is kissing my chest and has gripped my cock in her hand.  Obviously she woke up ready for action. As did I.  Which is not surprising since the majority of time I wake up with an erection so a hard-on this morning was not a surprise.

I'm not sure what she is up for this morning but I know I want her to suck my cock.  So I suggest 69.  She swings a leg over me and backs herself up so I can perform my end of the deal.  I can feel it as she takes my cock in her hand.  She takes the head into her mouth, her lips create a seal around the shaft.  I can feel her tongue exploring the portion of my cock encased in her mouth. 

I guess I better get to work on her.  I start with her clitoris, a long lick between the folds of her skin.  I insert a finger into her pussy, she is already wet.  I take another long lick while fucking her with my finger.  I decide to find her G-Spot.  I reposition my hand so my finger can bend down toward her stomach while inserted in her wet love cave.  I rub the tip of my tongue back and forth on her clit.  The tip of my finger discovers an area that is harder and rougher than the rest.  I think that I've found the spot that I'm looking for.

Jill is sucking on my dick.  I love the suction that she is producing.  One hand is still wrapped around my cock holding it in place.  She is on her elbows and she slides her other arm under my leg so her hand can cup my balls.  She stops sucking and begins licking the length of my shaft, coating it with a slick layer of spittle.  Then she takes me back in her mouth, deep into her mouth.  I can feel that almost my entire length has passed over her lips.  I notice that she has closed her mouth enough that her teeth are on my cock.  She pulls her head up drawing her teeth and lips up my shaft.  She is tightrope walking the line between pleasure and pain.  The slow upward motion of her head has created an ecstasy that is almost painful.

I stroke the area that I believe to be Jill's G-Spot with the tip of my finger while at the same time pleasuring her via her clitoris with my tongue.  I force my lips into her folds surrounding her clit, then I take it in between my lips.  I move my lips back and forth in an opposite directions stimulating her on both sides of her clit.  She starts moving herself against me, I sense that she is becoming extremely aroused.  I take a break from rubbing her G-Spot with my finger tip and fuck her with my finger for a few seconds before adding a finger to her pussy.  I slide both fingers in and out of her slick sex hole.  Then I add a third.

Her teeth are on my cock just under the head, her lips right up against them.  She strokes my cock from the base to her lips.  Her strokes are not fast nor are they slow.  On the upward thrust her hand pushes her mouth up slightly, causing her teeth to come up against my glands.  Again she is on that tightrope, pushing me closer to climax.  I lose focus on what I was doing to her and just enjoy what she is doing to me.  She strokes me quicker and quicker while gently playing with my balls.  My cock begins to twitch and my balls release my cum into her mouth.  She must be swallowing my seed because her lips are still around my glands. 

As I return to Earth after such a pleasurable release I pick up finger fucking her.  I hope she I close to orgasm.  I flick my tongue back and forth across her clit as I move my fingers in and out of her pussy.  She starts moving her hips, almost matching the movement of my fingers.  Finally she reaches her orgasm and collapses on me.

Her ass is right in front of my face with her legs parted to each side of my head.  I have a great view of her anus.  I part her ass cheeks and take a finger that I had been fucking her with and rub it against her anal entry point.  I half expect her to slap my hand away but instead she pushes her ass against my finger for a moment or two.  Then she rolls off me. 

"Staff, I don't think I ready for that... yet."


  1. Booyah! You are getting very good at keeping your posts totally hot!

  2. Psycho Babbling Basher,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad you are enjoying my efforts. ;)