Friday, August 26, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - A Walk on the Beach

After our morning fun we got out of bed and got ready for the day.  Once we were presentable we headed out for breakfast at a fast food restaurant [it was close and cheap].  Over our slightly greasy meal we discussed plans for the day.  Jill just wanted a relaxing day since her flight home was tomorrow.

We decided that we would do a little window shopping.  So after cleaning up our wrappers and cups we headed to the tourist trap strip of Daytona Beach.  I found a place to park on the street and we started our leisurely walk north.  We walked hand in hand and I felt like a pretty luck man to have charmed this beautiful and sexy woman.

We window shopped, looking at the variety of trinkets that the tourist traps offered up.  Jokes were made [usually at the expense of the trinket shops or the trinkets themselves], laughs were plenty as we walked the along this section of Daytona Beach.  Every so often we find a store that looks interesting so we go inside to browse their selection of goods.  On one such stop a tiny bikini catches Jill's eye.  She asks to try it on in one of the small changing rooms.  The changing room door is small, I can see her legs and head.  She kicks off her sandals and the next thing I see is her top hanging over the top of the door.  Next is her bra.  Then I see her shorts drop to the floor, inside them I see her panties.  She looks me in the eye and winks.  She puts on the bikini, breaking sanitation codes by not keeping her panties in place.  In my mind it won't be a problem as long as she buys them.  She opens the door to model the bikini.  She looks amazing in it.  There is plenty of skin showing which I like.  She smiles wickedly as she twirls, giving me a view of her ass in the small bottom portion of the bikini. 

"Do you like it?" Jill asks.

"I do."

"We have to go to the beach so I can use it," she said.

"Fine by me," I respond.

She returns to the changing room and changes back to her clothes before purchasing the sexy swim suit.  Once back outside we continue what we are calling our Walking Adventure of Humor.  We had a good time enjoying our time together.  Eventually we made it back to the car.  Once inside she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips.

"That was so much fun,"  she said.

I laugh and reply, "and we weren't even fucking."

She smiles and puts her hand on my groin.  I feel it start coming to life as she leans back into her seat and instructs me to head to the hotel so we can change.  I guess I'll have to wait for more of her touches.

Back in the hotel room she begins stripping, throwing her clothes on the bed.  Quickly she is naked in front of me.  Seeing her naked gets a rise out of me.  As I join her in nakedness she remarks, "Put that hard thing away.  We need to go to the beach."

I watch as she pulls her bottoms on, slowly wanking myself as she does.  She just shakes her head at me and tells me to get dressed. I do as she requests and pull a pair of board shorts on.  I stuff my hard member into the shorts, creating a tent.  We head to the car because the plan is to find a secluded piece of beach where we can enjoy the afternoon.  I head toward the highway.  Before entering the highway I stop at a convenience store to purchase supplies for our day at the beach.  Some beverages, snacks, sun block, a small cooler, ice and a Frisbee. After the pit stop I get on the highway and head south.  We take an off-ramp at New Smyrna Beach and find our way south of town. 

The road runs parallel to the ocean and eventually becomes less developed.  On the beach side of the road I see a small parking area that looks like it has beach access.  There are four vehicles already here but I have the sense that the road is going to dead end pretty quick.  The day is still sunny and warm as we exit the car and get our beach supplies out of the backseat.  There is a concrete pathway that leads us from the parking area through a wide strip of beach grass that separates the road from the beach.  Once on the beach we see our fellow beach-goers, all within a short distance from the pathway.  Jill and I decided to walk a ways down the beach so we can have a little privacy.

After we found a good spot to lay out our towels Jill strips off her shirt and shorts once again revealing her sexy bikini to me.  I pull of my shirt and sit down on my towel.  Jill asks me to rub sun block on her back as she lies down on her towel.  I move next to her and squirt some sun block into my hand.  She pulls the ties to the top of her bikini releasing it, then she pulls it out from under herself.  Jill lays there naked from the hips up while I apply the sun block to her back.  I work the lotion into her shoulders and then down the middle of her back.  One I reach the waist band of her bottom I work my way back up along the sides including the side swell of her breasts.  There is a soft blissful smile on her lips.  I work her back some more making sure that she is fully covered by the sun block before crawling down by her legs.  I pour another handful of sun block and start working it into the backs of her thighs.  I knead the white cream into her soft flesh moving down to her calves and finally her feet.  I give her a short foot massage before moving my hands upward on the insides of her legs.  Her legs are slightly parted so I can run my hands all the way up to the fabric of her swim suit.  I can tell she is turned on because I can feel the heat coming from inside her bottoms.

I finish up her legs by applying the lotion to the outsides of her legs.  I notice her looking back up the beach so I turn my head to see what she is looking at, but I don't see anything.  I turn my head back as Jill rolls on to her back. 

"Don't forget this side," she said. 

Her breasts are exposed to me so I lean forward and kiss her nipples.  I lick them before kissing her lips.  While engaged in kissing her my cock has come to attention.  I remove my lips from hers and pour a line of  sun block onto her chest in a sideways figure eight, each nipple in the middle of a circle.  With my hands I work the lotion into her skin, kneading her boobs and playing with her nipples as I do it.  After making sure that her chest is good and covered I slide my slick sun screen coated hands over her stomach.  Then I squirt a line down each leg and rub it into her skin.  I take special care on her inner thighs.  While I work on her legs I notice that the fabric on her crotch is wet.  After I finish Jill offers to cover me.  I look down the beach, we are still alone, so I agree.

I lay down on my towel.  Jill, who is still topless, sits on my cock and begins applying the sun block to my chest.  During the process she gives my nipples a tug and a twist, maybe she is giving me a little bit of my own medicine, and I like it.  Once done she leans down so we are chest to chest and we kiss, open mouth lots of tongue.  I take her ass in my hands as we nip and nibble each other.  Suddenly Jill breaks off the kissing and looks down the beach.  Again no one.  She  gets off me, grabs her towel and runs up into the beach grass.  Of course I think I know what she is up to, so I get up to follow her.

Once on my feet I don't immediately see her as the beach gives way to thin sandy trails between the tall clumps of beach grass.  I jog into the grassy area following the same trail that she took.  I still don't see her.  I keep following the trail until I round a slight bend in the trail.  Before me is Jill laying back propped up on her elbows on the towel.  She is smiling up at me. I walk to the edge of her towel and untie my board shorts and push them off my hips.  They fall to the sand exposing my erection.  I kneel in front of Jill and take hold of her bikini bottoms and pull them down her legs toward me.  I crawl forward between her legs that she has spread for me.  She lets herself drop onto her back.  I take my cock in my hand and guide it in to her.  Slowly I push forward her until I'm fully within her.  Jill reaches behind me grabbing my ass as she kisses me, I begin fucking her and she pulls my ass toward her each time I withdraw wanting me fully inside her.  She wraps her legs around me as I find a nice patient rhythm, not to fast and not to slow.  Our kisses come and go in lustful flurries of lips and tongues that start and stop as we have a nice long screw.  I believe she is perched on the edge of orgasm because she starts meeting my thrusts with both her hips and her tongue.  My balls slap against her ass as I make my thrusts longer and more forceful.  Her hands are holding my head as we join in a deep and long kiss I feel her shudder as she reaches her release.  I decide that it is time to really pound her.  Still locked at the lips I thrust harder and harder into her pulling almost completely out each time I withdraw.  She breaks the kiss but keeps holding on to my head.  Her face is within inches of mine as she announces that she is close to cumming a second time.  She instructs me to go faster.  I shake my head because I have no plans to do otherwise.  Our bodies continue to me entwined as I fuck her hard and fast.  I cum, my sticky white liquid squirting into her.  I keep sliding in and out of her as my cock twitches inside her.  She drops her head back and shudders again.  Her legs unwind from around me and I all but fall limp on top of her.  I roll off her and into the sand beside her.

We take a few minutes to recover before we return to our original spot on the beach.  Jill did end up putting her top back on when we got out of the beach grass.  The rest of the day was fun too.  We spent it swimming in the Atlantic, throwing the Frisbee back and forth, and relaxing in the sun.  I guess it was a little bit more than just a walk on the beach.