Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sex - Goodbye Jill, Hello Jen

After Jill and I returned to the hotel I jump in the shower [expecting Jill to join me, but she didn't].  After completing the shower I towel off and walk out of the bathroom.  Jill is in bed, wearing what appeared to be a negligee.  I pull the sheet back revealing Jill in her sexy black negligee [I was right].  She gives me a slightly grim smile.

First she didn't get in the shower with me then the weird smile, I wonder what is going on.  I climb into the bed next to her.  My dick is nearly hard.  But before I can make a move she begins to speak.

"Staff, " she began, "we can't have anymore sex tonight."

"Are you okay?"  I asked.

"Yes, its just, well, because I have to go home to my husband tomorrow," she replied. "Just hold me."

So that is what I did. We lay together in the bed, I'm naked, she's close to naked but not quite.  She rested her head on my chest and told me that she was starting to feel bad because she loves her husband but she wanted something different so bad, she wanted me so bad.  As she told me about what she was feeling I stroked her hair and listened.  That is how we fell to sleep.

In the morning Jill was up and into the shower before I woke up.  She was fully dressed as she exited the bathroom.  She was serious about not screwing before she left so I went with it.  She packed up her clothing and other items that she brought with her and I got dressed.  Few words were exchanged between us as she prepared to leave.  Her guilt was creating a tension between us.

And then it was time to take her to the airport so she could catch her flight back to her life, her husband.  At the airport we exited the car and I pulled her suitcase out of the trunk.  She walked up to me and put her arms around me, kissing me hard and deep moving her body so it was fully up against me.

"Sorry about last night and this morning," she said.

"Its fine," I reply.

"Is it really fine?"

I smile and tell her "yes."  And I mean it.     

"Will we do this again sometime?"  she asked.

"I'm sure I would be up for it," I grin.

Jill chuckles softly and said, "good."

We share one last kiss before she begins to head into the terminal.  "You should give Jen and what's his name a call before you head home, maybe you can get lucky," she said over her shoulder with a quick wink.

I watch as she walks into the building and back into her normal life.  I'm glad we parted on good terms and I feel like we will return to our normal online seduction and maybe sometime in the future we will meet up on some neutral ground and share a couple of days of passion again.

But in the meantime she has her husband and I have a high powered libido that needs to be satisfied.  So her suggestion of giving Jen and Luke a call seems like a good idea since I'm all alone in this town for the next two days.  I return to my hotel room and wait until about 11:00 am, which I deemed a reasonable hour to call the number Jen and Luke had given me the other night.  I pick up the phone and dial the number.  Jen answers.


"Hi, this is Stafford, from the other night."


"Jill has left for home and I was wondering if you might have a friend you could hook me up with and the four of us could go out dancing tonight."

"I'll bet you want to do more than dance,"  Jen replied suggestively.

No sense trying to hide the obvious. So I counter with, "Maybe Luke has had an eye on one of your friends and we can arrange an opportunity for him."

She laughed, "That's nice of you to think of Luke's needs."

"What are friends for?"

"What you really want is to get in my pants Stafford."  A statement, not a question.

"Well the other night I saw what is in your pants and I won't deny a certain level of desire," I returned.

"How about we meet for lunch and discuss this desire that you are alluding to."

"Sounds good, I am feeling my hunger growing."

She laughed and we made plans to meet at a diner near my hotel at noon.  I arrived right at noon and entered the diner.  Jen was already there.  She was sitting at the counter sipping a lemonade.  She was wearing a yellow top that flattered her tan skin and a short red skirt [not as short as the other night].  I walk over and sit beside her.

"Hey sexy," I said once I was seated.

"Hey, yourself," she replied coolly.

The waitress behind the counter walked over and took our orders.  I made a quick decision for my order since I didn't have an opportunity to read the menu.  The waitress retreated back to the kitchen to place our orders.

"Your legs are very sexy," I said, trying to be smooth.  I don't think it worked because Jen rolled her eyes at me.  After getting off the phone earlier I thought that tonight was going to be a sure thing but now I was having doubts.  She spun her chair and faced me so I turned and faced her.  Here in the sun filled diner Jen's beauty really showed itself to me.  I wanted to hold her face in my hands and feast on her lips.  I wanted her bad so I was not going to give up easily.

"Have you given the double date idea any more thought?"  I said, trying a new gambit.

"I don't think that will work."

A feeling of disappointment settled on me but I tried to put a good face on it.  "That's to bad I was looking forward to going dancing tonight."

Just then our waitress dropped off our food.  I took a bite and was going to start some idle chit chat about how nice the weather had been, when Jen took the conversation in an unexpected direction.

"Luke is working a double shift so that double date idea won't work."

"Oh okay, do you have any other ideas?" I inquired, hoping that she the same thing in mind as I did [sex and lots of it].

"I might be able to think of something," she said, coyly.

We continued eating lunch and trading sexual innuendo and double entendre.  As I finished my last french fry she turned to face me again.  I noticed that her skirt had risen up her thigh quite a bit.  I slowly chewed the last of the fry as she smiled sexily and spread her legs.  That action made her skirt move even higher up her legs.  She dropped her napkin between us.

"Would you mind picking that up for me?"

"No problem," I replied

As I lean over and grabbed the napkin I peek between her legs expecting to see her panties but instead I see her wet pussy.  I'm glad she waited until we were finishing up our lunch to give me this view.

I pay the bill as Jen seductively sticks a french fry in her mouth and rolls her tongue around it before she bites it in half.  I smile as I shake my head at her.  I'm pretty sure the waitress saw that one, oh well.

"I'm ready to go," Jen said.

"I'll bet you are."

She smiled at my reply and then winked at me.  We walked out to our cars in the parking lot.  It was time to find out how "ready to go" she really was. 

"If you don't have anything going on this afternoon we could go sit by the pool back at the hotel or hang out in my room," I suggested.

"Sounds like fun."

I give her my room number and she tells me that she will meet me there within 30 minutes.  I head straight back to the hotel room and tidy it up a little bit.  Not to long after I quit picking up there is a knock at the door.  I open the door and there stands Jen.  She is holding a plastic bag with something cylindrical in it.  I invite her in.  As the door closes behind her she kicks off her sandals and then pulls a can of Reddi-Wip out of the bag.

"Where is the ice cream?"  I asked.

"Its not for ice cream," Jen said in a slightly sexy voice.

"Then what is it for?"  I tease.

"Take off your clothes and I'll show you."

She didn't have to tell me twice.  I pull my shirt over my head and drop my shorts and boxer briefs to the floor.  I'm not completely hard but pretty darn close.  Jen turns around and asks me to unzip her dress.  I pull the zipper down and then push her straps off her shoulders.  She lets her dress drop to the floor and she steps out of it.  Okay now my dick is hard. 

She points to the bed so I move over to it and lay down in the middle.  She follows me over and kneels on the bed between my spread legs.  Then she breaks the seal on the Reddi-Wip and begins shaking the can.  Her shaking motion not only is sexual [think hand job] in itself but has the added benefit of causing her breasts to bounce up and down.  She takes my cock in her hand and points the can down and squeezes the nozzle.  The whipped cream spurts out cover the head of my cock.  Jen lowers her head and licks the underside of my cock all the way up to the head taking part of the Reddi-Wip into her mouth.  She lowers her head again and takes the tip of my cock in her mouth, cleaning it off with her tongue.  

Jen lowers her head even more taking more of my length in her mouth.  Then she pulls back her lips sliding up my shaft.  She bobs her head a couple of more times before releasing my saliva coated dick from her mouth. She sprays some of the whipped cream on herself and crawls forward offering her cream covered tits to me.  I start by licking some of the sweet topping from her erect nipples.  The sugary taste with the warm of her flesh is incredible.  I bury my face in her chest licking and nibbling on her firm breasts.  During my attach most of the whipped cream was removed.  Some of it had been transferred to my face.  Jen kissed my lips before licking the remnants of the Reddi-Wip from my face.  

Jen pointed the can at my chest and sprayed some cream around my nipples and then made a line down my torso to my cock and reapplied it to my cock, leaving a generous portion of it on the tip of my dick.  She began her oral journey by licking my nipples and then kissing and licking her way from my chest to my stomach and finally to my cock.  As she took my cock in her hand again she mounted me in the 69 position, her pussy just within tongue distance.  I begin my oral ministrations just as I feel her take me in her mouth again.  Her hand cups my balls as she slides her lips up and down the length of my hard shaft.  I draw my tongue up against her wet slit.  I savor the taste of her growing excitement before flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. 

I feel more than hear the moan that I've produced from her.  I can feel Jen licking the head of my cock and following that up by gliding her tongue over all of my cock.  Then she resumes fucking me with her mouth.  She adds the pumping motion of her hand on my shaft bringing me close to orgasm.  Her mouth and hand move up and down my length and I feel my orgasm building.  Normally I warn a lover when I'm about to blow a wad into their mouth but not this time [the gentleman in me thinks that a warning is the appropriate course of action, we can debate whether I'm a gentleman or not later].  I release the spurts of cum into her mouth which she swallows instead of spits.  

I think that the reason most guys like a woman to swallow is a domination thing, but I won't speculate about what women think about the spit vs swallow conundrum. 

During my orgasm I had momentarily stopped my oral attack on Jen.  When she released my rod from her lips I return to pleasuring her.  I press my lips to her clit in a nibbling action while dipping my forefinger into her.  I push and pull that single finger in and out of her several times before adding a second.  I return to tonguing her clitoris and she sits up slightly bracing herself by putting her hands on my thighs.  I licked her for another minute or so before she decided to roll off of me.

She lay back on the bed spreading her legs.  I picked up the can of Reddi-Wip and applied some to her inner thighs and the lower portion of her stomach.  After putting down the can I began to kiss and lick her stomach removing the cream as I went.  Next I did the same to one thigh and then the other.  By this time she was squeezing her breasts with her hands and had thrown her head back and her eyes were closed.  I flicked her clit with my thumb causing Jen to moan.  I continued by rubbing her clit with my forefinger and pressing my tongue into her pussy.  I fucked her with my tongue for a few thrusts before pulling back and inserting two fingers into her.  She was pulling on her nipples with her fingers and was moaning every few seconds.  I moved my fingers in and out of her quickly and continued rubbing her clitoris.  She bucked against my hands and moaned, "Yeeeessss!" as she finally reached orgasm.

I moved so that I could kiss her lightly on her lips.  But she was having none of that.  She wanted a lusty deep kiss which I was happy to provide.  After breaking the kiss I plopped down on the bed beside her and asked, "When do you need to get home?"