Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Revenge excerpt 2


I finally found the remote and returned to the bed.  I partially lifted her up so I could slide beneath her. 
She was laying half on top of me.  Her head on one side of my chest with her hand on the other.  One leg hooked over my leg.  Her crotch pressed against my hip and my hand on her ass.  It looked like two lovers falling asleep in each others arms.  Time for a picture.  Click.

I let myself drift off to sleep in that position.

The next thing I know I wake up to Heidi straddling me and rubbing her slit along my erect cock.  Was she so horny from having her pussy pressed against my hip that she couldn’t help herself?  Did she think, based on how we were sleeping, that we had become lovers once we returned from the bar so why not have another go?.  Or did my subliminal message put her in a sexual state of mind?  I’ll never know but I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Revenge excerpt 1


I got off the bed.

“Heidi, I want another blow job.”

She wasn’t excited but she got out of bed and kneeled in front of me and took my throbbing cock in her mouth.  She followed the same routine as before and it wasn’t overly long before I took her hair in my hand and was controlling the pace of the blow job.  Her lips slid easily up and down my shaft and I told her how good her mouth felt on my manhood.  I verbally encouraged her to go faster, to stroke me with her hand, to take me deep.  I was setting an example that I hoped she would follow in the future.

I was getting close.  Soon my cum would shoot from my cock.  The naked woman, kneeling before me with my rod working in and out of her mouth, is pretty but I hate her anyway.  And she has no idea what I have in store for her.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 5 - Ashley Swallows

After Ezmeralda left nothing much of note occurred for the rest of the evening.  The next morning, shortly after 9:00am I receive an email at my personal account from Ashley.  She asks if we can meet for lunch again.  Who am I to deny her sex for no reason?  So I agree to meet her at 11:45 at my house.

The morning dragged on, until it was finally 11:30.  I decided to leave for "lunch" and get things ready for Ashley's arrival.

Once home I stripped to my boxers and started throwing together a fruit plate.  A knock at the door.  I look at the clock.  11:40, she is early.  And probably eager.

I quickly move from the kitchen to the front door.  I open it for Ashley, who gives me an appraising look.

"I think you forgot to take something off," she said, putting a finger in the waistband and giving it a playful tug as she walked into the living room.

"Would you like some fruit?"

"Sure," she replied walking toward the hallway.

I started walking back to the kitchen watching her kick off her shoes and unbutton her shirt.

"I'll be waiting down there," she said tilting her head in the direction of my bedroom.

She had become more assertive over the past couple of days.  That was good, but I didn't want her overly assertive so I would need to keep her on her toes.

I quickly pull the rest of the fruit together and walk to my bedroom.  The first thing I notice is her clothes draped over a chair.  The second is Ashley in my bed, she is sitting up using the sheet to cover herself.  She is showing lots of cleavage and causing my loins to stir.  I set the fruit plate on the bed and then drop my boxers.  My semi hard tool draws her attention.  I get into bed next to her and offer her a banana.

She takes the banana and peels it back.  Suggestively she takes it in her mouth like she might take a cock.  I'm fully rigid, wanting her to do the same to me.  She lets the sheet drop to her lap exposing her tits to me. She licks the banana and takes it back in her mouth before taking a bite.  She places the remainder of the banana back on the plate and we connect in a kiss.

We wrestle beneath the sheet, I kiss her breasts and fondle them.  She spreads her legs and I move between them.  She takes my rod in her hand and guides me into her.  I easily enter her because she was so wet.  I tease her nipples with my tongue while my cock is sunk completely in her.  She tries to buck against me but I hold her in place.  I can tell she wants me to start fucking her due to the way she is trying to move her hips against me. But I have other thoughts.

Before moving forward with my plan, I decide to let her think she is going to get what she wants, so I pump up and down a couple of times.  Then I pull completely out of her.  

“Do me Stafford,” she said.

“You left me hanging last night, so I think you owe me,” I replied.

“What do you want?”

“Your best blow job,” I said as I got out of bed.

I beckoned to her to kneel in front of me.  She rolled her eyes at me but crawled out of bed anyway.  She knelt and took hold of me at the base.  My cock was still wet from being inside her as she took me into her mouth, tasting herself as she tongued my rigid tool.  I felt her other hand on my balls, I was pleased that she was so willing to comply with my desire.  She now had most of my cock inside her mouth, I could feel her tongue against the underside of it.  Then Ashley slowly drew back, her teeth lightly scraping against my rod as it withdrew.  The slight pain was exquisite.  Next she took me back in pushing the head of my cock into the hollow of her cheek while sucking me.  She dragged her fingernails across my testicals giving me pleasure.

At this point she began vigorously stroking my cock as she bobbed her head up and down on my stiff rod.  This activity continued for about a minute then she stopped and began using her tongue to lovingly lick my cock.  She started with the tip and worked her way around the engorged head before working her way down the shaft.  Then she tongued my balls and sucked them in her mouth.  She restarted stroking me as she sucked my balls.  

After sucking my balls she took my cock back into her mouth and I began to fuck her mouth.  She grabbed the base of my dick and pulled me back and forth, in and out of her mouth.  Her lips pleasuring me as I entered and exited her mouth.  I took her head in my hands and slowly made her take me deeper and deeper.  At the deepest she took me partially into her throat and she gagged a little.  I quickly released her head and she went back to work with her tongue and hand.  She licked my rod and balls as she quickly stroked my cock.  

I felt my orgasm building and told her that I was close.  Ashley swallowed my cock and continued stroking.  Shortly after her taking me back in her mouth I released my cum as my cock spasmed during my release.  I was a little surprised that she ended up swallowing my cum.  I’m not sure if she planned it that way or not but since we both had to go back to work afterwards she avoided the mess of either spitting or having me cum on her tits.

We returned to the bed and shared the fruit plate while kissing and playfully touching each other.

“So Stafford, how are you going to make me cum with that?” Ashley said, eying my limp penis.

“Here is a thought, you could straddle my face and I can tongue you while you try to get me up,” I replied.

“Do you think you can get another hardon before we have to get back to work?”

“One way to find out,” I said with a smile.

Ashley moved to straddle my face as I suggested and I feel her lips on my cock again.  I’m so glad she’s not prudish and unwilling to service me orally.  I taste her pussy as I’m enjoying her lips and tongue on my rod.  After about ten minutes of 69 I begin to rise to the occasion.  I tell Ashley to ride me.  She moves from straddling my face to straddling my staff.  She begins fucking me in the reverse cowgirl position.  She was already near climax due to my oral ministrations, so it was not long before she reached her orgasm.  I was not very close to cumming so I told her to get on her hands and knees.  I reinserted myself and fucked her hard and fast from behind.  Somewhat surprisingly she climaxed again after several minutes and shortly afterwards I emptied my cum into her well fucked snatch.