Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Revenge excerpt 8


Heidi dropped her napkin and I leaned over to pick it up.  I noticed that she had written something on it so I took a quick glance at it before crumpling it up and sliding it in my pocket.

“Meet in bathroom” was what was written.

A few minutes later she got up and told the group she needed to visit the lady’s room.

I waited a few more minutes and said that I was going outside to check my voice mail.  I headed to the door but once I noticed that I wasn’t being watched I changed direction to the woman’s bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom I see that only one stall door is closed.  I knock.

“Who is it?” Heidi calls out with mirth in her voice.  

I don’t reply, I just push the door open.  She is sitting on the toilet looking at me.  I enter the stall and close the door behind me.  I step forward and unbuckle my pants, then I pull my hardening cock free.  Heidi takes it in her hand a gives it a couple of strokes before leaning forward and licking my manhood.  Just as she starts swallowing my cock the someone enters the bathroom, she begins pulling back but I gently grab her head and slightly pull her forward.  She understands that I want her to continue servicing me regardless of the person just outside the stall.  I hear the lady outside enter the stall next to ours.

Heidi’s bobbing head coupled with her massaging my balls was bringing me quickly to the brink.  Fortunately the lady in the next stall quickly completes her business and flushes the toilet giving me enough of a distraction to keep me from cumming to soon.

As the lady outside washes her hands I pull Heidi from her seated position so she was standing in front of me.  We kiss, deeply and with an urgent hunger.  I unbutton her jeans and push them off her hips, then I pull her panties down.  It sounds like the lady has left the bathroom so I tell Heidi to turn towards the side of the stall.  She does so and I move in behind her so my eager cock can fill her.  She leans forward, holding onto the top of the stall wall, and presses back against me.  I fuck her hard and quick wanting to reach completion as fast as possible.  Heidi groans as I roughly play with her tits through her shirt.  I am using her for my satisfaction without worrying about her pleasure.  Within minutes my cum washes against the walls of her pussy and I pull out.