Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Morning After part 2

You decide on giving me a blow job to start the day.  You reach over and take my shaft in your hand and take over stroking my cock.  Slowly you run your hand up and down my dick, while kissing first kissing my neck, then licking my nipples.  As you run your tongue down my stomach you cup my balls and then kiss the tip of my engorged cock.  The precum sticks to your lips as you pull back and lick my balls.  After licking my testicles for a few moments you suck them into your mouth.  At the same time you grab hold of me again.

I spread my legs wide in order to give you better access to my balls that you are sucking.  I squirm as you suck and stroke me.  I feel my orgasm building.  You sense this by my movements and release the suction on my balls.  You take the head of my cock in your mouth and continue stroking me.  Your head begins bobbing up and down on me.  Taking me deeper and deeper with each successive bob.

Finally I cum.  My cock releases my spunk into your mouth which you gleefully swallow.

A good start to our day...perhaps I'll return the oral favor. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The morning after

I wake up in my hotel room.  I open my eyes and see the door to the hallway.  The room is bright from the rising sun.  Still looking toward the door I notice my shoes on the floor [well where else would they be].  Then I see your shoes.  I roll over and see you laying there next to me, covered by the white cotton hotel sheet.  The sheet clings to your curves.

Last night is a bit foggy.  You look so peaceful as you lay there sleeping.  And beautiful.  I'm guessing that you are naked underneath the sheet.  I know that I am.  And I'm erect.  I draw back my side of the sheet.  My cock is purple and shiny.  I begin stroking it.  I pull back the rest of the sheet revealing your incredible breasts.

The movement must have woke you up.  Your eyes flutter as you transition from sleep to wakefulness.  A smile plays at your lips as you watch me stroke myself.  A drop of precum glistens on the tip of my cock.

What is your next move?  Oral, handjob, doggy?  Its your call.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lust and the Housecarl - Part 1

A little about me.  My name is Erikson.  I was born in Bruma of Cyrodiil in Tamriel, so I am an Imperial.  My father died before I was born.  He was a soldier who was killed in battle a few months before I was born.  My mother died in childbirth which left me to be raised by my grandmother. My aunt and two cousins also lived with my grandmother due to the fact that my uncle was also killed in battle.

Upon reaching the age of 18 I decided to go into the world and seek my fortune.  I headed to Skyrim where there was a civil war.  The some of the native population was rebelling against Imperial rule. 

The first time I saw Lydia naked was when were traveling back to Whiterun from Riften.  We had made camp next to a stream for the night and she asked if I would mind if she took a bath while I stood guard.  I countered by asking her to do the same when I took my turn cleaning up in the stream.  I prepared my sword and bow for action in the off chance that some wolves or bandits would stumble on our little camp.  Meanwhile, Lydia moved behind a thistle bush for a little privacy as she undressed.   The thistle bush, however, was small and rather sickly so if I turned my attention from the campfire to Lydia's direction I could see her pretty well.

On one such glance I saw her in just her loin cloth and chest covering.  I noticed that she was muscular and and had nice womanly curves.  I hastily returned my attention to the fire before she caught me ogling her.  The next time I took a peek in her direction she had waded into the stream.  She was about waist deep but I could see her naked back so I presumed that she removed her chest covering and probably her loin cloth as well.  I knew that I wanted her but today was not the day.

Shortly Lydia returned from the stream.  I glanced in her direction and saw her naked.  Her breasts were, in my mind, perfect.  Her pubic hair glistened from the washing in the stream and hinted at what was below.  I was instantly erect.  She had caught my glance and covered herself quickly.  I moved my gaze from her to the fire.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Top Ten Search Keywords for April 2012

erotica  6

sexnightout  3

blow job 2

erotica fair blowjob 2 2

head in sand blow job 2

monetizing erotic blog 2

titties taste musky 2

walk on the beach fuck on the sand 2

"giving me an incredible blow" 1

My analysis:  A lot of blow job and erotica based searches.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Referring sites

After looking at the stats for this blog for the last week the site that sent the most referrals was Linkedin.  WTF?  I don't even have a Linkedin account.

I wonder if someone made a mistake with a URL on their Linkedin account.  Whoops!