Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random women...erotic thoughts

I recently read a post at Slate.  It was about a stay at home dad who discussed the fact that he has fantasies about different women he runs into during a day.  I think he was worried that he was not a good person because he had these fantasies.  Now I don’t think that he has a problem at all.  In fact fantasizing about random women is a fair portion of my day.  In fact if you are a woman I might be fantasizing about you right now.

Occasionally those fantasies become reality.  So far not today though.

Here are a couple of women that I’ve fantasized about today...

I was driving this morning and saw a woman in another car wearing sunglasses.  She appeared a little younger than myself and she was cute.  I think she was checking me out.  I’m pretty sure that if I saw her in a supermarket instead of on the road we would have had sex by now.  And I’m pretty sure she gives great blow jobs [I’m basing that on her sunglasses.]  

Then there is this woman that I work with.  She is younger than me.  She is wearing a very tight shirt today.  It is really accenting her perky little breasts.  Unfortunately she hasn’t propositioned me yet.  Based on her pretty smile I’m sure she loves to suck cock.

There is this lady on G+, she writes erotica.  Her profile picture [which hopefully is real] is attractive.  She writes erotica so she must love sex right?  And she must like getting on her knees then licking and sucking a hard cock.