Sunday, May 6, 2012

The morning after

I wake up in my hotel room.  I open my eyes and see the door to the hallway.  The room is bright from the rising sun.  Still looking toward the door I notice my shoes on the floor [well where else would they be].  Then I see your shoes.  I roll over and see you laying there next to me, covered by the white cotton hotel sheet.  The sheet clings to your curves.

Last night is a bit foggy.  You look so peaceful as you lay there sleeping.  And beautiful.  I'm guessing that you are naked underneath the sheet.  I know that I am.  And I'm erect.  I draw back my side of the sheet.  My cock is purple and shiny.  I begin stroking it.  I pull back the rest of the sheet revealing your incredible breasts.

The movement must have woke you up.  Your eyes flutter as you transition from sleep to wakefulness.  A smile plays at your lips as you watch me stroke myself.  A drop of precum glistens on the tip of my cock.

What is your next move?  Oral, handjob, doggy?  Its your call.