Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Time with You, a quicky about a submissive

We make arrangements to meet at your place.  I tell you to put on your favorite lingerie, to wait for me on your bed and to leave the door unlocked.

I arrive and walk into your house.  From just inside your door I call out your name not knowing the way to your bedroom.  You answer which gives me a general direction to hunt you down.  I quickly maneuver through your house until I find your room.  You are well behaved.  I discover you on your bed in your red lingerie.  I don't know this yet, but certainly could have guessed that you are already wet from anticipation.  

You are a sexy vision with a beautiful smile.  I want to take you right now but I know I have a certain obligation that must be taken care of first.  I walk over to your bed and lean down to kiss you.  We kiss, it starts as a loving kiss but quickly becomes a passionate battle of the tongues.  When we break for air, I pull an object from my pocket.

"Before we go any further will you accept this token as a representation of dom/sub relationship"  I ask, already knowing your answer.  My take on the dom/sub relationship is slightly different than others might have.

You reply to the affirmative.  I give you a simple piece of rope with a knot in the middle.  It represents the bond of submission you will give to me and the responsibility of domination I will give to you.  

Upon its acceptance I tell you that you've been a naughty girl.  During an online chat session you achieved an orgasm when I had expressly told you not to.  And it is my responsibility to discipline you for that transgression.  I sit on the side of the bed and order you to kneel in front of me.  I take your chin in my hand and pull your face to mine.  We kiss again.  A briefer, more controlled kiss.  I end it by moving your face away.  Then I order you to bend over my lap.  You can feel my hard cock on your stomach.  You want to see it, to feel it inside you, but before you have another thought you feel my hand smack against your ass.  The pain is a shock even though you knew it was coming.  It is quickly followed by several more smacks, each one more delicious than the last.  Sure they hurt but it feels so good.  There is a tingle of flesh becoming red.  During the spanking you had verbalized the pain by issuing soft whimpers.  I'll have to harden myself to them in the future.

You took your discipline like a good girl.  And now I will reward you.  I ask you to stand up.  I stand up with you and I kiss you softly on the lips.  This kiss is soft and caring.  As we kiss I begin removing your red lingerie revealing your body completely to me.  I tell you to lay down on the bed face down.  Once you are in place I move so I can kiss the area that I had spanked.  Kissing you with softness, I also caress you.  With the softness I'm now displaying you know that I take the role of domination seriously and while I will give you pain I will also give you pleasure.  

After several minutes of issuing soft kisses and caresses I tell you to roll on to your back.  I stand up and begin stripping.  You watch as I remove my shoes and sock, then my shirt and finally my pants.  As Joey from "Friends" would say I'm going commando.  My hard cock sticks out showing my obvious excitement.  I move back to the bed spreading your legs and diving between them.  As you are already wet I get a good taste of you with my first lick.  I leave your clit alone for now.  I dip my tongue into you, fucking you with it.  I spread your lips with my fingers as I insert and withdraw my tongue from your tasty pussy.  You begin squeezing your breasts feeling your growing excitement.

I pick this point as the right time to attack your clit with my tongue.  First drawing my tongue across it and then flicking it.  As you get closer to an orgasm I replace my tongue with a finger and begin rubbing it with fast short strokes.  This quicker action quickly brings you to an orgasm.  As you let your muscles relax I move up kissing as I go until I'm kissing your lips.  You can taste yourself on my lips.  We lay there leisurely kissing and caressing each other as you quickly recover from your orgasm.

It is time for my release.  I tell you to go down on me.  I lay back on the bed as you get on all fours and lick my cock.  You lick the length of it starting just above my balls and stopping at the tip.  I watch as you take it in your hand and put it in your mouth.  You go down taking almost all of it in your mouth and then draw back.  You repeat this, your head bobbing up and down.  Your lips on my shaft feel amazing.   After bobbing up and down for several moments you release me from your mouth and begin tonguing my cock and balls.  As your tongue does its work your hand strokes up and down my shaft.  I let you know that I'm getting close and I tell you that I want to cum in your mouth.  You reply "Yes, sir." like a good submissive.

You take my cock back into your mouth and begin your bobbing motion again, this time you add your stroking hand to the process and I quickly get to the point of cumming.  I give you a little bit of warning before shooting my cum into your mouth.  You swallow the spurts as my cock twitches.  You've done a great job as very little escapes your mouth.  

You move to lay next to me and we kiss.  Although you've swallowed my cum I can still taste a little bit on your tongue.