Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sea, sand and sex - After the shower...into the night

Jill exited the shower, her wonderful ass in motion.  I get up and follow her out of the bathroom.  She has toweled off and has picked a sundress out of her luggage.  She puts it on over her naked body.  And makes no effort to put panties on.  I decide to follow her lead.  I pull on a pair of shorts, but no underwear.  Commando is the style of the evening.  Based on her expression I think she approves.

We go down to the car.  I open the car door for her since I'm a gentleman.  She gets in and in the process rewards me with a nice view of most of her legs.  I run around the car and get in the driver's seat.  I notice that even though her sundress is of normal length it is hiked up about mid-thigh.  Well played Jill.  The rest of the trip to the restaurant is enjoyable in a non sexual way.  Well, except for the dirty thoughts rolling around in my mind.

The dinner goes well.  The food is great and Jill is her usual witty self.  After dinner we look for a club so we can go dancing.  I'm not the best dancer but if she is willing to suck my cock taking her dancing is the least I can do for her.  We eventually find a club that doesn't have a huge line out front.  Upon entering we realize that we are probably the oldest people there.  Oh well, its not like we were there to pick up people.  Jill leads me to the dance floor and we spend the next three songs dancing in the middle of the youngsters.  We decide to get a drink and rest for a song or two.

We sip our drinks as we watch the younger couples on the dance floor.  I note to myself that the young ladies sure like to dress provocatively.  Which I don't mind at all.  Jill leans over to shout in my ear [a whisper would be lost in the loud music].  She brings a couple to my attention.  They are grinding like so many of the dancers are doing but they are doing it much more erotically.  As we watch them slowly [way out of sync with the music] grind their pelvis' and kiss we are affected by the lust that they are showing for each other.  Jill slides up next to me on the couch like seating we are on, allowing me to put my arm around her.  She puts her hand practically on my cock as she leans in to kiss my neck.  I enjoy the touching and the kiss as I watch the young man playing with his dance partner's breasts as they keep dry humping on the dance floor.

By this time my cock is hard and ready to go.  And based on how Jill is touching me I'm willing to bet she is wet enough to fuck.  As we finish our drinks I begin to fantasize about that couple we have been watching.  I don't think a swap is in the cards as Jill and I have never talked about the possibility, but I would like to watch them fuck.  The young man is probably 22 years old  5'11" and fairly thin.  His dance partner is likely 21 years old, maybe 5'5" and pretty thin as well.  Her breasts are smaller than Jill's breasts but I still wouldn't mind seeing them.

I take Jill's hand and lead her to the dance floor near the couple we have been watching.  I decide to copy their dance style and pull Jill to me.  We slowly move our bodies against each other in a similar fashion as the young couple.  I slowly move us toward them.  Our dancing is more in sync with the other couple than it is with the music.  I have Jill's ass in my hands as I grind my cock into her pelvis.  I notice the young man look over at us, so I give a wink and grab told of one of Jill's breasts.  He smiles and I see him move his hand up his dance partner's short skirt.  A moment later he pulls his hand back holding her panties.  He pulls them down far enough that they fall to the floor.  The young lady is now smiling over at us.  I tell Jill about the panties on the floor and ask her if she minds if I flash her ass at them.  She agrees so I pull the hem of her sundress up showing the couple her ass for a quick moment.  I'm not sure how many others on the dance floor saw it but I wasn't to worried.

The guy is grinning, so I assume he enjoyed the view.  By now we are dancing much closer to where they are dancing.  I lean toward the guy and tell him that they are really good dancers.  He says, "thanks."  I then offer to buy them a round of drinks which they accept.  All four of us stop dancing and find a spot where all four of us can sit.  We are able to introduce ourselves before a waitress stops by to ask us for a drink order.  Jill is sitting next to Jen while Luke and I bookend the two girls.  Both ladies are showing a lot of leg.  Jen because of her short skirt, Jill because she has allowed her dress to ride up.  As we wait for the drinks we find out that they are locals and we identify ourselves as being on vacation.

At this point I don't know where this will lead but at least I'm getting a nice view of Jen's legs.  After the drinks arrive we talk about other fun spots in town.  Luke finishes off his drink and asks Jill to dance.  She accepts and the walk to the dance floor.  They begin dancing like we were dancing earlier.  Jen slides over next to me on the couch.  She touches my arm and asks me if Jill and I are swingers.  I tell her no and ask if she and Luke are.  She shakes her head no. 

"Would you let her fuck Luke?" Jen asks.

"That would be Jill's decision," I reply knowing that they assumed that Jill and I are married.  We didn't bother correcting their assumption. 

"If her fucking Luke means I get to screw you I'm all for it."

She doesn't reply verbally but she does snuggle in next to me as we watch our some what significant others basically humping on the dance floor.  After a few minutes of watching them I take Jen's hand and pull her to the dance floor.  We begin dancing next to Luke and Jill in a similar fashion.  My hands explore Jen's body as we danced.  I think she enjoyed pressing herself against my aching cock.  We danced for another song making good use of each other's body.  After the song ended all four of us retreated from the dance floor and took up encampment on the same couch we used before. 

"Who's horny?" Luke inquired.

I replied, "I am."

The two girls agreed with me as they crushed their boobs against Luke.  We were now sitting boy, girl, boy, girl with Luke as the lucky soul in the middle.

"What are we going to do about it?"  Luke said.

"Why don't we get out of here and figure it out?"  I asked.

"Sounds good."

Luke and Jen invite us to their apartment which we accept.  Or to be more accurate I accepted not knowing Jill's opinion.  In the parking lot I plug their address in my smartphone and we get in our respective vehicles.  For most of the trip I am able to follow them but I finally lose them at a red light.  As we wait for the light to change I ask Jill how far she wants to take it with Luke and Jen.

"You can go as far as you want," she said.

"That wasn't the question, how far do YOU want to go?"

"I don't think I'm going to have sex with Luke but you can screw Jen if you want to."

"How far do you think you would go with Luke?  You looked like you were having a pretty good time on the dance floor."

"It was fun dancing with him and I might make out with him but I am not going to fuck him."

"Ok, would you fuck me in front of them while they fuck each other?"

"Maybe." Jill replied.

"Just wondering where to draw the line with them before we get there," I said.

About five minutes later I pull into a parking spot in their apartment complex.  They are standing by his car waiting for us. 

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