Friday, July 8, 2011

Sexual scenarios survey

In these scenarios everyone is disease free and condoms are not needed.

First one is for the ladies.  I've just finished licking you to orgasm.  I move up to french kiss you.  Do you let me?

Another one for the ladies.  I've invited you to join Ezmeralda and myself for a MFF threesome [for some reason you agreed.]  I've been performing oral sex on Ezmeralda.  Do you let me kiss you?

One for the gentlemen.  Your lady has just sucked you off.  Will you kiss her?

Last one for today.  This time it is a MMF threesome.  Ezmeralda has just sucked me off.  Will you let her kiss you?

My answers for the guy scenarios.  Yes to the first one.  I apparently don't have a problem with my own cum.  No to the second.  Don't judge me I just can't bring myself to taste another dude's seed spray.

Leave your answers as a comment.


  1. To the first one, yes. I know for a fact that I taste and smell sweet.
    Never warm about threesomes. I am a very selfish bitch. If there is an alpha bitch, that would be me. I'd probably end up kicking you and Ezmeralda in the face. I don't even allow my cat to spray or my dog to hump around with just anyone. Oh well, it's me. Just sayin'.

  2. Kick me in the face? :( I didn't see that comment coming. I'll know not to invite you to a threesome or a swing club.

    I guess it'll have to be just be the two of us.

    I wish.

  3. I thought that wouldn't surprise you.
    Ima feisty one.

    Yeah it'll have to be just the two of us.
    I wish back. ;)

  4. Yes to the first one. Yes to the second one. I'd assume if it were truly a threesome that each would be interested in the other equally. In other words, I couldn't imagine being with a guy and another girl and not be part of the pleasuring of the other girl too, and I would hope vice versa. Otherwise it just wouldn't work.