Friday, July 8, 2011

Sea, sand and sex - Quick shower before dinner

After rewarding Jill for the blow job she gave me we lay in bed talking & cuddling, generally enjoying each other.  We decided to get out and find a nice restaurant for dinner.  I rose from the bed and headed for the bathroom so I could take a quick shower.  However the shower would not be quick at all. 

I had adjusted the water temperature to the perfect level of warmth when in Jill walked.  Her naked splendor momentarily stopping me from stepping into the shower. 

"Is there room for me in there?" she asked.

"I'm sure we can make room," I reply.

We both step into the shower allowing the warm, almost hot, water run over our naked bodies.  Jill turned to face me so I step forward so our bodies are touching, I grab her hips and pull her toward me so our bodies are not just touching but are firmly against each other.  We kiss passionately and my cock hardens, poking into her stomach.  The feel of her wet, naked skin [most female wet, naked skin for that matter] is very erotic to me.  My hands explore her wet body as we engage in another deep, tongue probing kiss. 

When the kiss ends I grab the bar of soap from the little shower shelf.  I roll the bar of soap in my hands creating a lather which I begin to apply to Jill's tits and stomach.  One of the few things more erotic to me than wet female skin is soapy wet female skin.  I tell her to turn around so I can lather up her back and butt.  The soapy bubbles run down her back, over her plump ass, and down her firm legs.  I tell her to lean forward and brace herself by putting her hands on the shower wall.  Next I tell her to spread her legs.  Her ass is sticking out towards me slightly, her pussy is peaking out at me as I step forward cock in my hand.  I position it at the opening of her pussy and push inside her from behind.  She lets her head hang down below her two arms that are keeping her from slipping as I thrust my dick in and out of her.  I take a rhythm that is pretty quick and pretty deep.  My hands are on her hips as I fuck her, giving me support so I don't slip and fall on the soapy floor of the shower.

Jill stretches her arms and pushes back at me.  Her action causes me to go balls deep for a couple of strokes.  At this point she begins moaning every time I stroke into her.  Well maybe grunting is a better description than moaning.  I reach forward and grab her left boob feeling the fullness of her flesh as I continue to fuck her from behind.  A louder moan [this time it is a moan] from Jill as I play with her tit.  She must be close to cumming, she takes her right hand off the wall and begins rubbing her clit with it.  Now she is grunting again.  I want to cum so very bad so I shorten the depth of my strokes and fuck her faster.  She increases the speed of her clit rubbing and climaxes, rocking against me which brings me so very close to orgasm.  Just a few more thrusts and I start to fill her pussy with my sticky white ejaculation. But before I finish cumming inside her I lose my grip and slip and fall to the shower floor, my cock still twitching and white juice leaking from the tip. 

Jill laughs and sits down next to me.  Eyeing my slightly deflating dick she leans forward and takes the tip in her mouth, tonguing the little bit of cum off my cock.  She then sits up and kisses me, wickedly pushing her tongue into my mouth.  She has a small smirk on her face when she breaks the kiss. 

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