Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sea, sand and sex - Jill is rewarded

After cumming down Jill's throat she stands up and kisses me.  Just a short kiss before she walks to the bed and sits on the edge.  I walk over, kneel in front of her and kiss her before pulling her cotton shirt over her head.  Her white satin bra is clasped in the front.  I can easily unhook the clasp revealing her breasts.  I take a nipple between my thumb and forefinger and give it a twist.  I lean in and kiss her and playfully push her backwards on the bed.  Then I unbutton her shorts and unzip them.  I grab the waistband and pull them towards me, she helps my lifting her hips off the bed.  I toss her shorts and panties over my shoulder, taking in the view of her naked body spread out on the bed.

She moves so her head is on a pillow and spreads her legs wide.  I can see her pussy glistening from where I have continued to kneel.  Obviously she is excited by what she has done and what is to come. I crawl onto the bed, positioning myself between her legs.  I lay down between them, my face at her pussy. 

I start with a long slow swipe with my tongue that starts at the bottom of her snatch and ends by flicking her clit.  I enjoy the taste of her as I take another slow swipe with my tongue.  As I flick her clit again I insert my right forefinger in her pussy.  It is instantly covered with her juices.  She is definitely wet enough for a second finger.   So I slide my middle finger into her.  I flick her clit again while looking into her eyes, a playful smile on my face.  I move my fingers in and out, fucking her slowly with two fingers.  I take a long lick across her clit.  This earned me a moan so I follow up with another long slooooow lick.

"Don't stop," Jill groaned.

As my fingers ease slowly in and out of her I push my tongue against her clit and wiggle it back and forth.  Jill took her breasts in her hands, squeezing them, I assumed that she was trying to accentuate what I was doing to her.  She moved her hips so she was pressing herself against my tongue.  I took this movement as a request to lick her firmly.  So I ground my tongue up and down on her clitoris which brought more moans from her.  At that point I took her clit in between my lips and sucked on it.  I licked the tiny portion of it that was in my mouth for a few seconds.  Upon releasing her clit I stopped fucking her with my fingers and went full force with my tongue, alternating between flicking quickly on her clit and sliding my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy.  After several minutes of this she finally climaxed with a deep moan and shudder. 

I crawl forward, my knees between her legs, my hands by her shoulders.  I lean down kissing her deep, passionately, her juices on my lips and tongue, allowing her to taste herself on me.  She wraps her arms around my neck as we kiss.  I lower my body onto hers.  Our nakedness would allow me to fuck her quite easily in this position but I want to take her doggy style.  I let the kiss continue for a few more minutes before breaking away.  I sit up in my knees, my cock hard at attention. 

I instruct Jill to get on her hands and knees.  After she complies with my request I move behind her.  My knees inside of her knees, my cock near the heat of her vaginal opening.  I take it in my hand and line it up for insertion.  I slowly move my hips towards her, my cock slipping into her, I feel her enveloping my cock as my hips move to her ass.  My hands go to her hips as I pull out of her...not completely out...just the head of my dick still inside her.  I take a couple more slow strokes before settling into a steady rhythm.  My hands pulling her to me as I push in.  Every so often I hear a grunt from her as I enter her completely.  She drops her face down to the bed top leaving her ass up in the air.  I wonder to myself if she would like a smack or two on the ass as I fuck her hard from behind.  This thought excites me enough to pick up the pace.  I fuck her quicker and harder and she is moaning more frequently as my cock slips in and out of her juicy cunt.  I know I'm getting pretty close to spewing my hot white cum into her.  I take a slightly tentative whack at her ass.  We had never discussed spanking so it was a bit of a risk.

"Harder," is her response.

The question in my mind is: fuck her harder or smack her harder.  I decide to do both.  I'm pushing in and out of her with more force as I give her a nice firm smack on the ass. 

"Oh yes!" She nearly screams.

I guess she enjoyed my interpretation of what harder meant.  So I continue with another whack.  Followed by two more before she tells me she has cum.  I pick up my pace and shortly after I cum as well.  We fall into a sweaty pile of naked flesh in the middle of the bed. 

"I didn't know you liked to be spanked," I said.

"Neither did I," She replied.


  1. Yup. Like what I expected. I need a glass of cold water or a cold shower. Maybe both. ;)

  2. ;) Are you reading my mind now? I guess you know where the next installment is going to start.

  3. I'm trying to but "your mind" is the least that's occupying mine. haha

  4. That's to bad....or maybe its not that bad after all. ;)