Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 7 - Nearing a Swap

After meeting Ez, Ashley still stopped by once or twice a week for lunch and sex, with a quickie after work thrown in once every couple of weeks.  But it seemed like her enthusiasm for our hookups was waning.  I thought that it might have to do with meeting Ezmeralda and the possibility of swapping.    

Then one Saturday night I get a call from Ashley letting me know she is on her way over to my house.  I was just home watching a game on TV so I was happy to find out she was heading my way.  When she arrived she took a few minutes to complain about her husband as I made her a drink.  I normally just listened to her tell me about her husband and tonight was no different.  I believed that it was unwise to engage in bad mouthing her spouse and left those comments for her.  

She joined me in the kitchen and took a few sips of her drink before unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my jeans.  I pulled my shirt over my head and then we kissed.  I ran my hands over her tits and unbuttoned her shirt.  I removed her shirt and threw it into the living room.   I pushed my jeans down and let them fall to the floor, my cock visibly hard in my boxers.  She unbuttoned her pants and slid them off.   

She grabbed my cock and asked, “Do I need your permission if I want to do the swap that your friend proposed?”

“That’s coming out of no where.”

“I’ve been considering it ever since she proposed it, but I’m still not sure.  Has Ezmeralda talked anymore to you about doing it?”

“I haven’t talked to her,” I replied.

Ashley released her hold on my cock and a sadness crept across her face.

“Her boyfriend probably doesn’t want to do it, I probably don’t have the body he would find sexy,” Ashley said.

I stepped to her and took her in my arms.  I kissed her cheek.  She wasn’t as thin as she was when we first worked together, having kids can do that to a woman, but in my eyes her curves were sexy. And I told her so.  

Tears welled in her eyes.  She was feeling some overwhelming emotions.  My words struck a chord with her and bonded us together more deeply.  She kissed me with desire, possibly with love.  The kiss was powerful and deep and wet and slow.  It was slow like she was trying to get something out of me through it.  I don’t know what she might have been trying to extract, it could have been love or maybe just a higher level of caring.  Or maybe she was trying to convey an increased level of feelings for me.  

The kiss seemed to extend for hours.  At times our tongues danced, at times it was just lips pressed together and at times teeth nipped playfully.  When the kiss finally ended I suggested that we move to my bedroom.  I took her hand and led her down the hall.  Once in my bedroom I pulled of my underwear, releasing my hardened tool.  Ashley removed her bra and sank to her knees in front of me.  She took my cock in her hand and placed it between her breasts.  I slowly fucked her breasts for a few minutes before she took me in her mouth and sensuously rolled her tongue around the head.  She ran a fingernail along my balls and I moaned.  She took me deep in her mouth until she gagged.  Then Ashley slowly rose, kissing and licking my body as she stood up.

We kissed again.  And suddenly she broke the kiss and rotated so her back was to me.  She pushed her panty clad ass against my stiff rod and grinded herself along my shaft.  

“I want to be your naughty lover,” Ashley murmured.

“You are.”

“I want to be naughtier,” she replied.

“Ass sex naughty?” I asked, pushing her panties off her hips.

“Oh, I, uh, I’m not sure about that.” she stammered.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against me.

“Ok, maybe another time.” I said after pressing myself to her, letting her off the hook.

Then I instructed her to get on the bed.  I straddled her stomach and put my cock between her tits again and began fucking them.  She smiled as she pushed her melons together.  If she wanted a little naughty maybe she would like me to cum on her.  So I slid back and forth until I was close to cumming.  I took myself in my hand and stroked quickly aiming at her tits, she reached up and fondled my balls.  My orgasm shot out and landed on her breasts and neck.

“There is a pearl necklace for you,” I said.


“Pearl necklace, that’s what they call it when a guy cums on a girls neckline.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Ashley replied.

I put the head of my cock in some of the cum on her breasts and told her to clean it off with her mouth.  She did as I requested and took my shrinking cock in her mouth.  After cleaning me off, she got up and went into the bathroom to clean herself off.  

“I’ll call Ezmeralda if you are still interested in fucking her guy,” I said to her through the open door.

“Do you think he would want to?” she asked, a bit of doubt in her voice.

“If I had to guess, I would say his hang up would be me fucking Ezmeralda in front of him.”

“You think so?” Ashley returned, the doubt erased.

“Very much so, I’m not exactly looking forward to watching you ride is enormous cock.”

“Enormous?” she said from the doorway with a coy smile on her lips.

I rolled my eyes and gave her a frown.  

“Is my lover jealous?” she asked, still smiling, as she walked to the bed.

I reached a hand out for her and told her get in bed and kiss me.  She quickly did as I asked.  Then we discussed the possibility of swapping and the possible repercussions.  In the end she wanted to move forward and I agreed to facilitate.

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