Monday, February 10, 2014

Revenge excerpt 5


Her breathing was labored and her hand was moving furiously as she bucked on me.  

“Does my cock feel good in your pussy,” I asked.

“Yes, your cock is so hot.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that...did she mean physically warm or sexy hot?  It didn’t really matter.

“Make me cum,” she sighed.

I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it for a few moments before biting it.  My bite began with light pressure and slowly increased over the course of a minute.  Then I released it, not wanting it to be so uncomfortable that she would back away from her orgasm.  Then I did the same to her other nipple.  By the time I released the second nipple she was telling me she was about to climax.  She rode me, urging her climax out of herself, then she finished, coming to a rest on top of me.  I was still inside her, hard and fairly close to cumming, but I let my desire abate saving my next orgasm for her mouth.  


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