Monday, January 13, 2014

Revenge excerpt 4


After she had cleaned up I suggested getting out of the hotel and going some place for lunch.  She agreed so we walked back to the same area where we were last night.  We found a little pub and had a nice lunch.  Walking back I took her hand and we walked most of the way hand in hand.  We stopped at a drugstore and I purchased some bubble bath for our afternoon escapades.

The flirting over lunch and our carefree walk back to the hotel had put her in a good mood.  In the elevator ride back to my room we engaged in a short make out session which concluded when the doors opened on my floor.  Once we were back in my room I started a bath and then the clothes started flying.

I pawed at her naked flesh enjoying the electricity of our lust.  Once we were both naked and the tub was full we sank into the bubbly water.  I allowed the feverish, lustful attacks on each other’s bodies to become a more subdued sensual interaction.  The bubbles hid her body from my eyes but not my hands.  I slowly caressed her body and lightly kissed and bit her lips.  My tongue occasionally running along her lips and teeth.  Her hands found their way around my body, she tried pulling me close but I resisted.  I wasn’t planning on fucking her this time.  She was going to end up riding me.  I wanted her to use me to secure her climax.    


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