Thursday, January 9, 2014

Revenge excerpt 3


 I wake up to the sound of the alarm clock going off.  Heidi is still asleep, dead to the world, and still naked.  I decide to wake her by going down on her.  So I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs and began giving her oral.  After a few minutes I feel her hand in my hair and she spreads her legs wider.

“I’ve got such a headache, but what you are doing feels great,” Heidi said.

I looked up at her.

“I’ve heard sex is good for headaches,” I replied before returning to pleasuring her.

“I can’t believe I was drunk enough to sleep with you,” Heidi said.

“Are you still drunk?” I inquired.

“Hungover,” she replied.

“In case you missed it, I’m going down on you,” I laughed.

“I told you it feels get back to it,” she returned with a smile.

I followed her directions, mostly because it was part of my plan.  I wanted to make her climax and then convince her to suck my cock.  During which I would try to sneak another picture.  I should have taken a picture when I first started going down on her, before she woke up.  But I didn’t think of it.


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