Sunday, April 3, 2016

Revenge excerpt 7


“Play with yourself,” I Instructed, in a sexy tone.

She complied without a complaint.  So I picked up the camera and pointed it at her.

“Don’t you dare!” Heidi said, probably thinking I was goofing around.  

Click.  I wasn’t.

“You better delete that, mister,” Heidi said with a slight edge to her voice.

“How about a trade?”

“What do you mean?”

“You let me fuck you in the ass and I’ll delete it right now.”

“Just delete it, Stafford.”

“Fine,” I replied, rolling my eyes with a smile on my face.  I then pretended to delete the picture.  

“Anal or doggy?” I asked.

“Not anal.”  Was her firm reply.  

She got on her hands and knees and I moved behind her and slipped into her.  As I fucked her I began playing with her ass.  First I spread her cheeks and waited for her to issue a dissent.  She didn’t say anything so I pressed my forefinger against her anus and and began rubbing it in a circular motion.  Heidi moaned a little bit.  I pressed my finger slightly harder against her as I massaged her asshole.  I had stopped fucking at this point, although I was still inside her.  I worked her anus with more pressure but didn’t push my finger into her.  I resumed fucking her and eased up on the finger massage.  

“Faster,” she encouraged.

I increased my speed and was rewarded with her moaning over and over.  At that point I grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards as I pushed forward giving her a good hard fucking.  Within a minute I reached my release, my cum flowing into her pussy.  


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