Monday, May 23, 2011

Becoming more efficient

The first story that I posted I wrote in Google Docs and then copied over to this blog.  The problem with that was the formatting.  I ended up going back and adding lines in order to make the story more readable.  I probably should go back through it again to make the format even better.  But for now I just want to work on the second part of the story.

The second part of the story is being written completely in blogger, that way I shouldn't have to go back and reformat the text.  So when I complete it I will write a short post declaring that the story is finished.  So check back often to read the most up to date version.

I've also started using labels.  Posts like this one will be labeled Commentary and the stories will be labeled Stories [original, right?].


  1. Well I do hang out at a coffee shop. Now I have to look over my shoulder. :) I usually stay in the air-conditioned section and I only go out for a quick fix. Thanks I know I should except I am not serious about quitting 'cuz it's so easy to do. I do it everyday.
    I guess you love to tease yourself and your readers when you write. It's almost like a Hitchcock thriller. Subtexts included.

  2. That's funny. No need to look over your shoulder, I'm fairly harmless.

    Quitting is easy to do? I'll take your word for it. I've never been a smoker.

    Thank you for the compliment. I'm guessing you like to be teased as well?