Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The First Time - Waking her up on Saturday

I awoke next to Ezmeralda with a hardon, which is nothing out of the ordinary.  The hardon that is.  Waking up next to Ezmeralda was a first.  It was a hot night [both the weather and sexually] so the covers were on the floor.  We had been naked the entire night so I enjoyed the view that woke up to.  Her back was to me so I had a nice view of her prefect ass.  I roll onto my side and snuggle in to spoon her.  My cock is pressed up to her ass as I wrap my arm around her and cup a breast.  Ez stirs a little bit, probably due to me touching her, but she doesn't wake up.  Yet.

I squeeze her nipple lightly then run my hand down her side to her hip.  From her hip it detours to her bush and then down by her clit.  I check to see if she is wet. Not yet.  But I plan on changing that.  

The raising sun pours orange rays through the bedroom window cascading on our bodies.  It gives the room a nice morning glow .  I lift myself to my knees and carefully roll Ezmeralda on to her back.  So far she is still sleeping so I take a moment to enjoy the beauty of her naked body.  I decide that since she woke me up earlier this morning by sucking my cock I would wake her by going down on her.  

I spread her legs a little bit further apart before leaning down on my elbows and placing my mouth on her pussy.  I lick her out, up and down her pink pussy.  She starts to taste musky again and she begins to become wet.  I reach up and begin playing with her boobs.  Then a low moan comes from her.  I take the tip of my tongue and insert it into her.  I fuck her with my tongue while my hands ravage her breasts.  I discover that she is a wake when she grabs my head and pulls my face up to her wet folds.  My tongue is as deep as it can go inside of her.

She let go of my head and I begin to flick her clit with my tongue.  My face is covered with her wetness.  I decide it is time to get my dick in side her so I move my oral attacks upward.  First kissing my way across her stomach and then biting her nipples [not to hard though] then finally I kiss her deeply.  I'm sure she can taste herself on my lips and tongue.  She wraps her arms and legs around me as we kiss.  I break the kiss and disentangle myself from her and reach for a condom from the night stand.  I lay down and sheath myself and she watches me.  

"Looks like you want some action," she said.

"As a matter of fact I do," I reply.

"Feel like mounting up?" I ask.

"Sounds like fun."

She straddles me and guides my cock to her vaginal opening then she drops herself down a little bit so my hard phallus enters her.  She puts her hands on my chest as she grinds herself on me.  I am completely inside her as she moves her hips back and forth.  The sensation is outstanding.  I paw her tits as she moves on me.  She moans and begins moving on me quicker.  Then she switched her movements to up and down on my cock.  I watch as a part of  my cock exits her and then reenters her as she rides me.  I begin to buck back as my lust grows.  She comes to a halt as my hips move up and down, in and out, fucking her from below.  My hands are now on her hips just for something to hold on to.

 Her orgasm comes first.  As her body shudders she pressed down on me, quenching her lust by grinding herself on me.  Her grinding brings me off and I empty my cum into the condom.

She lays down on me.  My cock is still inside her as she kisses my neck.  Over the course of several minutes my cock deflates and then slides out of her pussy.  We separate so I can clean up.  

Once clean I return to bed and present her with soft kisses of affection for the joy she has given me this morning. 


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