Monday, November 11, 2013

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 1 - A New Beginning

Her name is Ashley.  We worked together about seven years ago before I changed jobs.  She reported to me for a few months before she was reassigned.  Nothing every happened between us then.  Not that hitting on direct reports was a problem for me.  She was married [still is] and never really seemed very interested in me [perhaps she is loco?] so I never pursued her, why bother if all I ever got was cold but polite conversation from her.

I never gave her a second thought after leaving that job.  However, while we worked together I would occasionally fantasize about her.  She was very attractive, a few years younger than me and had a pretty hot body.  She is still attractive but she has put on a few pounds.  Not a huge amount but I could tell that she is a bit more curvy than the last time I had seen her.    

The first time in seven years I saw her, I was heading downstairs at work.  I opened the door to the stairwell and there she was walking up the steps.  No, my heart didn't skip a beat or anything like that, but I was surprised to see her there walking around the corporate office.  She recognized me right away since she apparently heard that I worked there.  What I didn't know until then was she was working there too.  She had be placed by a temp agency a few weeks prior and had heard that I worked in the Finance Department.  We made small talk for a few minutes and then I continued my trip to the vending machine.

After returning to my office I got thinking about Ashley.  She didn't seem as cold as she had when we had worked together.  Maybe it was my surprise at seeing her that her chill didn't register while we talked or maybe she had mellowed over the years.  I also wondered if she was still married, after all a lot can happen in seven years.  Well, if nothing else she would be fodder for my self release.  Ezmeralda was in another "committed" relationship so she wasn't stopping by for our usual FWB hanky panky and at the time I wasn't seeing anyone so I was taking care of my own needs.  Knowing that I was going to fantasize about her again, I was getting hard right there at my desk thinking about her.

That night I imagined Ashley on her knees sucking my cock while I stroked myself off.  When I was done I decided that I would see if I could make this fantasy come true in real life.  The first step would involve me figuring out where her desk was located and wandering by in hopes of striking up a conversation to see if she had really warmed up a bit or if she was still as icy as I remembered her.

The following day I did some recon on the company's internal website.  I knew she worked in the Operations Department so I quickly discovered which work group she belonged to, which told me she worked near the cafeteria on the second floor.

Normally I bring my lunch to work to save a few bucks but today I decided I needed to visit the second floor cafeteria.  A few minutes before noon I left my office and went down to the second floor and walked leisurely toward the cafeteria attempting to scan the cubicles without being to obvious that I was looking for something or someone.  Finally I notice her sitting at her desk so I wander over and say hi.  I spend a few moments talking with her about what she is working on and the weather before telling her I'm going to grab some lunch.  Not really an invitation but definitely an opening if she happens to be interested in spending some time with me.  I didn't want to seem forward just yet so I was trying to leave the ball in her court.  I was surprised when she nibbled and said she was getting ready to head to lunch too.

I waited as she tidied her desk.  Then we headed to the cafeteria. While waiting in line I asked her about some of our old co-workers.  We made a couple of jokes and laughed about the old place.  I decided that she was much warmer to me than she ever had been in the past.  I selected an empty table slightly away from other tables.  She didn't seem to notice that I was placing us in a spot where we could have an intimate conversation without being overheard.  As we ate I asked questions about her kids and then her husband.  She was still married, but she gave no clear indication about the happiness in her marriage.  After further probing I found out she had been married thirteen years.  In my mind I felt that there was a good possibility that her marriage could be a bit stale.

I changed the conversation back to old co-workers.  As a topic of conversation I picked a woman we worked with that was pretty well known as the easy girl in the office.  Although Monica was attractive I had never sampled her treats because of her reputation.  I thought that turning the conversation in that direction it would bring some spice to our chat.

I didn't expect Ashley to tell me about the time she walked in on Monica and her boss in the storage room.  Apparently they were French kissing and Monica had her tits out and had a hand on her boss' crotch.  I chuckled at her little story and rolled my eyes while telling Ashley that Monica and the VP of Sales would use his office during lunch for similar rendezvous.

This pique Ashley's interest.   "Did you personally seem them?" she asked.


"In his office?"


"What were they doing?"

Our little gossip session was going to become more sexual.  

"Well...." I hesitated.


"I don't want to offend you.  We are at work after all."

Ashley looks around to see if anyone was close by.  "I won't be," she replied."

"Ok, the first time I saw them I was going to ask him about his sales projections and his secretary was at lunch so I walked up to his door and opened.  There Monica was on her knees sucking his cock while he sat in his chair.   He seemed to be really enjoying the blow job.  Neither of them heard me so I backed out of the office and pulled the door quietly closed."

"Holy crap.  So they never knew you saw them?"

"I don't think so."  

"Monica and her boss never knew I saw them either,"  Ashley said and laughed.

We both sat in silence as we finished our lunches.  

"I better get back to work," I said.

"Yeah, me too," she replied.

"Talk to you later."

"Yep," she said with a smile.

Later that afternoon I notice an email in my inbox from Ashley.  Subject line was Lunch.  This was either good or bad.  She either enjoyed our little gossip session or regretted it.  I opened up the email and it read:


I think you said that you saw Monica and Craig more than once?  Is that true?  What happened the second time?


My reply back to her told her that I didn't think it was a good idea to send that kind of information over the company email but if she had a private email account I could send it there.  She came back and said that I could tell her at lunch tomorrow.  

Now was an opportunity to see if she would go out to lunch with me.  So I suggested going off site to a local restaurant.  I would be able to tell the story during the drive to the restaurant.  She accepted.  

 The next day I looked up her extension and gave her a call at 11:30.  We made plans to meet at 11:45 in the parking lot. I was waiting when see walked out the door.  I smiled at her and gave her a warm "Hey."  She smiled back and said "Hi."

I led her to my car and opened the door for her, to which she replied "Such a gentleman."

I replied, "well I've been called worse."

Once we were both in the car and on our way Ashley said, "Well?"

"Oh you want the story."


"Ok,  here goes.  I saw Monica go into Craig's office.  She was kinda sneaky about it, looking around when she opened the door and closing the door after herself.  His secretary was gone again.  So I walked up to the window next to the door, the blinds were pulled but there was a little bit of room on the side to see in.  I put my eye near the glass and looked into his office.  Monica had her skirt pulled up over her ass and was bent over the side of his desk.  Craig was positioning himself behind her and had his cock in his hand.  He rammed it in to her and she slide forward on his desk a little bit.  He fucked that was for a few minutes.  I kept looking around, I didn't want to get caught peeking in his window.  He must have cum in her then he bent down and picked up her panties and cleaned himself with them.  She turned around and went to her knees and began licking his cock.  Must have just been a cleaning because she didn't do it long.  She put her panties back on and I decided I better get moving so that was all I saw."

"Wow, that is crazy.  All that going on at work."

"Yeah, we were missing out on all the fun," I said.

"That's not what I heard," she replied.

"I never fucked Monica."

"I heard you were quite the ladies man," Ashley said.

"Is that why you were so icy towards me back then?"

"I just wanted to keep it professional."

"It was, wasn't it?"

"Yes, you were always professional towards me," she replied.

"So what about you, did you see anything else at the office besides Monica and her boss?"

"Um besides you flirting with almost all the women in the office."

"That's a bit of an exaggeration," I replied.

"Just a little bit," she countered, holding her thumb and forefinger about two inches apart and smiling.

I smiled back and let it go because we had arrived at the restaurant.  No since denying to much since she probably had plenty of information on me.  After a nice lunch mostly chatting about our current jobs we got back in the car and began the drive back to the office.

"Did it turn you on watching them do it?"  Ashley asked?

I laughed at her question.  And replied, "yes."

"Did it turn you on hearing about it?"  I asked, following her lead.

"Yes, you are a good reporter."

"Is the hubby going to benefit from my reporting tonight?"  I said, upping the ante.

"A good girl doesn't talk about that kind of thing."

"True, but I'm talking with you," I say with a laugh.

That earned me a goodhearted punch in the arm.  Ashley and I have come a long way in few days. 

After returning to work and getting back to my desk I took a moment to reflect on my time with Ashley that day.  Overall it went well, we were talking about sex between others and starting to talk about her sex life both positive moves forward.  I decided to leave her alone for the rest of the day.

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