Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 3 - The Deal is Sealed

The next day I was expecting to get a phone call from Ashley.  Either an out right statement that she was not interested in my proposal or maybe a clarification of what the proposal would mean.  But no calls as the clock moved slowly toward lunch time.  At 11:30 I was a bit on edge due to not knowing what Ashley was going to do.  As 11:45 finally arrived I headed to lunch.  I pulled on to my street and noticed a car parked on the street in front of my house.  Of course it was Ashley.

I pull into my driveway and walk to the door.  She is out of her car and heading to the house.  I unlock the door and hold it open for her.  She smiles as she walks into my house.  I follow and lock the door behind myself.  She stands in front of me, she is wearing a V-necked shirt that shows a small bit of cleavage and a conservative skirt with black stockings.  She looks businesswoman sexy.

As I undo my tie I said, "I'm glad you are here."

"I guess I agree to your little proposal, even the free pass part," she replied, kicking of her shoes.

I smile and walk to her.  "Damn you're sexy," I tell her.

I kiss her for a moment and then take her hand and lead her to my bedroom.  I tell her to turn around and once she does I unzip her skirt.  I pull it down and it drops to the floor.  She is wearing a garter belt to hold her stockings up.  I kiss her neck and pull her shirt up, she raises her hands above her head allowing me to pull it off her.  She stands before me in her undergarments.  My dick is erect and ready for action.  I kiss her shoulder and reach around to play with her breasts.  She pressed her lace covered ass against my crotch.

"Mmmm, baby that feels good," I whispered in her ear.

"So do your hands," she replied as she put her hands on mine.

I kiss her neck again and followed it up by taking her ear lobe in my mouth and gently sucking on it.  She moaned enjoying the foreplay.  I whisper in her ear again, this time instructing her to sit on the edge of the bed.  She follows my orders.  I move to stand between her legs and begin to unbutton my shirt.  She undoes my belt buckle and unbuttons my pants.  I remove my shirt as she unzips my pants.  My shirt goes flying to the dresser while my pants fall to the floor.  I step out of them and push my boxers down enough so that she can see my pubic hair.  The tent pole inside them is aching to be touched.  And that is exactly what Ashley does.  She rubs my cock through the boxers exploring the length that to this points she has not seen.

"Pull them down," I tell her.

She puts her fingers in the waistband and lowers my boxers to the floor.  My cock, hard and eager for her, stands at attention.  She takes it in her hand and slowly strokes it.

"Lick it," I groan.

She complies, first licking the head and then the shaft, making me moan.  She them lowers her head, taking me in her mouth.  She takes a bit more as she works a good portion of my cock in her mouth.  I can feel her tongue on my shaft.  I'm close to cumming but I don't want to blow my wad just yet.

"Its your turn Ash."

She raises her head from my cock and lays back on the bed.  I kneel between her legs and un-clip her stockings so I can remove her panties.  I pull them off her being careful to leave her stockings on [it'll be easier for her when she gets ready to leave if she doesn't have to put them back on].  I reposition myself between her legs and spread them a little wider so I will have better access.  She is wet, so I get her full flavor on my first lick along her slit.  As I go to work orally pleasing her I move my arms under her now bent legs and up so I can play with her boobs as I tongue her.  I flip her bra up exposing her ample tits.  I softly squeeze her nipples while I flick her clit.

"Don't stop," she groans.

She spreads her legs wider and presses her hands into mine as I work her breasts.  My tongue sinks into her pussy once, twice, three times before I decide her clit needs more attention.  I squeeze her nipples a little harder.

"Faster," she pants.

I work my tongue faster on her clit giving it the attention she wants.  She cries out as she reaches her orgasm.  I move back from her snatch and allow her to bask in her afterglow.  I crawl on to the bed beside her and she rolls over so her head rests on my chest.  With my hand behind her I spring her bra and together we remove it.  She runs a hand along my thigh almost tickling me with her fingernails.

With her head back on my chest, probably soaking in the image of my hard cock, she tells me that the orgasm I just gave her was the most intense she has had in a couple of years.  I tell her that it was probably being with someone new for the first time since she was married.

Suddenly I feel her nails on my balls.  It feels so good I let out a moan.  She chuckles at my response.  Now my cock is in her hand and she strokes it slowly.  She moves her head and kisses my chest.  Then she licks a nipple.

"I want to be in you so bad," I said.

She looked up at me and smiled seductively.

"What position is best for you?" I asked.


"Sounds good."

She turned her ass toward me and I got on my knees behind her.  I slid easily into her and took hold of her hips.  She rocked back and my cock was fully inside her.  It was incredible to think just a few days ago she wasn't even on my radar and now I was fucking her.  Definitely a blast from the past. 

I began with long slow strokes.  She would rock back and meet my forward stroke assuring that I would sink all the way into to her.  Within a minute she was moaning, I reached under her and located her clit with my finger.  I rubbed it while I slowly fucked her.  Through a sexy growl she told me to go faster.  So I rubbed her clit quicker as a joke.

"Damn you, fuck me faster," she moaned.

"Anything you want, baby," I replied.

I put my hand back on her hips and begin fucking her faster although the strokes were not as deep.  Ashley was making all kinds of sexy noises, which excited me, so I thrusted more forcefully using her hips to give my inward strokes more power.  She was getting louder and louder with her moans.

"Yes, don't stop.  Don't stop," she practically yelled with a gravelly voice.

I hadn't taken her for a screamer but she just might be.  I continued fucking her.  What had begun as loving, sensual sex was quickly becoming a lust induced pounding that she was completely enjoying.  I was trying to keep from getting to close to cumming but fucking her so fast was pushing me closer and closer to the brink.

"I'm going to cum," she said loudly.

Between the quick pace and her sexy voice, that was enough was enough to put me over the edge.  My balls released the pent up lust and my cock spurted my cum deep inside her.  I did my best to keep some semblance of a rhythm as I came, wanting her to reach an orgasm while I was inside her.  My cock twitched from my orgasm but I kept pumping her.  A few moments later she reached hers.  

"Oh... My....Yes!" she yelled.

She slumped down on the bed and my shrinking cock slid out of her wet pussy.  I collapsed beside her.  After a moment or two she took my hand in hers and brought it to her lips and kissed it.  It was a tender action.  I felt that she was falling hard for me.  I pulled her to me and held her, kissing her forehead.

Then I said, "I didn't know you were a screamer.  I hope my neighbors don't report a murder."

"Very funny," she said, smacking my ass playfully then snuggling closer.

"I don't usually get so loud," she continued.  

"I like it," I tell her.

"Okay," she said and then she tenderly kissed my neck.

We stayed embraced for several minutes talking about the sex we just completed.  There was no notes of regret from her.  She seemed content and happy.  

When it got close to the time to get back to work she went into the master bath to clean up and I went to the kitchen to find us a quick snack since a meal was out of the question.  I brought some fruit back to the bedroom for us to share.  She had her panties back on and was starting to put her bra back on too.  She looked at me, I was still naked, and told me that my cock looked like it needed to be cleaned.

"Is that an offer?"

"Just an observation."  

"Well, this chick I just screwed didn't clean it off when we were done."

Ashley laughed.  

"Maybe she will next time we make love," I hinted.

"Maybe," she replied.

I took my turn in the bathroom while she ate and finished dressing.  Still naked I returned to the bedroom.

"Your dick looks better."

I rolled my eyes and start getting dressed.  

"What happens now?"

"We have lots of sex," I replied with a grin.


"When you can get free just stop by.  If you can give me advance notice I can make sure I'm here.  Or if you know way ahead of time I can put it my calender.  Lunches are easy but we probably shouldn't do them everyday so we don't raise suspicions at work."

"Okay, sounds like you have ideas about how to keep this going."

We kissed, said goodbye, and she left to return to work.

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