Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 2 - Closing the Deal

The next day at 10:31 am I dialed Ashley's extension.

"Hello, Stafford," she greeted me with a smile in her voice.

"You recognize my extension on your phone," I returned.

"Yes, not to many people call me so far."

"Quick question for you, Ash." I said dropping the end of her name like a close friend might.

"What's that?"

"Did your hubby get lucky last night?"

"I'm not answering that," replied Ashley.

"Why not, you already said that you were turned on by my account of Monica and Craig."

"I know, I know.  I shouldn't have asked you if you were turned on by watching them."

"It didn't bother me," I said.  "We could go to lunch again and you could tell me about your evening."

"Nothing happened last night."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to talk about it."  I didn't hear a smile in her voice anymore.

"Let's go to lunch that way we can talk a little more privately."


We met again at 11:45 in the parking lot.

"Did something bad happen last night?" I asked as we start walking to my car.

"No, nothing terrible," Ashley replied.

"What did happen?"

"Nothing, that's the problem.  I wanted something to happen but he wasn't into it or I should say me."

"Not into you?  You're his wife."

"I've let myself go."

"What are you talking about?  If you don't mind me saying, you have a great body."

"He doesn't feel the same way," she replied.

I notice that she is starting to tear up.  I take her hand and lead her the rest of the way to my car.  Once inside I tell her she is beautiful and although her body probably is not as firm as it once was it is still amazing.  She brushed the tears from her eyes and gave me a smile that heated my loins.  Not wanting to overplay my hand I take her fingers in my hand and give her a light squeeze to let her know that I meant what I said.  She leans into me and gives me an awkward car hug.  We are becoming very close very fast.

Lunch conversation was mostly mundane work talk except when I asked her if she would ever want to liaison between finance and operations.  It is a process that allows staff to be involved in inter-department projects.  Ashley expressed both interest and gratitude for considering her.  As we walked back to my car she stopped me and gave me another hug and thanked me for what I said earlier.  As the hug was ending I gave her an extra squeeze and told her that I meant it.  

Once back to the office we went our separate ways.  I didn't follow up with her, I thought it would be a good idea to give her some space instead of mounting a full court press.

The next morning my phone rings and I answer it.  Its Ashley asking if I want to meet for lunch again.  I tell I wish I could but I have to run home to meet a buddy who wants to borrow my air compressor.  I offer to make her a sandwich if she wants to tag along and talk.  She agrees.  Now I have to convince a friend to stop by around noon to pretend to borrow my air compressor.  Two phone calls later my buddy Josh is in on the plan.  Ashley and I meet up get in my car, I drive to my house and we go inside and start pulling sandwich components out of the fridge.  We are having a good time joking about this and that.  Mostly the conversation is about current events.  There is a knock on the garage door and it swings open, typical Josh.  I introduce them and then Josh and I head to the garage.  All Josh said is that I owe him in a whisper as he lugs the air compressor to his truck.  He yells, "thanks again." as he climbs in his truck to complete the ruse.

Ashley probably didn't hear him but it was worth it just in case.  I return to the kitchen to see that Ashley finished making our sandwiches.

"I thought I said I'd make you a sandwich," I said.

"No problem, you got everything out for me."

We talked about our friends as we ate, sharing details of our lives.  It was a good bonding session.  I finished my sandwich and began cleaning up as we talked.  She finished her lunch and brought her plate over to the counter.  I told her to just put it in the sink, I'd take care of it later.  She walked over near me and when I put the lettuce back in the fridge she took my hand as I turned to face her.

"Thanks for lunch again," Ashley began.

"No problem, I've enjoyed your company the past few days."

She transitioned from holding my hand to giving me a hug.  It was a full body hug, I could feel all of her curves pressed up against me.  I wrapped my arms around her and let my hands slide down her back just above her ass.  Her face was in my chest for a few moments before turning up and looking into my eyes.  We both went in for a kiss, lip to lip, lips parted, tongues danced, my cock hardened and pressed against her.  I ran a hand up her side caressing the side of her breast before returning to her back.  She pushed her body against my hard-on.  I ran both hands up her sides feeling up both of her breasts on the way.

I wondered to myself if her apparent lust for me was in the heat of the moment based on a few acts of kindness or if it would last for a longer period of time.  I didn't want to make love to her and have her regret it three hours later.  I decided to give her a test.  The test would be for her to wait until the next day at lunch.  If she still wanted me tomorrow she would drive herself to my house and instead of a nice lunch we would have some sweaty midday sex.  But before I offered her the test I was going to up my attack on her body.  I broke our kiss and nibbled lightly at her neck, taking care not to leave a mark.  This created a gap that my hands could use to fondle her tits.  Her hands move over my body, my lust for her was going to make implementing her test very difficult.

I move my hand down, I feel her stomach, further down, I run my hand to her crotch.  She pushes herself against my hand.  I imagine that her panties are getting wet but I don't feel any dampness through her pants.  I rub her through her pants and reengage our kiss.  Our tongues spar and I feel her hand rub against my erection.  She slid her hand up and down my length, I can guess that she can feel the warmth of it through my pants.  I want her to release me from the constraints of my pants, to put her flesh directly on my flesh, to stroke me until I cum.  But I maintain enough willpower to keep with my plan.

I break our kiss and take a small step back.  Ashley's face is flushed from excitement. 
"Wow, sorry, I don't know what came over me," Ashley began before I could jump in.

"Nothing to be sorry for," I replied with a smile.  "I enjoyed it very much."

"In fact I'm going to make a proposal," I continued.  "We stop what we are doing today and pick it back up tomorrow if you want to.  This gives us a cooling off period and allows you to make the best decision for you.  I would like to continue so I'll leave the decision in your hands. All I ask for is that it won't be a one time fuck and suck.  I want an ongoing relationship between us.  I'll be available pretty much whenever you want because I don't expect you to leave your husband and we will need to be on your schedule, but I must be the only one besides your husband that you see."

Ashley took a moment to process what I had said.  As I waited for her reply I wondered if I hit the right notes.  I wasn't trying to fuck her and move on, nor was I trying to break up her family.  All I wanted was for us to give each other pleasure on her schedule.

"I don't know what to say.  We crossed a line today and you could have gone even further.  Part of me wants to finish what we started, the other part is scared of the consequences of acting on the lust I'm feeling right now.  Thank you for calling a time out."

"No problem," I replied as I move forward and take her face in my hands and give her a short tender kiss.  "There is one other stipulation I want to add to my proposal, I have a friend from high school that I get together with occasionally when she isn't in a relationship.  I'd like to be able to see her if her situation changes.  You will come first but if your schedule keeps us apart and she becomes available I want your permission to take advantage of her 'benefits'."

"You want my permission to fuck some lady you knew in high school?"

"If you decide that you want to become involved with me, yes.  I'm not asking you to cut your husband off.  If you want or need to have sex with your husband to keep your marriage secure, I understand that.  But if your schedule keeps us apart for two weeks and my friend breaks up with her man and wants to fool around with me for an hour or two I hope you would allow me to 'benefit' from her friendship.  She will be the only one just like your husband will be your only one besides me."

"I can't believe I'm considering this," she replied.  "One cheating on my husband and two giving you a free pass.  I must be gullible."

"I'm going to treat you the way you want to be treated.  You will be my priority, I know I will not be yours.  Giving me a free pass with a friend who is not even available right now is a small concession."

Her facial expression wasn't the happiest but she wasn't scowling either.  I suggested that now would be a good time to get back to work.  When we got back I told her that if she had any questions about my proposal to give me a call.  If she wanted to move forward in a relationship with me all she needed to do was show up at my house at lunch tomorrow.  I would be there waiting...hoping that she showed up.

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