Monday, November 18, 2013

Sex with a former co-worker - Part 4 - The Deal Continues

After getting back to the office I send Ashley an email telling her what my personal email address is so she doesn't have to send personal stuff to my work email address.  I also recommended that she setup a private personal email address to receive emails from me.

About an hour later I see I have an email from Ashley in my personal email.  In the email the naughty girl is telling me how she likes her breasts licked and sucked.  [What interesting things we can learn about our co-workers once we fuck them.]  I respond and tell her that I will make use of that information the next time the opportunity arises.  One line back from her saying that I better.  I smiled as I read it.

Later that afternoon, Ashley pokes her head in my office.

"Are you busy?"

"Never to busy for you," I replied.

A grin plays across her face as she walks in and takes a seat in front of my desk.

"Do you like my legs?"

I look down at them just as she crosses them and then uncrosses them allowing me to see up her skirt.  No panties!

"I think you had a wardrobe malfunction," I said with a smirk.

She flashed me again.  And then got up and walked out of my office tossing a wicked grin on the way out.  The rest of the afternoon past without any further contact from Ashley.

After work I drove straight home and started making myself dinner.  I was washing a potato when I heard a knock at the door.  I ignored it, figuring that my guy friends would call first and Ezmeralda would let herself in.  A second knock at the door.  Must be a persistent home improvement sales person.  I put the potato in the microwave and I hear a third, almost frantic, knock.  I sigh and walk into the living room to open the door.  I peek out the picture window before opening the door.  Its Ashley!     

"This is a surprise," I said as I opened the door allowing her to enter.

"I don't have much time.  Maybe twenty minutes.  And I can't smell like sex because I'm going straight home from here."

"Can't smell like sex?  Do you want to have sex?" I asked.

"Maybe you can go down on me real quick," she said hopefully.

"Sure, I'm up for anything."

Ashley looked relieved.

"And maybe you can get naked too," she said. 

"No problem," I replied while starting to strip.

She came to me and undid my pants while kissing me forcefully.  In quick fashion my clothes littered the living room floor. I moved to the couch and laid down.  She pulled up her skirt revealing her naked snatch.

"Sit on my face like we are going to 69," I told her.

She straddled me and put her hands on my legs leaning forward almost in a 69.  I spread her lips with two fingers and licked her clit.  I felt one of her hands grab my cock and slowly stroke it.  I continue flicking her clit with my tongue trying to get her to a fast orgasm due to her time restraint.  Then I feel her tongue on my cock.  I slid a digit into her pussy, fucking her with a finger.  She takes me in her mouth.  I add a second finger to her wet hole.

"Faster," she said after releasing my cock from her mouth.

I increase the speed of my fingers sliding in and out of her while taking long tongue swipes at her clit. She is starting to moan so I quickly tongue her clitoris.  In short order she is experiencing her third orgasm of the day. As she comes off her orgasm she gets off the couch straightened her clothes and walked toward my bedroom.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"To cleanup a little, someone got me all wet."

I sit up on the couch and wait for her to return.  I can hear the water running in the bathroom.  About a minute later she walked back into the living room.  She sat down next to me and picked up her purse.  She pulled her panties out of it and pulls them on. 

"Sorry to just take off like this and leave you in such a state," she said eying my still hard cock.

"That's okay, I enjoyed it anyway."

She kissed me on the cheek and gave my cock a few pumps before standing up and saying goodbye.  At that point I had two options:  masturbate or finish making supper.  I opted for supper but planned on masturbating after I was done eating.  I walked back in the kitchen and pulled the potato from the microwave and started shedding some cheese to put on the potato.

I had nearly enough cheese shredded when my second visitor of the night arrived. I was standing at the island in the kitchen facing the living room.  The front door opens and in walks Ezmeralda.

My clothes are still on the floor by the couch.

"Do you have company?" Ez said pointing down the hallway toward my bedroom.

"Not anymore," I replied.

"What are you hiding behind there." she asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know," I flirted back.

"I admit I'm a little curious if it is what I think it is," she said walking toward me.

I let a slight smile cross my face.  As she reached the island her gaze fell down to the counter top.  Due to my proximity to the island she was still unable to see that I was naked.  So she walked around it to discover what I was hiding.

"Why are you making supper while you are naked?" she said looking at my growing cock.

"Well I thought I'd 'whack the monkey' after eating so I was saving time."

"Didn't you say you just had company?"

"I did, but she left before I got my turn."

"Really? "

So I told her about the last couple of days, including the part where she was my free pass.

"Bad luck on your free pass, since Mike and I are still seeing each other.  As a matter of fact, I was hoping to borrow your good camera and tripod because we are going up north this weekend."

She said one thing but her eyes kept dropping down to my now hard cock.  I decided I'd see if I could tempt her.

"So are you and Mike going to take some dirty pictures?" I asked.  "Maybe a few of you straddling him with his hands on your tits?  Or you giving him a blow job?"

"That's not why I want your camera.  I was planning on taking some of the sunset and maybe a lighthouse or two."

I take a step toward her and said, "Well, if you take some dirty ones I hope you share with me."

"I don't think Mike would like that," she replied, still taking glances at my erection.

"What Mike doesn't know probably won't hurt him," I said suggestively.

"I know what you are doing Stafford," she said.

As I leaned against the counter next to her I said, "What do you mean Ez?"

"You want to fuck me."

"Of course I do," I said taking my cock in my hand and slowly stroking it.

Ezmeralda watched as I slid my hand up and down my staff.  I moved right next to her, we were slightly touching, I could see that her nipples were hard through her shirt.  I leaned in an kissed her and she let me.  My other hand cupped her breast and I felt her nipple with my thumb.  Her mouth opened for me and my tongue eagerly found hers.  After 30 seconds or so she broke the kiss.

"I'm not fucking you Stafford."

"I don't expect you to," I lied, wanting her to spread her legs in desire.

"What are you doing then?"

"Kissing a good friend," I said as I leaned in for another kiss.

Again she accepted my tongue.  I stopped stroking myself and pulled her against me.  I broke the kiss and lightly kissed her neck.

"This feels good, but we are not going to have sex."

"Not even oral?" I said between kisses on her neck.

"I could do something like this," I continued after licking the hollow of her neck.

I returned to French kissing her and unbuttoned her pants.  She didn't make a move to stop me so I unzipped them.  Still no moves to stop me or to even break our kiss.  I pushed her pants down off her hips and they puddled on the floor around her feet.  She pressed her body to mine, grinding herself against my cock.  I reached between her legs and discovered that her panties were beginning to become damp.  Then I reached behind her and my fingers moved inside panties feeling her naked ass.  
"Damn you, Staff," Ezmeralda sighed.

"You want my tongue on your clit, don't you?"


With her verbal confirmation I pushed her panties off her hips and they fell on top of her pants. 

"I'm not sucking your cock though."

I kneeled in front of her with my hands an her ass and put my tongue against her wet sex spot.

"What will you do for me?"

She took off her shirt and bra before answering.

"You can see me naked as you lick me," she offered.

I looked up at her nakedness and said, "I need more than that."

"You can rub your cock against my naked body, but you can't cum on me," she said.


"Fine, I'll give you a hand job, but that's it."

"Deal," I said standing up and taking her hand.  I led her to the bedroom [not that she didn't know the way.]  

We both knelt on the bed and kissed.  I began by fingering her and she followed by taking my cock in her hand.  I rubbed her clit as she stroked me and we kissed hungrily.  I slid two fingers in her pussy and used my thumb on her clitoris.  With a slight groan she broke our kiss and flopped on her back, she spread her legs inviting me to pleasure her.

 I laid down between her legs and went to work with my fingers and my tongue.  Within a minute she was writhing with pleasure.  She pulled my hair and bucked herself at my tongue.  My fingers slid easily in and out as her wetness increased.  I found and rubbed her g-spot while my tongue gave her ecstasy.  A few minutes more of work and she announced she was cumming.  I made sure that she was finished and began kissing my way up to her breasts.  I played with them for a moment and then straddled her stomach and leaned forward putting my cock between her tits.  She pushed them together so I fucked her tits getting myself close before I laid down next to her.  I kiss her, allowing her to taste herself on my tongue, and guide her hand to my cock.  I decided I would take her at her word and accept a hand job.  As we continued the kiss, she slowly stroked my cock.  I broke the kiss and urged her to go faster.  She looked at me and nodded, then she moved so she could run her velvety tongue on my cock.

"We needed some lubrication," she said.

Then she moved so she could use both hands on my cock.  She played with me, stroking my cock and occasionally rubbing my balls.  I let her know I was close and a few seconds later my cum began spurting out on my stomach.  Finally, relief.   

She walked in to my bathroom and tossed me a towel to clean up with.  Then she started rummaging in my closet for my camera and tripod.  I finished cleaning my cum from my stomach and followed her to the kitchen where she got dressed.  She kissed me, thanked me for the use of my equipment [with a wink] and said goodbye.

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